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  1. Draciele added a post in a topic I actually just discovered a fix for lag.   

    Last time I had issues I had a tech come out to inspect my internet connection. The signal had degraded and some parts had to be replaced. Since then, I've stayed connected pretty much 24/7. It isn't the servers, it is you.
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  2. Draciele added a post in a topic We can't have Nouver but newbies can?   

    Who cares? They got 5 auras and need 100 to get a box. I don't see how you think this will get them a nouver offhand
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  3. Draciele added a post in a topic Remember BingBing, our best friend/top geared quit!   

    Kinda glad, bingbing_fan was a jerk anyway
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  4. Draciele added a post in a topic Kamasilve buff   

    the game is not p2w. It is sad that 4 months later we still have to argue about this, but 170m a week is not even CLOSE to p2w, and artisan memory has no effect on your success rate, so someone who buys 0 could still 1 shot to PEN while someone who spends 500 on artisans could still be failing TET. 
    Awakenings was something they WANTED to do but never promised it.
    oh joy another idiot that things the rebrand had something to do with this game. The new agreement you had to agree to was because they clarified some ToS stuff. You can't change the ToS and not have people sign a new agreement. And trust me, they have plenty to back charge back claims. More than likely, most that went through was because of a massive charge back back log that they didn't have the staff to challenge.
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  5. Draciele added a post in a topic Kamasilve buff   

    Pfft I'm still pretty sure it doesn't actually do anything...Ive gotten 0 crescent rings after 18 hrs of farming with the buff up still.
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  6. Draciele added a post in a topic remove safe zone while santa is dropping gifts   

    The event is rubbish because the gifts are crap. I've had a 100% acquisition rate for sweet cone hats...that Halloween hat that everyone got for free for some reason in the mail.
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  7. Draciele added a post in a topic my last video was 0/10   

    Someone else should reupload it so I can watch it before it gets copyright deleted again
    https://www.twitch.tv/macilus/v/109274916 looks like someone had the idea already....it is filled with bad laughter but it still is fairly watchable
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  8. Draciele added a post in a topic Kutum vs AP off-hand (non-boss)   

    well I watched a very talented lvl 61 blader with 348 dp get cced from a mob and was down to 30% HP in about 5 hits. Its not possible to avoid 100% of everything. You will get hit and with low dp you might die pretty easy.
    On top of that, I was referring to actually hitting mobs. Kama area is designed to go in groups. You can go solo, but you will spend a lot of time trying to kill the mobs when you miss half of your hits because you dont have a kutum to augment your accuracy. 
    Full ap is fine for now, but peope will have to navigate towards kutum or the full accuracy offhands when trying to do that area.
    Oh and to make my point more, some mobs were purple to him. At lvl 61. You need accuracy.
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  9. Draciele added a post in a topic Nodes and money   

    Tiers aren't as important as location. Some tier 1 nodes give more than some tier 2, just due to location
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  10. Draciele added a post in a topic Mutant Ogre   

    It is a troll and thread locked, please don't start new threads on same topic that was locked, it is a forum violation
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  11. Draciele added a post in a topic Kutum vs AP off-hand (non-boss)   

    Depends on where you want to go. If you want to do elite farming or dungeons in Valencia, get a kutum.
    Kutum will also be mandatory for anyone wanting to do kamasilvia region, so there is that to think about too.
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  12. Draciele added a post in a topic [Bad troll attempt] Mutant Ogre - can be killed - 100% drop rate   

    Considering it took about 200 people and 12 or so elephants over about 2-3 hours in Korea....I'm gonna call bullshit. Plus it didn't drop anything.
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  13. Draciele added a post in a topic Hackers are back?   

    This is not the place to report such actions. if you have a player suspected of hacking or other illegitimate gameplay, please go to the support website and fill out a ticket, indicating who, when, where, and what you suspect them to have been doing. 
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  14. Draciele added a post in a topic All Valkyries should get +20% Life Exp, Increase production cap of +2 item per yield, bonus node yields (✿◡‿◡)   

    it can 1 shot if you have 220 ap sure and if you can trap someone in it... Which i almost impossible
    Valk op? Gtfo with that crap, there is a reason why almost every valk rerolls.
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  15. Draciele added a post in a topic Disenchanting armour - Can it be done?   

    for cadry rings, no. Most accessories can melt down into shards and metal shards/crystals, but cadry currently is not available for processing
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  16. Draciele added a post in a topic They're only doing this cuz BDO suck   

    Turning your company into a publicly traded company does NOT mean anything like this. I'm sorry you got burned, whether it was enhancing or PvP or whatever, but slandering the game just because you are pissed helps nothing. Many companies have gone this route, as they feel it is a good chance to make even more money. In fact, it could be said that a successful bdo is in fact to be the reasoning behind this. If you offer something that is making a lot of money to the open market, it is more enticing to invest in this. It could also be being done to help fund more products in the works, whether it be new hair/nail salons or mobile app games or another mmo, it is hard to say, but it is clear you know nothing about economics.
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  17. Draciele added a post in a topic New World Pre-Season Guild Ranking List   

    seriously proto? that ruca comment was ridiculously unnecessary.
    i can pretty much support most of what is said here. support does belong up in A+ for sure, im pretty sure a more accurate ranking atm would be to flip support and FML.
    as far as anyone questioning critical's position, you have to remember one thing: there is more to wars than just brute force.
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  18. Draciele added a post in a topic New World Pre-Season Guild Ranking List   

    actually i should correct you on one thing here...vision has poor leadership. while the strength of the guild is quite high, their shot callers seem to make MANY bad choices, which was shown before the new world when it was vision vs critical+kyoukai
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  19. Draciele added a post in a topic New World Pre-Season Guild Ranking List   

    it is his personal opinion based on analysis of nodes and territories. whether it is completely right or not, at least he is trying to organize it in some way, instead of -----ing about it and not making any useful suggestions.
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  20. Draciele added a post in a topic constant disconnecting   

    ive already talked to a gm on a ticket, they said PA is working on the issue.
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  21. Draciele added a post in a topic constant disconnecting   

    i fully support the hypothesis that a guild with a completed tower is just DDOSing the server cause they cant take the region in a fair fight.
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  22. Draciele added a post in a topic constant disconnecting   

    yes its been happening for about 2 hours now
    @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo @GM_Dew can we get some investigation going on? whole guilds are dcing and its causing us problems with being able to get our castles built for siege
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  23. Draciele added a post in a topic Lavientia Event information KAKAO? ._____.   

    Plus, honestly, players had already listed the rewards before maintenance even took place. Its kind of a waste of time IMO if someone has already given that info out (though I suppose they could have pinned the post)
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  24. Draciele added a post in a topic Lavientia Event information KAKAO? ._____.   

    it shows what each item is, what is needed to craft it. Sure, it doesn't list what each item DOES but you should be able to figure out that since they are a cascading reward system, the further you go you get better stuff, so keep crafting it up when you can, and look at the item in your inventory when you make it to see contents.
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  25. Draciele added a post in a topic Lavientia Event information KAKAO? ._____.   

    Or...you can just look at the patch notes...it kinda explains everything there.
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