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  1. Draciele added a post in a topic Event   

    You only get one reward after being logged in for an hour
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  2. Draciele added a post in a topic Why does this community hate Latin players? (✿◡‿◡)   

    Typically it boils down to experience in other games. The BR player base, from my own personal experience, has been quite a pain to deal with. They are MASSIVE shit talkers, run in packs of 400-500 people, and the desync they experience makes fighting that zerg incredibly difficult.
    Communication with them is also difficult, because the ones that DO know English tend to pretend they don't. In archeage my guild was allied with guild of thrones, and the meetings would take 2-3 hours due to needing to translate, and even then you don't know if they are even translating half of what you say. Many times they would attack allied people, and it would cause many problems because you can't even tell them to stop attacking, unless your translator happened to be online. This is why I feel bad for EU players and the 20 different languages that exist in their region.
    On top of all that though, the exploits are indeed the biggest problem. They tend to not spend money on cash shop stuff, so they don't feel they have much to lose. I know one guy in archeage that had 5 different accounts banned for exploits. They just keep coming back and doing it over and over.
    Now, while of course this doesn't apply to all Brazilian players, it does fit the vast majority I've had to play with, and that is the reason we prefer to have them stay out of our servers.
    mexico isn't south america...
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  3. Draciele added a post in a topic Block   

    no, there is no way. This isn exactly a bad thing though.all aakening blocks function in this manner, so if it works on you, you know what you can do to others. The valk non-awakenedl block is moveable, and it is pretty broken.
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  4. Draciele added a post in a topic Mae skill add ons   

    are you sure you here is +hp on moonrise, i coulda sworn the only one was new years eve +3 per hit (which i don't even understand why this is an option)
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  5. Draciele added a post in a topic How to make valks great again   

    he doesnt play valk. Look at the vak forums, its mostly " this class sucks" "rerolling out of valk" stuff like that. I myself finally abandoned my 59 valk in search of a better class.
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  6. Draciele added a post in a topic The new merged world in a nutshell   

  7. Draciele added a post in a topic The new merged world in a nutshell   

    you need to learn something about edan players. We dont need a reason to gank you. Sometimes we do it just because we can, and it allows us to soak up the delicious salt from your tears. It is delicious.
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  8. Draciele added a post in a topic Can a Cm/Anyone in Kakao confirm the last piece of the attendance   

    you dont need a cm response to this. It is the "level 2" version of the box. As such, it is NOT a duo piece. The reason it is a higher quality box is that it des not give a chance for crescent ring, only the 2 tp tier necks or the top earring.
    Not a duo, just a basic one.
    It isn't duo.
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  9. Draciele added a post in a topic Maybe we were a little too harsh..   

    legally the were required to IP block. They were only given the rights to supply the game to certain regions. Typically what this means is they plan to release the game to most of the regions left out, just through a different publisher. It was not a mistake, they didnt have a choice, as ignoring the region speciications could cause themvto los rhe license to produce the game, and then our servers would be shut down
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  10. Draciele added a post in a topic CLOSED.   

    no, not at all. I wasnt even aware of iha until yesterday.
    its not so much that people are anti-train. It is more that the major guilds tend to keep each other perma decced so to make sure people can get loot, they go to a channel that those guilds don't call home.
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  11. Draciele added a post in a topic Value Pack and Maintenance   

    It is widely known there is a weekly maintenance. It is known that they can vary in duration and sometimes crap happens and there can be additional maintenance because of that. You knew this when you bought the value pack, so if it is such a problem, don't buy the value pack. You are not forced to buy it.
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  12. Draciele added a post in a topic CLOSED.   

    no it isn't, the name is re-branded and all na players are welcome. False reports are swiftly banned from the server and the boss reset. It is a good place for the community to go. If you prefer to choose iha, just know the "trains" wont happen so if they try, you may as well do the channel you are on and hop to another. That's all the bosses you will get.
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  13. Draciele added a post in a topic CLOSED.   

    low iq server? Kinda sounds like the real cancerous chat pople will be in IHA if thats how you see it.
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  14. Draciele added a post in a topic CLOSED.   

    i did but i didn't follow their boss trains. I know they had them, my point is they don't exist on edan and that fact alone will prevent any possible train from existing on the new server, not to mention there will be WAY too many people for that.
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  15. Draciele added a post in a topic Hopes and Dreams for the New World   

    the irony that someone eants ganks to stop over "server supremecy" while sayin it should be named uno
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  16. Draciele added a post in a topic CLOSED.   

    Boss trains LOLOLOL boss trains don't exist outside of kutum, so you better get used to that right now. Welcome to edan's prison yard care bears, y'all about to get a dose of reality.
    And souffle bot best bot. Ewb4lyfe
    all of them still play...you think people are gonna quit the game and stay on a world boss discord??
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  17. Draciele added a post in a topic BDO NA World Boss and Community Discord Server   

    Ewb will always be the main for anyone that originated in edan. This channel is borderline perfect, so there is no reason to have iha, especially when they do weird shit like tell you to go to an external website to see a list of all spawn timers. Come to ewb, souffle bot best bot
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  18. Draciele added a post in a topic Vangertz vs Kutum   

    yes i know exactly what I'm saying. you said vangertz is better at lower levels, which means you dont. Ive played valk since open beta 2 so I am quite familiar with how both the class and gear works.
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  19. Draciele added a post in a topic Vangertz vs Kutum   

    Well let's get to basics. You want to know by title if kutum or vangertz is better. All this crap about red corals and ancient set doesn't matter. In the end, kutum is about 752x better than vangertz.
    Accuracy: it is believed the enhance coefficient is higher in gold items (remember, vangertz at base is still green) and thus vangertz has less accuracy at +15 than kutum.
    Sockets: kutum has 2, kutum wins.
    AP: kutum runs more ap than vangertz so kutum wins again.
    DP: vangertz has a slight edge over kutum here.
    Conclusion: kutum is far superior to vangertz.
    BTW there is no set number for accuracy, but the goal is to get it as high as possible without having a detrimental effect to your AP. I can say that 50 is probably a better number to shoot for though if you must insist on a number
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  20. Draciele added a post in a topic Compensation needed for no blackstone event!   

    If you think there are no Blackstones, you are dead wrong. Look at all the +15 weapons on the board. Buy them, extract black stones. Look at the relic shards and pila few scrolls. Run those for hunter seals and turn those into Blackstones. There are many ways to still get them. Get creative.
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  21. Draciele added a post in a topic When sis the maintenance ?   

    it is tomorrow. Dnt log on to another server today JUST in case. Internet is not prfect, and it could go down and screw you into a bad spot
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  22. Draciele added a post in a topic New siege problem   

    see, i dont think you asked the right question. the use of rez kits in siege is not the issue, it is SPECTATORS using the kits to influence the outcome.
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  23. Draciele added a post in a topic New siege problem   

    yes you did quote me here and tell me....after i already told you you did it so...good job on that.
    regardless of that, an idea was already presented for how to deal with this: dont allow spectators. make barriers around the siege area that you cant pass through unless your guild is participating in the siege there. if they are in the area when it starts, auto port them to a safe zone, lock them in it, and force them to change channels. someone who IS supposed to be there can use the call to war effect at the start to port to the base, so there should be no reason to be locked out if you are supposed to be there. problem solved, problem staying solved.
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  24. Draciele added a post in a topic New siege problem   

    actually, ive been spending a good part of the morning in my msgs screen talking to people in private messages. there is no msg from you. you still have not informed me the way a moderator is supposed to inform someone when their post is modified.
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  25. Draciele added a post in a topic Sooo... how do i dps bosses now?   

    you would be surprised, most people take alts to bosses, especially karanda, and have at most 120 AP
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