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  1. From watching that video I can gather a few things:

    1. he outgears the shit out of people he is fighting. 

    2. Those he is fighting don't even have the slightest clue how to fight (zerker didn't even try to grab him for example)

    3. He knows how to PvP.

    Put him against anyone remotely close to his gear that likes PvP, I think you would see a different outcome.

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  2. I think it is hilarious that you think this is the worst grindwall ever. Try playing pretty much any game published by perfect world, like perfect world international...that games grind makes bdo look like a godsend. 

    Now, you don't like the enhancement system. I understand, it isn't for everyone. What you have to remember though is this game is pushing for longevity. It wants to be around for years to come. Since there is no level hardcap, you have to look to the next source of power in a game: equipment. The enhancement system, while hard, is not NEARLY as harsh as other KR games on people. It is strictly set up in a way that it will take many years to get your gear upgraded as high as possible. Look at what happened when +15 was the cap. People were quitting left and right because they had nothing else to work towards. Humans are a goal-oriented race, and if there isn't anything to work on, they will get bored and go to other games.

    It is also not designed to support a large number of players. Even with 36 channels, most of the good grind areas are constantly occupied and many people are fighting over them. This is a niche game for a set niche of players. You will need to either adapt or move on, because this is how the game is. PA wants it this way on purpose.

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  3. You can use small samples like this all you want, you have to go out and test it yourself. My own personal feelings I get WAY more soiled rings and scrolls at crescents with a lvl 7 node than I do with a lvl 0 node. Try each for a few weeks instead of a few hours and you will notice a difference.


    Password wise, my friend also had unique passwords for each account. The person responsible just has that much hatred. We know who is responsible, as we've already had people telling us the hacker was framed for it. There was a recent falling out and it very much was a malicious attack on my friend (who incidentally tried to frame someone else with the name given to the smashed together dogs.)

    Even more telling that my friend was hacked is that said friend doesn't do gear enhancements anymore. My friend set up lifeskill productions to make silver and straight up buy already enhanced gear.  My friend does not enjoy the stress of failing enhancements so buying gear already enhanced is better.

    As for why sell it? I'm guessing people in guild needed those pieces, and the ones not needed were trashed.

  5. The problem with a pve only channel is all the highest geared people, who aren't actively looking to kill someone, will go to these channels and take all the good grind areas. With their gear, you won't out farm them, and so you are still stuck with sub-par grind areas.

  6. We were discussing that after it happened in guild discord chat. An authenticator really is a necessary thing these days, I hope we get one soon.

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  7. With all the negatives, I want to drop a big ole positive for the GMs and CMs. A good friend of mine got her account hacked. The blew up her tet weapons and sold them, blew up all her accessories, even combined her pets together. After only a day and a half of back and forth through support, not only did they restore EVERYTHING (minus the dogs, they are still trying to figure out what to do about that) but they tracked down who did it, found it to be malicious harassment, and banned those responsible. 

    In light of the many minor issues here and there, when a big issue comes up, they don't mess around and I want to sincerely thank kakao for stepping up and resolving this in a timely manner.

    Thank you and bless you guys.

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    I am getting really sick of Kakao CMs and GMs lying to us. the amount of damage you guys are causing to your game with this is just getting ridiculous.

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    • 5000 hours reward list has been updated, after maintenance a new item will be added:
      - Value Pack (7 Days)
      - [Event] Blessing of Kamasylve (7 Days)
      - [Event] Sealed Book of Combat (7 Days)
      - Memory Fragments X5
      - Armstrong’s Skill Guide (30 Days)
      *Due to technical UI limitations this reward will not be visible in the game list, yet you will receive it.

    So what about players who already reached the 5000h playtime mark before you updated the reward for this, do we get any compensation as in these items given to us, or don't we get anything at all and just have to suck it up and accept the fact that you pretty much don't care at all about your senior players, and only give the good stuff to either only newer players, or everyone ?

    they told us in 3 threads over the last 2 weeks that we would be compensated, and then 1 of those caramel told us we would get it during this maint. we were lied to.

  9. this is pretty much a moot topic. when kamasylve gets here we should also have the update that changes guild participation in node wars to having a 48 hr cooldown when joining a guild, so the only day they could participate is wednesday night node war. once this update comes this issue will be fixed, and was implimented in KR for the same reason as the original complaint was. the fix is coming, just hold on a bit longer.

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  10. We understand that a lot of players have already accepted the 5000 Hours Playtime reward before we changed it during our maintenance, which caused you to miss out on the nice new rewards. We'll be sending out the new items that you missed out to your in-game mail ( B ) soon, so that you can enjoy them as well.

    The BDO Team

    Unfortunately, there has been some internal miscommunication. We have been informed, that no items will be sent out. We will update you about this issue as soon as we have more information.

    are you ABSOLUTELY shitting me? @CM_Praballo @CM_Yukimura @CM_Aethon how can you treat your most loyal playerbase, those that started at the beginning and have not quit, like this. You better have this internal discussion real -----in quick and hand out the items we deserve to have, or I am done spending money here. 


    This is quite possibly the MOST disrespectful thing I have EVER seen an MMO publisher do to its loyal players.


    @GM_Caramel too since you actually replied in here already

  11. I love the people ignoring darkness burst. It is a much better skill to have as a filler. It has no cool down, no animation lock, and is a good quick 2 slash skill to push mobs away if you need a quick breather. It also does quite decent damage with crit modifier. Learn to use this skill, it is better than skills like enforcement and repeated annihilation.

  12. Found this on the Black Desert Online Reddit. Feel free to offer advice on what he should write just in case he decides to show up on the forums here. If you know anyone in the RP community, make sure they see this. I think they will get a kick out of this!




    isnt it against GM rules to publicly callout and publicly discipline someone? Pretty sure thats why if you report someone they tell you "we cannot disclose the results of the investigation".