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  1. Knight776 added a post in a topic Does PA/Kakao just hate us?   

    Like a signature I saw a few years ago on someone's forum post in another game:

    "If you gave some MMO players a free hat that would create their idea of the perfect MMO, they would complain about the color." 
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  2. Knight776 added a post in a topic Totally new and totally lost lol   

    I would add a minor detail to that by saying that, if you have the Black Stones, go ahead and upgrade weapons to +7 and armor to +5 when you start getting pieces that are upgradeable, and most definitely at least after the quest in the Delphe Knight castle when you get the quest from the Black Spirit to do so.  You're never going to be out those stones as they are reclaimable (although the armor piece isn't), it's completely safe to upgrade to those numbers and the added AP/DP will serve you well until you get further along and start the upgrade process in earnest. 
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  3. Knight776 added a post in a topic Buying BDO, questions~   

    So many people have so many different explanations of what P2W actually is, it's borderline ridiculous. All the devs here have done is taken items that can be purchased from the Pearl Store (and it's limited to the Outfits and a few other items, like Value Packs) and made it possible to sell them on the Marketplace for silver.  Sure, people make quite a bit of silver doing that, but pay to win?  I'm not so sure.  The back and forth on the subject reminded me of EVE Online when the Aurum shop opened (buy a PLEX, convert it to Aurum,) and people were going absolutely batsh*t over the amount a monocle could be sold for....and just a few categories away, those same people are selling 2 or 3 PLEX.
    I've been playing nearly 2 months, so still a newb myself, and I'm having a great time.  The world is gorgeous, the combat is fun, and the variety of things to do keep me from getting bored (at the moment )  A few suggestions I can make:  -Don't worry about a horse right off the bat.  You get essentially a free one (you do have to work for it, but it's not all that bad) at level 20, but even then, run everywhere to build up your Stamina.  -Take up a life skill or two...You'd be amazed how much of a benefit and money maker some of them could be (Milk tea and sute tea).  -Don't worry about getting to 50 or 55...it takes almost no time at all (even if you do a lot of screwing off like I do) and will be upon you soon enough. 
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  4. Knight776 added a post in a topic Horse Taming   

    If you are having this issue and your friend isn't, I have to ask:  Were you watching in-game as they were successful or were you looking over their shoulder?  If you were looking over their shoulder, were they on the same network as you are or their own?  I ask because, from what you described, it sounds very much like a latency issue more than anything else.  Because of the mini-games, horse taming tends to be very sensitive to high latency than other aspects of the game. If your friend's system is on a network you can access, try logging in to your account on their system and give a horse a try.  If you're still failing, it's technique.  If you are able to accomplish it, try connecting your system to their network (if you are close enough, that is) and check again.  If you fail, it's your system that's causing your latency. If not, it's your network that's causing it.

    Just to review the steps again:

    1.  Make sure you are Training level 5. If you can throw the rope, you're the correct training level.  Lower and the game while let you use it.
    2.  Start your taming ropes, make sure you have a red X in the reticle, and left click to throw.
    3.  When the vertical bar mini game comes up, make sure you press the space bar to land the target in the red area.
    4.  Press W to slowly advance on the horse.  When it's forelegs come up, start spamming the space bar to keep the target marker to the right side of the center line.
    5.  Repeat Step 4 until you have reached the horse.  Until it gains the white outline, you are still subject to the mini game, even if your next step would put you next to the horse.
    6.  If you have done 3 or more horizontal bar taming mini-games, feed the horse 1 lump of sugar.  If only 1 or 2 mini-games have been done, feed 2 lumps.  (This bit seems to be a timing thing.  Once you're more proficient at game timing, if will take you less time to get to the horse on average, but ability to tame seems to be dependent on the amount of time that passes between throwing the rope and getting next to the horse.  One report I read (and it seems to bear out) states you need to have about 32-35 seconds in that particular time frame to get a taming check to pass. And I'm still kinda testing this, as I've had to give 3 lumps on occasion to get to mount the horse. But, hey....I got them.  They're diabetic, but I got them.  ). 

    Hopefully , it turns out to be a technique thing rather than someone system related. 
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  5. Knight776 added a post in a topic How do I assign a worker to a node?   

    And you will never run out of quests again.    I did this on my sorceress, choosing the gathering/production and cooking guided quest series from dark and creepy, and, while it's gotten better, you almost can't swing a dead cat in Serendia or Calpheon without hitting a quest giver with a green icon over their head. 
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  6. Knight776 added a post in a topic Catching a Sand Fish?   

    It's my (tongue in cheek) opinion that this game is rigged on a lot of these gathering-type quests.  Right now, on my main crafter, I have a quest to take someone 3 Fire Flake's to complete.  The rub is that I can't use Fire Flake from my warehouse, I have to actually harvest it first.  An hour or so of harvesting, I got all sorts of weeds, the other alchemy herbs, even a couple Sharp black stones...Not one fire flake.    Now, if I had a quest to find sunrise herb, I'd find more fire flake than I could ever use. 
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  7. Knight776 added a post in a topic Pepper   

    The seed vendor Ahr in Calpheon just a short walk from the Warehouse sells a number of different seeds, including pepper.
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  8. Knight776 added a post in a topic Conditions to get a horse ??   

    Also, in Velia, when you complete the quests there, the Chief will reward you with a donkey before sending you to Heidel. The act of riding that donkey got me enough Training XP on that ride (and the occasional ride here and there) to be able to complete the quest for the Wild Horse.  A little advice:  I needed about 20 or so ropes to get the mini-game figured out, but only two sugar to calm the horse enough to ride it. 
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  9. Knight776 added a post in a topic Missing items   

    It took my stuff about 36 hours after claiming to show up.  You should receive a game mail when they arrive and once you claim them from the mail, most of them will appear in your Pearls inventory and not your regular inventory.
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