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  1. Voodrane added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance December 28th **Update**   

    He isn't full dp btw, he's using boss gear, that's for AP, the gloves and other stuff barely give as much dp as grunil and other ones, that giant has bad dp gear.
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  2. Voodrane added a post in a topic Dark Knight releasing soon, male counterpart being "considered"   

    Uh btw, we haven't even gotten the lore of the Dark Knight yet. Why are you spazzing out?  You don't even know if something happened to the males in the story! Same went with sorcerer no males, because it fit with the lore that they were extremely rare. Wizards learned spells old and witches are seen as youthful and energetic letting them learn magic young. We don't know their story yet so why complain! It's like complaining about something that we probably don't know why they have no videos yet!
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  3. Voodrane added a post in a topic "Lost Connection to the Server" - Seriously??? Still??   

    Cox here, I kept going into Mediah E2 and every time I did before I even looked at the map I couldn't do anything. I just tried the Mediah E1 and I have had no problems so far. I think Cox has to do with 2nd channels..?
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  4. Voodrane added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 10th   

    Dude you can make more than that in a day if you no life. LOLOLOL omg  Edan had a protest few days ago and people who supported this change stopped them and their protest only lasted a day, never again a protest on Edan from what I saw. And everyone who was protesting didn't even stand up for themselves in Edan at all today, they knew they were wrong. Dumb cucks 
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  5. Voodrane added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    My alt ranger, from Daoko. GIRL (the schoolgirl version)

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  6. Voodrane added a post in a topic Life saving maid??   

    There was no hidden nodes where I spawned and I walked farther north of that spot and went to a swamp in heidel kinda southwest and then died again I said respawn by node and she respawned me not In the farm but beside a farm node. I'll provide video evidence soon
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  7. Voodrane added a topic in General   

    Life saving maid??
    Hello, today I bought a maid to help me in farming later on, but this isn't the point. As I was leveling an alt I died accidentally and when I pressed "Respawn to closest node" The loading screen happened and when I appeared, MY MAID WAS IN FRONT OF ME. She bowed like she would normally do and disappear in a cloud. Did she just save my life? I checked my map and I didn't even spawn near a node. She spawned me nearby where I died on the sidewalk. About 50M away from my death. I died 2 more times in different spots and resurrected again in that spot. This wasn't in any guides or in any forums I have seen. DO MAIDS RESSURECT YOU!? Please test this and help me out. Is the maids not just a handy thing but helpful in some situations *cough* gvg or pvp too?
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  8. Voodrane added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 3rd   

    1. Did the CMs force you to buy those jukeboxes and painting and more? No.
    2. Did the CMs encourage you to buy high amounts of that specific item? No.
    CMs had nothing to do with what you choose to spend with your money upon, so why ask them to give you something in return for what you chose to do?
    This is like your mother told you that smoking was bad for your lungs and could kill you, when you made a prior choice to buy 12 packets of cigarettes and hid them under your mattress, AND THEN demand your mother to give you something in return for you making a choice upon buying those cigarettes before she told you they were hazardous to your health. This is a completely retarded demand to the CMs. You wasted your money, why should other people around you kiss your feet and give back after you made the choice of -----ing yourself over.
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