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  1. Cameron2310 added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Game... Objective?
    What's the objective of the game after level 5x? I mean, in most games it's to PvP, but in this game you need to spend hundreds of hours before being able to come close to the builds some people currently have. What does everyone spend their time on in this game? Just grinding for enchanted weapons and armor? It seems sort of pointless, there's no fun to it, it's horrendously repetitive and is only there to bore you into spending $$$. Is there some other way to enjoy end game? Sorry if this comes across as sarcastic, I genuinely want to know how you guys spend end-game.
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  2. Cameron2310 added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Games like BDO?
    Hey, enjoyed the game play of BDO when I did play, everything looked nice, and game play was fluid and skill based which is great, but there's no way I'm going to pay a game that practically required you to spend money. Anyone know any games similar to this? I've heard blade and soul has great PvP, something horrendously lacking in BDO.
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  3. Cameron2310 added a post in a topic Worth investing some time?   

    Thanks for the replies  I'll sit back for now, even though the sale is on due to grind + "convinence" items. Also seems a bit fishy that they would offer such a sweet deal just after the whole p2w fiasco. Seems like the playerbase really took a hit and their trying to recoup. Eitherway, thanks for the info, I can see why people would enjoy this game but I'm looking for something competitive and fair rather than grind+cash>skill.
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  4. Cameron2310 added a topic in General   

    Worth investing some time?
    Want to get back into this game, but the cash shop is shit so it's really putting me off, but the graphics and combat system is pretty amazing. Just one question though, before I buy another 7 day trial to see how level 48+ is like, how many hours do I have to do repetitive crap before I can enjoy pvp? Is there an arena system where gear is normalized for all players and is there any incentive to play it such as leaderboards? Even if there is, with guild wars being pretty important late game, you're sort of forced to spend money to get silver to keep up with the curve, especially with +20 gear. I feel like I have no way to catch up to already geared players, and even the highest ranked players still don't have perfect gear as far as I know, so is this game just a grind fest at later levels? 1-48 was very quick, and I really enjoyed the game even with how fast the levels went by and how easy it was, but even then, the late game pvp really makes me feel like no matter what I do, I'll always be at a disadvantage to someone who a) started earlier than me b) paid more money to get silver from the market c) killed the same mob xxxxx amount of times more than me d) bought statted outfits to increase income e) had ghillie suit etc etc etc, even if I was objectively better at the game than them.
    Is this monotonous grind a problem with all new MMORPGs?
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  5. Cameron2310 added a post in a topic What games you playing now?   

    Damn. The action combat and the themepark system this game had really got me into playing it when I heard about it. Shame there's no substitute
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  6. Cameron2310 added a topic in Off-Topic   

    What games you playing now?
    So after uninstalling BDO the day the patch hit, I just started moving from game to game from the selection I had on my harddrive but I don't really have any passion for any of them. What are you guys playing now, after quitting BDO? I'm still looking for an MMORPG with a nice themepark system like BDO's
    • 16 replies
  7. Cameron2310 added a post in a topic Manditory sp wasting   

    Just tested this out, seems pretty awesome and alot less restrictive than before  Must sort of suck being 56 and having the meta change though ;c
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  8. Cameron2310 added a post in a topic RNG leveling mechanics   

     Awesome, that's good to hear  Ty
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  9. Cameron2310 added a topic in New Adventurers   

    RNG leveling mechanics
    So I've been reading a few of the different threads about RNG leveling. I really can't see a reason to justify it myself, but I'm not here to complain, I'm just wondering how it all works. I've read that the game awards 1-5 hp per level. is that true? Also, there are apparently level 1 characters with different stats  Is it worth restarting the game and leveling about 5 characters to 20 and picking the best char to help with hp at later levels, or should I just pray to RNGesus that my main has good stat
    Edit: The thread that I read; https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/4f8ymf/so_apparently_leveling_stats_are_random_time_to/
    • 2 replies
  10. Cameron2310 added a post in a topic Manditory sp wasting   

    Oh, really? That sounds amazing, I thought you had to pay pearls to restat? Would I be able to restat at level 55 then?
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  11. Cameron2310 added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Manditory sp wasting
    Even during the first 5 minutes of gameplay in Olvia and a handful of times throughout the rest of the time from 0-25 i've been on quests that require me to unlock skills as a sorc. Is it advised to completely skip these quests, as they may require me to put SP into skills that I won't be using late game for PvP, as sorc doesn't use a handful of skills at all near end game. I've also accepted quests that talk about unlocking new skills, yet they are completed without me entering the skill tree and unlocking the specific skills. Can someone provide some information please, I feel confused about these quests and this game in general
    • 4 replies
  12. Cameron2310 added a topic in New Adventurers   

    When to start caring?
    Exp grind in this game is ridiculously fast at lower levels, something which is nice, but when should I actually start learning about the game and caring about the game world? I got to level 21 in one evening and I still feel like I have no idea what I'm doing past right clicking on mission markers on the map and finding more quests to do. About what level will I stop farming exp and try to get good end-game gear?
    Also, I've heard that the level cap is 50. but you can pay to increase the level cap.... if so, ill probably just drop the game here, it seems too in favor of paying players
    • 22 replies
  13. Cameron2310 added a post in a topic It's all P2W now!   

    This game is p2w? New player here, only started today and got a level 20 something sorc using a 7 day trial a friend gave me. Could someone link me to a thread about this p2w please, there is nothing that I hate more than paying to replace skill. I know the community already hates the ghillie suit, as do I, but I think that's forgiveable as long as there are no other items that give such an advantage that otherwise could not be obtained.
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