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  1. Journe added a post in a topic Bdo on the new m.2 ssds   

    I have one, installed and configured properly, and the biggest difference I have noticed is almost instant loads when switching between characters.
    as far as game performance I have no idea, as I would not be able to discern between performance improvements due to the SSD or due to other improved computer specs/parts.
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  2. Journe added a post in a topic Cancerous Marketplace RNG   

    I understand the need for the bidding system, but that doesn't mean we must respect it in its current state. We play a game to have fun, I imagine, forgive me if I project my values upon anyone else forcefully with that generalization.
    If we play a game to have fun, I would think many players do not enjoy staring at a marketplace window for elongated periods of time in order to process bids over and over. One could argue that a pre-order prevents this need, but when (in my experience) 60-70% of marketplace items bypass the preorder route and post to the marketplace, I feel almost obligated to attend the MP with each notification as to increase my 'abysmal' chances of winning to an 'abysmal+1' chance.
    If the lottery system bothers people, this probably isn't the game for them as there are too many other instances of gambling for progression. Way too many.
    However, staring at a MP screen day in and day out is a poor implementation of entertainment. If one could simply put in remote bids (same lottery system as currently implemented) for a select 1-X number of items, i'm sure the gameplay experience would improve for many; anything to refresh the experience of clicking refresh over and over.
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  3. Journe added a post in a topic Wat...?   

    I stand corrected. Intended. Slap in da face to loyal customers! Slap in da face!
    im over it. Not like I'm loyal.
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  4. Journe added a post in a topic Wat...?   

    It's an error in the patch that implemented fame. It seems it was written without a check in place:
    -it is supposed to return a fame reward for every day since your last log-in
    -it is lacking a check to ensure the last log in was not greater than when fame rewards began in the first place
    tell your friends who have been off BDO for months and months to log in; they will receive millions. I picked the wrong week to come back from hiatus. :)
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  5. Journe added a post in a topic One month later, still no fix for Mana Absorption durability bug?   

    I have a pretty good idea.
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  6. Journe added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Unfortunately I get the feeling that the GM response will eventually be something akin to:
    "After careful consideration of the feedback presented on the forums, we still feel it is best to allow all of our players to experience the entirety of Black desert; the availability of pearl shop items on the auction house will enable individuals, who would otherwise not be able to make purchases, enjoy the benefits of convenience items. While we respect the vocal outpouring exhibited by players who are concerned about certain ramifications of this decision, we sincerely hope that our valued customers recognize the positive impact our decision will have on the Black Desert community."
    I am bracing for this response, and shudder to think that they will not acknowledge it as a money grab (a necessary or unnecessary financial move, which is besides the point), and rather continue to paint over the graffiti calling it a favor to an extremely limited portion of the BDO population.
    For myself, if a miracle happens and a response includes a retraction of the P2W services, it will be too late. Slowly, albeit over a short lifespan, BDO has inched towards a P2W platform. People have drawn their own definitions of what P2W really is, defending or attacking each new implementation. No matter the current state of the game being P2W or not, a lack of implementation of these types of services now would not stop a continued inching march over the gray line of P2W. PA has made their platform intentions clear. I cannot play a game while the possibility of eventual change lingers in the air.
    And so, I lay down my staff for all the people who probably don't care too much. Yet as it hits the ground, I hear the echoes of other weapons clanging against an otherwise empty soundscape. BDO will fizzle out, and be a remnant of what it could have been. The damage is done.
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  7. Journe added a post in a topic This is gonna hurt, I will be gentle (Updated)   

    Well then, I am genuinely happy that this decision does not make you feel 'fed up.' Enjoy your future adventures in your MMO... Minus the massively, of course. 
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  8. Journe added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    You should really consider an online gambling license with the Feds.
    -invest real money
    -sell money on auction house
    -collect silver
    -spend silver on shards
    -pull slot machine lever and hope for upgrade
    Should be reported, really. Eff you guys.
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