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  1. DreamChaser added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    If i get it correctly you're talking about my point of view and ninjakoala point of view that probably differ
    I will explain this about how and why i usually post, despite how they might appear are never aimed at whiteknighting a person or a guild, it's just that i find "annoying" the mental closure many show up when facing a discussion, i wasn't necessarily supporting ninjakoalas points for the simple reason i never talked with him and i can't be in his head to know what he or his guild are thinking when taking a decision, i'm just saying there can be multiple reasons why one would choose a path or the other

    And i'm not saying "you will improve by zerging people" just to give an example of what i meant on small scale, if i get rekt on a spot i will try to fight 1 or 2 times on my own, then accept i'm not good enough (depending on how the duels go i will might blame gear/level disparity and that would require some kind of work on my side to be fixed or simply the other person is better at playing the game/performing better/has more experience in the matchup etc etc)

    Now, i will simply walk away with the knowledge that I AM not good enough, someone else will call for help to keep his spot, both are equally fine as responses to a situation

    Obviously, if you never face the fact you have to improve somewhere you simply never will but you might do it in both cases, it's a matter of self awareness
    i'm not referring to talent here
    As an extreme example, both my parents and my kids play mmos, they simply don't have the reflexes/abilities (in the first case they won't have them probably anymore and in the second they will grow and get better at whatever they choose to play in the future, like in any sport)
    Here i'm not talking about 2 equally poised contendants with different talent levels, i'm talking a 5 years old karate practitioner against a 20 years old that has been practicing for 15 years, it's not the same, or are you telling me if i put my older kid against you and he doesn't win because of obvious reasons he's making excuses?

    I'm not talking about the #dedicationgap here, i'm talking about the fact none of us are equal, everyone can get better, but how better you can get is different for everyone^^
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  2. DreamChaser added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   


    high tier players keep suggesting to lower tier players to do stuff differently if you wanna get better, face us 1v1 and accept being rofltstomped in 20 minutes
    "but couldn't you go facing the higher tier guilds?"
    "no, because we would get roflstomped in 20 minutes by higher numbers"

    Cause being roflstomped by better players is i bet funnier than being roflstomped by numbers

    Ok listen, everyone has different views of what's fun in a game, it's not even about understanding how others have fun or why, you just accept the fact that their fun is different, i don't like rollercoasters, my wife loves them, full stop
    I don't get and never will how trashtalk is fun but ehy, a lot of people do that so it must be something i'm missing, telling you guys to "stop trashtalking cause i don't see how that can be fun" would be a waste of time

    Second point, there a few things you don't really make up for, namely skill, computer specs and internet connection
    Some people are born under unfortunate stars and will never be good enough, or in unfortunate places where internet is simply terrible or find themselves in unfortunate circumstances where they can't really afford new rigs or parts (possibly the poor souls live in their mothers basement or have other unpredictable predicaments at hand)
    They could step out of nodewars or find X solution to their problem, or they could have fun nonetheless in the game by adopting other methods, like the infamous forbidden technique called zerging

    I mean, a lot of human beings good at videogames are proud of being assholes, i don't really see the problem with being bad at the game and looking for other ways to win since the game allows it
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  3. DreamChaser added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Am i? since when i'm in Addicted?
    i suggest you pick up a vocabulary, in any case^^

    Again, the moment your existence shapes the world around you, you stop being irrelevant, that's just what the word means^^

    Use the term "not contributing" "damaging" or whatever else but irrelevant just shows poor communication skills and understanding
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  4. DreamChaser added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Just passing by to kindly remind irrelevant means that has nothing to do/doesn't concern/isn't relevant to a topic, the moment guilds decide NOT to go to a territory because YOU are there, you're suddendly very relevant to the choice the guild made, hence you passively shape the rest of the siege scene
    When making a choice of where to go saturday you're taking into account what is it that you want to do and WHAT are the other guilds going to do, the moment you think "valencia is a no-go because addicted is there we don't want to form an alliance to kick them out, let them rot there" you're making them relevant to your choice, if many guilds cut out one fifth of their possible destinations because of the occupying guild, how can this weight be defined irrelevant?

    In the unlikely case (but some people do play like that) you close your eyes, point a finger at the map and decide where you're going you could say all other guilds are irrelevant to YOUR decisional process, but they would still remain relevant overall

    As much as you or me or whoever else might like or dislike the fact, irrelevant is a terribly unfitting choice of terminology to describe them, so much that i don't even see why the matter is being discussed^^

    As a side note, talking of irrelevancy (lack of pertinence or connection) in an mmo with contested resources and an auction system is per se lacking in sense, a full pve player could be relevant to the pvp scene due to the sheer amount of pvp products he sells in the marketplace, as a matter of fact, but this would be delving into logical semantics and we could say it's "irrelevant" to the more restricted view of "relevancy to pvp" you were talking about, in any case my first point remains quite valid

    (Edit: btw, the terrible usage of the term goes both ways even tho i'm "defending" Addicted here, the same as been said a few posts above and my point stands from both sides)
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  5. DreamChaser added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Well it's a valencia siege parody, a parody is like never going to be unbiased, i think what people complained about was a "siege scene parody" that was mostly centered about enemy

    But i think you shouldn't care either way, i mean, it's work you put into something you're not payed for, so you're supposed to do the F you want with it

    If people want something different they're welcome to try and make it, it's true of any kind of complaint if you don't like what others do, do it yourself
    Name normal functional human beings that depicts themselves as the villain 

    Oldskool thinks they're doing right, Sovereign is, Addicted is, M&M is, everyone is, it's how we work, smart people see that and accept other views or discuss them in a proper fashion, others don't^^
    (not talking about you since you haven't expressed any particular judgement, just general talk)
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  6. DreamChaser added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    i admit i'm terrible at math, you won
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  7. DreamChaser added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    datas are datas, when they are incomplete they are always misleading, it's up to people brains to make out proper information off the datas they are given, or knowing you can't make anything out of it if the information is too partial or misleading^^

    Datas are never bad, it's what you make of them^^
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  8. DreamChaser added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    it matters in terms of a report because it can give a general idea of how the 2 forces matched, if with slightly lower numbers oldskool held for 1:30 hours it gives the impression of a good performance from OS or poor one from Ad, sure it doesn't tell the story of the nw but it's additional information for the others, hence it matters^^
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  9. DreamChaser added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Quick recap of last week for Blacklust

    Altas Farmland T1 untaken 3 weeks
    Blacklust (30ish) - NightClub (20ish)

    Not much to say, we eneeded money but expected a bit more guilds to come with the weeks of taxes to collect, addicted knows the harships of getting people to fight in the valencia area T.T

    Castle Ruins T2

    Blacklust (32) - Serenity (15+?) - RLXT Alliance (20+?)

    Serenity contacted us to have a 1v1 at the end, we didn't see any need to se we refused, (both enemy guilds built on the mountain) took down serenity as quickly as we could, when RLXT finally launched an offensive on our base serenity already had only their fort standing at below 10%, slowed us down a bit but we finished them, moved the main fight to RLXT and finished them as well a bit later

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  10. DreamChaser added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Lowkarma best national guild now
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  11. DreamChaser added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Btw, looks like no one reported it yet so:

    StoneBeak Shore T2 - Liberated again

    Encore vs Khaos vs BlackLust vs Inside vs SwordArtOnline

    Encore and Khaos were locked into a 1v1 for the whole duration of the nw, BlackLust was busy against Inside, at some point SAO joined BL on the offense, after Inside went down BL moved on SAO and almost took down their fort before the bell rang

    @Rinel (edit: forgot to tag)

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  12. DreamChaser added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    i think i could have brought a lot more flexibility, less guilds crumbling and getting back on their feet over and over again, a bit less onesided domain in servers and new world history and probably a lot more politics and stuff, that i personally find fun tho some might disagree^^ coordinating with other guilds inside and outside wars adds an extra layer of difficulty and make the whole environment less shallow
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  13. DreamChaser added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Yes, you forget most of the guilds there that day with the exception of Dogma as we already had given our word to try and help VoS in were part of the pantsu alliance or people we had ties with in trying to form a second alliance parallel to ours, namely luxarcana, hostile
    What was the result? result was we did a month or so of sieges while being trashtalked by most of the others siege partecipants, in fear of revolt losing the castle magically both sovereign and rlxt appeared in calpheon and our 4 25 man guilds found themselves against 3 out of the 5 biggest guilds on the server back then, in one of the few cases of the strongest guilds allying up against the small ones, justified with a "you plebs you shouldn't even partecipate in sieges, you don't deserve a castle", pantsu and fruitsalad bled out and guess where their top players ended up?
    I don't mean this an accusation nor i want to bring up the past for discussion, past is past but i don't see how that benefitted the server or the small guilds involved?
    I feel like the recount put out there makes reality look a lot better than it was, we received weeks of permawar unable to do much, trashtalk from everywhere, lost some of our players, other players were straight up poached, why would we be asking to other guilds to go through that?
    You were there so i don't think it's what you mean by quoting that particular siege so i don't understand the point

    (btw, pantsu alliance never went balenos, we went once serendia and three times calpheon since dogma and CU joined, we specifically started sieging to try and counteract the big guilds domain so balenos had no attractive for us)
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  14. DreamChaser added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    As i said, i gave you the general idea of how you should have read his posts, in my opinion, i adressed 2 out 4 points which is plenty to make an example, you should be able to go on from there? and yes, despite not being particularly personal since i don't know you and as such judging your reasons is not my place, some time ago i actually had an higher respect of the forum talk coming from you and other individuals, while lately it has been reduced to not listening to the other person talking, just answering random ass git guds (don't take it specifically for you, in general that's how forum discussion has degenerated lately) so mine WAS parly directed at you while not meant as a grudge or anything towards you, it's just an attitude i see (enphasis on the subjectivity here) a lot in your posts lately

    Onto the point you answered, some people will just never be good or dedicated enough, some people you can work with, some you don't, in average guilds, you can rest assured the amount of people that will not step up their effort, just have unstable interest in the game or straight up don't have even the lowest requirements for a "quality" environment
    Appealing to other quality players WHILE keeping a decent amount of the "sub standards" players is nigh impossible
    Lastly, i think i said it plenty enough, i don't think it's the guilds fault, the game design is probably unfit for the eu/na scene or just generally flawed, at least, that's what i perceive as a problem, the one random suggestion i gave it's actually not even that stupid probably, cap guilds at 50, easier to cap, double the amount of competitors etc, it's not addicteds, or sov, or enemys or anyones fault, it's obvious they strive to be the best, that's how competitivity works^^
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  15. DreamChaser added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Aside from how the point was made (that looks pretty wrong in my eyes), i think you're also not making sense in the replies, which isn't unsurprising but i'll try to break it down regardless (starting from the assumption it's not possibly the guilds fault for the simple reason they are following base guild mechanics, if anything, the way the game is structured is to blame)

    Guild A is gud, they also have already 50 gud people, a gud name for themselves, experience and all of the gud stuff that made you.. well gud, like git gud
    Guild B is average, has 60 people, they decide to actually git gud, they obviously lack some of the experience, knowledge, bla bla bla, they clean up their roster down to 20 people and look for others to join them raising their standards

    NOTHING HAPPENS and they end up merging somewhere else/staying smallscale


    Elaborate on a proper reason why most players should join guild B instead of A, guild B has better memers?

    Conclusion: Guild B could actually get somewhat better, but the gap between A and B will keep increasing for various reasons, to  the point where there is no match and B won't even care about challenging A ever, cause why would they? be reminded that they are not good enough?

    This also leads to the last point, you read it as a complain because you guys lately read what you want to read instead of elaborating on other people thought, take everything as a personal attack and stop there, try and understand that his words do make sense if you go beyond his hatred for big guilds, try to read it this way:

    BDO game design discourages from having thousands of hardcore/dedicated players, and given the competitive nature of its endgame (random suggestion ensuing), maybe 50 man capped guilds would have increased variety and numbers of guilds, making it into a more thriving environment

    Too lazy to translate the rest of his points, but i think you got the gist of it, there's no conversation to be had when instead of trying to understand if there's truth to other people words you just stick to the letters, you have a good exchange of ideas when you're trying to work on the points the other side is bringing to the table, not when your aim is crushing them
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