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  1. Casper added a post in a topic Karma greifing   

    Clearly you misunderstand...

    Don't know why im bothering to explain this... but i guess i'll do it just for you.

    Hackers exist, believe it or not. They come into grinding spots with their hacks enabled, then they flag up and 1shot you because of their damage hack, or they will flag up and hit you about 50 times in 1 second, because of an attack speed hack, or they will flag up and and destroy the entire area by spamming skills which should be on cooldowns, but are not on cooldowns due to a cooldown hack.

    I CLEARLY did not state that flagging up was hacking, you just misread it. -__-
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  2. Casper added a post in a topic Beta New Forum - the time has come!   

    I guess I'll start moving my template thread over now... QQ

    Gosh this is going to take some time!
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  3. Casper added a post in a topic Karma greifing   

    You cry about karma grief, but if they bring back EXP on death for PvP, then this will open up a whole new world of chaos for PvE players.
    Why should i lose EXP because some rude **** thought it was okay to kill me for autopathing my horse outside of town?

    Currently, if someone flags up and murders me while I'm busy with PvE stuff, i lose nothing, so i have nothing to worry about. I can just come back and continue.
    If EXP loss on death returns to the game, i would be losing my time that I've wasted from my hours of grinding, just because someone doesn't like PvE players.
    This is the reason they removed the EXP loss on death in the first place.

    And please don't give me that bs about "well this is a PvP game, deal with it". Just because a game has PvP elements, that does NOT make the entire game a PvP game. Same can be said about other systems that are ingame. Just because this game has lifeskill/PvE elements, that does not make the entire game a lifeskill/PvE game.

    So why should Lifeskill/PvE players have their fun ruined, so you can have some petty war over a grinding spot?

    Since day1 of this games release, the PvP and Karma system had been used in a way which was unintended, and hurt a massive portion of the communities gameplay because of either PK'ers, Hackers flagging up to steal grind spots, or full guilds who go out of their way to hunt down gatherers and farmers. So of course the system was changed so that us players who didn't want to PvP, was not forced to put up with the punishment of losing EXP for being unable to fight back.

    I like the system as it is.

    If you hate people taking your grind spot, then learn to share! We have party systems.... We have more than 1 channel (or Server, as most people call them)... We have more than 1 grind location...
    If you cannot out-grind someone who comes into 'your' grinding areas (Not that is has your name on it in the first place), then you shouldn't be solo farming there.
    If you have a party that cannot out-grind someone who comes into 'your' grinding area, then your whole party needs to learn how to properly play.

    Sorry if this hurts to read, but this is how the system is, and it's like this for a reason. Nothing will change.
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  4. Casper added a post in a topic Golden Desert Coin   

    Heya wiggles, Did you get around to making that video? ^^
    Link please qq
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  5. Casper added a post in a topic GenderLock is outdated   

    Would prefer a breastless woman, but a male would probably be better for me, because i assume the clothing would be a lot more pleasing.
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  6. Casper added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   


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  7. Casper added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    In england...

    If i want Photo-ID, i would have to apply for either a passport, or a provisional drivers license.

    Both of these require a ton of documentation - One of which is your original, full birth certificate.

    Me, and many other people in England, do not own a full copy of our birth certificate. A lot of us only own a half-copy, which they refuse to accept because the information on it is so limited. (It's basically a super short version of your birth certificate, but only includes D.O.B, Full name, and the signature of the midwife).
    I would first need to apply for a full copy of my birth certificate, which is rather expensive - Plus pay the price for whichever ID i chose to apply for.

    With both cases of ID applications, if you make the slightest error, they can refuse to issue the ID, but will keep the payment, and you would need to correct the error, and resend it with a second payment.

    There is also the possibility of losing your documents in the post, so if you need to re-apply, you would have to repurchase a birth certificate again.

    It's a massive ton of expensive and risky hassle - And it's rather common for someone in England to have never owned a Photo-ID card, just because its far too much bother to get one in the first place.
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  8. Casper added a post in a topic GenderLock is outdated   

    I don't know about you people, but my issue is more the fact I'm forced to have breasts when i play as a female...
    Where is the option for 'Remove Breasts' or the checkbox for 'Flat chested' ??????

    It's all great for players who wish to enlarge their chest size, having the slider there, but i really wish i could remove mine all together >_>

    I guess in a way, having the option to play a Male Sorceress would instantly fix my problem... so +1 - Remove Genderlock!!!
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  9. Casper added a post in a topic FREE Character Customization's   



    This thread has been moved over to the new forums!
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  10. Casper added a post in a topic I painted my tamer!   

    awh shes adorable!

    You have such a cutesie artstyle, i love it! Great work
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  11. Casper added a post in a topic Pinup-style fanart (NSFW-ish)   

    Male Sorc?!
    I really cannot wait to see this finished!!!

    P.s, pls dont rush tho qq
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  12. Casper added a topic in Suggestions   

    Potted Kamasilve
    Potted Kamasilve
    Suggestion: Add Potted Kamasilve as a placeable housing item.
    I would love to see this added into the game, as this tree plays a fairly large role in this game, and would make an ideal center piece for housing designs.

    Suggested Interacted Buff:
    Energy Recovery +2, Item Obtain Chance +10%, Effective for 1 hour. Durability 10.
    (This would be a slightly nerfed version of the current Kamasilve Blessing consume item)
    The Kamasilve Tree model already exists in-game as the Pearl shop preview of the Kamasilve Consumable Buff, as you can see in this screenshot,
    but i think it would make a beautiful addition to any home, if it were made into a housing item.

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  13. Casper added a topic in PVE   

    So I've been trying to get this housing item called 'Cheese', which i found about a year ago, on the BD database website, but I've had no luck obtaining it.

    Does anyone know if this item 'Cheese' is even added to our game files yet? The database site claims that it's here, but I've dried far too many milk trying to get this, and haven't had any luck.
    I've also checked the marketboard, and this item has never been listed.

    Unsure if this is the correct place to ask, but it's close enough...

    Anyone know if 'Cheese' housing item actually exists?

    Here is a link to the item: http://bddatabase.net/us/item/24142/
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  14. Casper added a post in a topic 7 Day Value Pack Merv's Palette not working!   

    I have this same issue, since this morning.

    I consumed 2x Value Pack (7days), giving me 14Days of bonus. I logged in today, with 6 Days left on my value pack, and my Merv Pallet is now missing. It was working before today...
    I have sent a ticket to support, but i just found this thread in a google search after i had already sent my ticket, and I'm really surprised this isn't fixed yet.
    I also never received a Merv Pallet in my mail - ever. Or rather, i never had the option to claim one. I recently came back to the game from a short break, so maybe the mail was deleted, or had expired, but i had 2x Value Pack (7Days) in my mail which i could claim, but no Mervs.
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  15. Casper added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    I understand, but surely they have access to other information to be notified if an account is suspected of being sold?
    I mean, most game companies collect data about IP's, hardware ID's, browser data, all sorts of stuff.
    I would love to change my email address, as i made a new one for all my gaming accounts about 7 months ago, but couldn't find a way to change my BDO email. I guess my BDO account is going to be the only gaming account i own, that's still linked to an out-of-date email address, because i don't have photo-ID to change my email.
    Sucks because if my email account ever gets compromised, I'll be at risk of losing my BDO account - And i won't even realize if my email gets compromised because i never use it anymore...
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