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  1. Smilence added a post in a topic Ranger realy so weak?   

    I love ranger, so I switched to witch, pressing two buttons and everything melt, while u are in constant SA. Somehow doesn't feel right, I do miss bow, missed so much that every time I see a ranger I want to switch back. It's easy to switch back since no one buys my bow for a month now.....why can't we have a bow class like every other game....
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  2. Smilence added a post in a topic Which region brings in more $$   

    Sun rise in America and set in America....
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  3. Smilence added a post in a topic How much % dmg does a critical hit do?   

    sorry buddy, surprised what a typo can do.....I meant "on" multiplier, not "no".....
    i was saying GD multiplier is so low compare to say any awakening skills for ranger (below 1000% vs above 1000%) then is that because we have 100% Crit? Or kakao just hate warrior....
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  4. Smilence added a post in a topic How much % dmg does a critical hit do?   

    so does the 100% crit compensate no the multiplier we lacking compare to basically every class and no skill after level 59?
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  5. Smilence added a post in a topic WE DEMAND TRANSPARENCY   

    in RL, there is no such thing as complete transparency. Even with a simple insurance policy, there is always something hidden (accuracy in BDO case) that insurance company is able to tweak to benefit their interest.
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  6. Smilence added a post in a topic WE DEMAND TRANSPARENCY   

    I bet no one will answer this, this game is built on blind hope and secret....just like how government operate, try asking Trump a question see what u get 
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  7. Smilence added a post in a topic Decided to make my money farming Ogres long time ago   

    so you are saying there is an extremely intelligent AI controlling the game and the player base, if this is true, Kakao is not really into making money from game, they want to rule the world with robots. I think it time to call the Avengers!
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  8. Smilence added a post in a topic What Failstack should I attempt PEN at?   

    wondering if worth the cron stones.....
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  9. Smilence added a post in a topic [PVE]: Damage Normalization or Gear AP Bug?   

    So tired of this game's communication....always in stealth mode....
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  10. Smilence added a post in a topic 2nd Awakening & New Class Confirmed   

    I would like to see they combine ranger DC + shotgun....lol, that will be a real enhance of bow skills. I even give u a name for it "thousand islands"
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  11. Smilence added a post in a topic Is that just me or only thing unchanged from beginning for BDO is.....   

    now you know the point of this post....how can something so obviously be allowed for so long 
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  12. Smilence added a post in a topic Is this game so easy?   

    not the game too easy, you are just too good mate!
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  13. Smilence added a topic in General   

    Is that just me or only thing unchanged from beginning for BDO is.....
    The winner of consistency is...............................
    Those -----ing gold sellers - Bikini Panda! always same message, same format, no matter how the game change (good or bad).....
    anyway, I thought this would be joke of the day.
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  14. Smilence added a post in a topic The lies we've been fed about our version!   

    we bought a Toyota then turn into a Honda, same shit different maker....
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  15. Smilence added a post in a topic What happened to this game?   

    you summarised whole year work of Kakao
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