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  1. Duniak added a post in a topic Long Term Plan [Wiz/Witch Solution]   

    Who gives a ----- about PvE? Noone says it's OP because they clear mobs faster. You are retarded.
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  2. Duniak added a post in a topic Why ranger is melee?   

    Because ranger is not a -----ing archer. There's a difference. If you were dumb enough to think ranger is archer, don't blame Kakao.
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  3. Duniak added a post in a topic PSA warrior in KR is now dead   

    Wait, purely physical, melee class can't conjure their weapon, magically making it appear out of thin air, while simultanously teleporting their shield and a sword to their back? OUTRAGEOUS!!!
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  4. Duniak added a post in a topic Witch/Wizard WAY TO OP   

    Wanna bet you can't 1v1 my 56 DK? ^^
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  5. Duniak added a post in a topic Shills can memoryhole this all they want, but I want everyone to remember the leadup to awakenings.   

    There he goes again, whiteknighting. Paid mofo Plunge at it again. "They replied once, so they were actively responding!" "They deleted all complain threads and made one "consolidation thread"! After numerous -----ups they released a statement!

    Okay, there we go retard. About your "they said intend to but stated it may not be feasible to do this". The only reason they said that is because not all awakening were released even in Korea. Not because it was "not feasible to do this". They also didn't do ANYTHING to release awakenings in a bulk. They purposefully milked the cow and you know it. They had a reason that was completely different to your whiteknight reasoning, so stfu with that screenshot. They intended, and never done anything to live up to our expectations and that promise.

    And I don't think Kakao Games that hired you to whiteknight really agrees with you... I mean, they did change all youtube descriptions and the uploaded videos to hide the fact they promised it. If it was anything like what you're trying to say, they wouldn't feel the need to cover it all up. If they think they need to cover it up, it means those statements were binding, at least in their opinion. Now stfu and go back to your hole, whiteknight
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  6. Duniak added a post in a topic 2% droprate vs 1% means half of the work or twice the drops   

    You hide your idiocy behind smart words, but you are just common idiot. You want code in Assembler? Fortran? Cabal? You are just retarded troll with no knowledge.

    Get some A+ or S knowledge on maths and science before you talk, becuase you only vaguely talk nonsense, talk about absolutes, but fail to make any definitive statement, because you are scared it'll get IMMEDIATELY disproved and ridiculed.
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  7. Duniak added a post in a topic Why musa over maehwa   

    ez BTB+Crust Crusher+Foul Play in one CC... But Witches and Warriors would be even more retarded.
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  8. Duniak added a post in a topic Why musa over maehwa   

    Mwahahahhahahaha Yeah, it works ONLY if you are

    1. Behind your enemy.
    2. Have good PC.
    3. You can EASILY spot enemy attacks because of your godly 1080p 60 fps no stutter gameplay and block them with Twister.
    3.1 You can always just thoughtlessly spam Space/Q in the middle of the spin to harass... but the more skill and the better reflex you have, the more "viable" spin gets.

    Chances of it happening are... low. It only lowers the amount of time you get CC'd, it doesn't make it viable in PvP. Most of the time in nodewars you will get randomly stunned/stiff'd/knockdowned/bound/floated with random CC from a guy that didn't even want to hit you but hey, it's better than nothing. If you think using spamming crosscut as lateral movement works... sigh... It doesn't.
    Oh my god you are retarded. During E buff you have CONSTANT SUPER ARMOR ON CROSSCUT. Without E buff YOU HAVE SUPER ARMOR ONCE EVERY 5 SECONDS AND SECOND PART OF THE SKILL CAN'T BE USED (for 559%x3 damage).
    Crust Crusher when you CC...? Uhh... Dude, please tell me you're on EU, let's do a friendly spar. I will fight you with 120 AP/20 DP stats with items from my boss alt. FIGHT ME BECAUSE I WANT TO -----ING SEE IT. The only way for you to actually use Crust Crusher AFTER CC is if you chain it IMMEDIATELY after Below the Belt without confirming if the target is CC'd. (Then again, you might be some random scrub with 57 and you might not have Foul Play... why would you use Crust Crusher than? It's shit damage. Foul Play makes it good)
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  9. Duniak added a post in a topic BEFORE YOU LEVEL YOUR MAIN CHARACTER   

    "This is false, Valk indeed won a tournament and everyone says she's OP, but they are all wrong and I'm right!!!"

    God you are dumb. Please show me your gear, class and level. Show me that you can speak of high-tier PvP and that you know about balance. Come on. You spout some bullshit like "Witch and Wizard are OP at 56", yet Witch has ONE skill with good damage because of the flow and until 58+ she's not hitting hard at all. Same shit with Wizard. Strong 100%, but that's all. At 58 it REALLY starts to shine. If you die against 56 Wizard and you have your awakening too, you are just plain freaking BAD.
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  10. Duniak added a post in a topic Invisible wall when want do a spirit quest   

    Maybe... take a different route? There's no invisible wall there. You just try to get there through a road that passed through an area that has not been implemented. There's a lot of those places. We have a castle under Mediah, arenas under Trent. They are there, map is there, but we have no access to it.
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  11. Duniak added a post in a topic BEFORE YOU LEVEL YOUR MAIN CHARACTER   

    People like OP shouldn't have access to the internet. Warrior is BY FAR, the strongest 1v1 class. Has... one? counter by the name Berserker, but even then it's possible to stack enough debuffs that they can't perform their combos with -45% attack speed resulting in NO -----ING WAY OF KILLING WARRIOR. Also it's the most forgiving class that can be said to be immortal.

    All classes listed in shit-tier at the bottom are actually one of the strongest 1v1 classes when mastered at 59+. Ninja, obviously, one of the best classes when mastered with 2 grabs, sick burst and 4 iframes counter Berserkers. Extremely hard to play, yeah, but extremely strong. Kunoichi is lil' bit weaker, different, but pretty much same shit. Both those classes can fight against 1v1 GOD Warrior. Maehwa is one of the best 1v1 classes with sick burst and mobility. However, it's hard countered by Witch, Warrior and Valkyries. Valkyrie can EASILY outperform Warrior at 230+ AP. Their skills are godly for node wars, they have heals, mobility and more frontal guards. Warrior is basically offensive shield class, Valkyrie is defensive. When she breaks 230 AP and she can deal enough damage despite her defensive nature, she's absolutely -----ing filthy. In 1v1 tournaments, before Wizard awakenings, Valkyries DOMINATED.

    Musa is currently a meta for 3v3. DK+Musa are meta. Then you can go Warrior, Wiz, Witch, Ranger... or another DK.
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  12. Duniak added a post in a topic Male Dark Knight   

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but are we playing BDO or science fiction world? And are we on BDO forums or science fiction world forums? Cuz let me remind you, it's all -----ing fiction, and constraints and rules of the world are decided on by creators of the game. The fact some different fantasy universe has male elfs doesn't mean ALL OTHER FANTASY UNIVERSES HAVE TO HAVE ONE.

    I just coded quick fantasy game with elves in it. Game consists of clicking Enter to finish, with an image of an elf, cuz it's a dialogue. Purpose of the game is to read the message. It says "All elves are gay". So, according to your reasoning, all elves in every single fantasy universe are gay, right?
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  13. Duniak added a post in a topic Male Dark Knight   

    Have you EVER seen a male elf? Yeah, me neither. Learn the lore. They don't exist. A

    Also, all animations of DK are "girly". Few awakening skills would have to be reworked into more "masculine" animations.
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  14. Duniak added a post in a topic Musa player returning after long hiatus   

    My 212/312 Musa is... okay-ish. If I had those stats at Witch/Wizard I'd probably be stronger in 1v1 or stronger at node wars, but I don't feel disadvantaged against those classes (except 240 AP Witches). It's still viable'ish class, but doesn't really have a trait it excels at (other than getting the ----- away). One long combo, bow engage works only with like 3-4 classes, no way to get around turtle block, in node wars your combo is halved because it lacks super armor, so you are left with 3 skills that will never, ever kill your opponent, making you spin2win in hopes enemy dies.
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  15. Duniak added a post in a topic PSA: Do not roll Berserker. Source: 1st ever 61 Zerk & day 1 veteran   

    I know Berserkers can hit hard, but
    1. Zerker's AP?
    2. Zerker's accuracy? Kutum/Red Coral?
    3. Hebe has more evasion and less DR than other armors, your offhand has ONE damage reduction. You have full evasion on yourself. It does NOTHING against classes with high accuracy/higher level/high accuracy % in skills. IIRC Zerkers have enough accuracy. Only Kuno and Musa need additional acc.

    Meanwhile I'm sitting at "pleb" TET Heve, "pleb" Kutum and "pleb" TET Red Coral Rings/Earrings with 206/208/312 and I tank 200 AP Wizard's 100% after getting grabbed, 5 grab Zerker chains with pots and I can just laugh at everyone with less than 210 AP other than warriors (because +26 AP takes them way over my damage reduction so it's useless...). Hell, I can block 100% of 60 Wiz with 200 AP and still have 5-15 block left.

    Evasion offhand works against zergs where lots of undergeared/underleveled people fight alongside heavyhitters. It works like a charm against zergs, it doesn't work at all against people with accuracy. You might as well run without that offhand and in DUO Grunil. No wonder he killed you so fast with 50% bonus from Back Attack and 50% bonus from Down Attack.

    PS. Considering today's "datamined" data, my previous assumptions were correct and don't worry, I'm not THAT pleb, I have TRI Hebe and Giath, just never went TET on them because they turned out to be shitty against high accuracy players. Now I can safely sell this shit. Kept them so that in Kamasylve I can slow +5 accuracy gem in gloves, but ----- it. Difference is too significant. EZ 800m for PEN tries on my Heve XDDDD
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