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  1. AnimeFarmer added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 1st   

    Will the guild ship be given tomorrow to the guilds who did the event mission?
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  2. AnimeFarmer added a post in a topic Margoria Release Events   

    Your guild can have more than one ship if I recall correctly.
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  3. AnimeFarmer added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 11th **Updated 16:00 UTC**   

    Any word on the Naval Update?
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  4. AnimeFarmer added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance December 21st   

    I was hoping for something about Magoria..

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  5. AnimeFarmer added a post in a topic Conection issue   

    Same here... I just wanted to sell some eggs...

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  6. AnimeFarmer added a post in a topic Patch Notes - September 28th   

    No outfits for Musa :'(
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  7. AnimeFarmer added a post in a topic Somtimes get stuck on PearlAbyss screen after ALT-TAB (memory leak?)   

    Didn't see this thread but I made one about the same issue last night.. This happens to me, was unsure if it was on my end or the game itself.
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  8. AnimeFarmer added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Freezing after tabbing out
    Ever since the Valencia Part 2 update came about, my game has been acting up by freezing everytime I tab out of the game and stops responding. When I tab back into the game I just see this pop up and the entire game stops. Sometimes I can just wait for the game to respond after 1-2 min but having this happen everytime I tab out is really annoying. I dont know what the issue is if its on my end or something with the game.. But the game has been running fine and smooth up to this point. Been playing in fullscreen windowed mode, tried to change to regular windowed mode but still I get this...
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  9. AnimeFarmer added a post in a topic Updated: Awakening Announcement   

  10. AnimeFarmer added a post in a topic New Korean costumes for valk/tamer/sorc/ranger   

    Mmmmm that Sorc outfit... I want it.

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  11. AnimeFarmer added a post in a topic Awakenings Discusion Thread   

    It is known! Ran into him/her at Sausan along with a guildie.. Lemon went full "Reaper" on us.. We were no more..

    Wouldn't call that skill per say but damn that tamer is powerful..
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  12. AnimeFarmer added a post in a topic Considering this game, is it good?   

    The game is great in general. So much to do and enjoy. Top notch!
    The problem lies with how the Devs handles the game and the playerbase.
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  13. AnimeFarmer added a post in a topic Awakenings Discusion Thread   

    Was so hyped about the update that I got two alts to 56.. Now sitting with musa, kuno and tamer at 56.
    Guess I won't be having any awakening fun in quite some time........ Cheers for that shit..

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  14. AnimeFarmer added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 10th   

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  15. AnimeFarmer added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 10th   

    If only I had a small loan of 1 million dollars
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