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  1. Ayuzawa added a post in a topic KR patch note for 3rd November by Chopper85   

    Ah? do they finaly give the feeling they are bosses?
    Ah? do they finaly give the feeling they are bosses?
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  2. Ayuzawa added a post in a topic for witch and wizards   

    I guess you are just not immune to debuffs (just dmgs and cc).
    Is it what was designed? Well who knows...
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  3. Ayuzawa added a post in a topic My brother and I would like to get this game, but...   

    But the fact that you'll need an SSD is true though.
    This game doesn't load what you don't immediatly need. SO if your hrse is realy fast you'll have some pretty big problems.
    It also can happens when you get attacked by someone from another class (because their animation won't be loaded untill they start an attack near enough from you).
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  4. Ayuzawa added a post in a topic F2P?   

    And we are still missing some very imortant items in the cashshop before it happens (the failstack one)
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  5. Ayuzawa added a post in a topic This is rediculous   

    yeah I also need it, idk why they don't add it ...
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  6. Ayuzawa added a post in a topic Marketplace order - RIP   

    From what I remember reading you will recieve 9kk-30% (all the money between is just deleted).
    If I'm wrong I'll edit the post the not leave false information^^
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  7. Ayuzawa added a post in a topic Transformation won't cost enerygy anymore ?   

    Easy, the ranking now doesnt mean anything (it ain't important just a little fun that once agian fly away)
    And for all the player that upped it it's an income that will be no more...
    (I wish I had upped alchemy at least it's still usefull...)
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  8. Ayuzawa added a post in a topic New buy order market system coming with valencia could create massive imbalance.   

    Just this.
    We will finaly have a player controlled market... we will finaly know how much does a liverto realy cost.
    I wonder if they also change the horse selling system.
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  9. Ayuzawa added a post in a topic Racid Island wtf? Im fishing out side the Ilia port.   

    I can't even believe that someone complains about that...
    Do you realize that it makes the distance bonus bigger?
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  10. Ayuzawa added a post in a topic Regular Enchanting vs. Force Enchanting vs. Buying max enchanted from the marketplace?   

    depends on what you want. Good luck trying to buy a liverto or kzarka weapon +15 from AH
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  11. Ayuzawa added a post in a topic Lev 50.. How to make black spirit stop bugging me   

    setting ==> game ==> uncheck black spirit notifications (5 on the second column)
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  12. Ayuzawa added a post in a topic Easiest way to get a pseudo-black Ghillie suit?   

    anyway you're gonna shine red pretty hard when you'll fight other players... (but it's true that you might get focused since you'll be pretty different from others^^)
    And I also think the color is some kind of dark-blue.
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  13. Ayuzawa added a post in a topic Maehwa Seals not stacking...   

    you can split them by using the warehouse or your horse (never tryed to put the second stack back in the inventory though).
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  14. Ayuzawa added a post in a topic World boss trolls   

    Well they don't have a single reason to tell you the right channel.
    It's even a good idea to get ppl away from the boss if the chance of one player looting something get lower with a bigger number of ppl (I don't remember having seen any official post on the way loot are distribued so...)
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  15. Ayuzawa added a post in a topic Kzarka - eu/na   

    I still don't get why ppl aren't launching guild wars when that boss spawn...
    Why would you let other guilds a chance at getting the loots ...
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