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  1. Avindr added a topic in US Guild   

    Filthy Casul Scrub returning and looking for oceanic guild
    Hi, I'm a returning player looking for a casul decent sized oceanic guild with no drama. 
    Trying to play hardcore ruined this game for me originally so I decided to return as the filthy casul scrub that just wants to have fun with some decent no drama folk. 
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  2. Avindr added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance   

    Patch notes at beginning of patch please not after
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  3. Avindr added a post in a topic Casual Player - *Almost* Undefeated in PvP   

    I've had a whole group flag on me thinking they could bully me away. Joke was on them though since they didn't realize I had good gear and higher level. Killed them all I find most of the time when people flag on me to keep the spot for their own they end up regretting it... not because I'm good but because they often don't know how the game works and they think that numbers are everything. Of course if it's someone like Risen or such then GG I'm probs dead.
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  4. Avindr added a post in a topic PvP Video - Eggs   

    I agree.  Had guild wats last night and have video of guys hp bars going up to full continuously after 3 sorcs spamming dark flame in their face.  It's a really stupid event item. 
    Joke is that the people that use them tend to still lose anyway
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  5. Avindr added a post in a topic The comunnity wants Player Trading   

    Not this member of the community. Who said you could speak for everyone
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  6. Avindr added a post in a topic Transport losing items   

    Yep I'm having this problem too and it's costing me a lot of silver
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  7. Avindr added a post in a topic Sorc PvE farming compared to ranger   

    I chug pots all day long and I don't intend to change that. Big bombs need big mana and It's just so much faster to nuke the shit out of stuff in 1 shot if possible... + I got rid of black wave in favor of a PvP build so that kinda screws your MP quite a bit... The mana regen skills will be the last thing I ever put points into, I'll just cop the potion cost.
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  8. Avindr added a post in a topic Best(Very good) PVE Class?   

    Define best? Best at what aspect of PvE exactly? If you're talking about grinding then yeh... wiz and ranger
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  9. Avindr added a post in a topic Black Desert = Pay2Win?   

    Troll Sonar Is off the charts.... new account one post
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  10. Avindr added a post in a topic watcha doin while waiting for the servers to come up   

    Anyone who didn't say this is a liar. Good on ya mate 
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  11. Avindr added a post in a topic DONT MAKE INDIVIDUAL SERVER FORUMS   

    Sarcasm is not the smartest way to ask for something
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  12. Avindr added a post in a topic why no 6 player dungeons or raids?   

    Korea already has 2 dungeons. It's the raid that's coming.
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  13. Avindr added a post in a topic use hoe get better loot? or just faster gathering?   

    Say ur gathering potatoes... bare handed you will get mostly weeds. With the tool you are likely to get potatoes every time. This was my experience with it. 
    Of course ur gathering skill counts toward this as well
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  14. Avindr added a post in a topic Please change.   

    Turn off screen effects...
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  15. Avindr added a topic in Suggestions   

    Karma Idea
    At the moment the Karma system punishes open world pvp. I think it would be better if it was more focused on open world grieving which is a different thing. Most people can shrug off being killed by someone once but the frustration really occurs when its the same person or guild every time
    So here's my idea,  take it or leave it but i think it might work. 
    1. Reduce the Karma lost for killing a player the first time compared to current settings (say 10k karma per kill)
    2. Exponentially increase the penalty the next time you kill that SAME person. 
    3. Reset the kill count every day or every week (IDK ur the designers)
    4. If people want to fight over grind spots they can use the declare war system. 
    (Possibly apply this to guilds in some capacity as well to stop guild grieving???)
    Here's another Alternative idea:
    1. base the Karma cost of killing a player in the number of times that player has been killed in the last X amount of time.
    2. The more they have been killed (innocently killed) the higher the karma cost.
    3. Add some visual que so that players can see other players karma cost if they want to.
    These are just concept ideas that would require a more detailed design but i think the principles are solid
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