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  1. Shenya added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Graphical Glitch - Ranger Character Creation
    A few patches ago, the lips on the default ranger model had a glitch appear which makes making the lips how you want VERY difficult. This occurs on weather 1 (default), 5 and 7. I'm so used to creating on the default weather that the other options just don't work for me. Never used to happen and I never complained initially since my archer is already made, but I want to use a beauty item to redo her (since she was a very early go at making a character and I have since become much better with the creator) and am finding it frustrating. I figured it would get fixed in the following patch (happened a few weeks back).
    I only have a day left to use my item so I'll have to live with it, but I when I feel like it's time to refine her again I would like not to have anything glitching.
    Also, since well before the lips started glitching, the eyelids glitch out with eyeliners > 50% density.
    Have tried highest settings and high end mode and my usual slightly high settings (which I play in) and it seems to make no difference. Haven't noticed the issue in game, just in the creator.

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  2. Shenya added a post in a topic Merv's Palette not being applied   

    Did you activate this value pack from your standard inventory?
    There was a value pack reward that we received by mail that was "faulty" failing to activate merv's and in acknowledgement of this, they then mailed a merv's palette that also sat in standard inventory.
    Usually these go in the pearl inventory, so the faulty one is easy to identify since it goes in standard inv and can be put in the warehouse. If you have been firing off merv's palette rewards, you may have already inadvertantly used the one that was meant to fix the faulty value pack. Whenever I have a merv's on the go and then fire up a value pack before the merv's is out, the merv's is extended by the value pack amount (ie. if I had 5 days mervs left before applying a value pack, on value pack expiry I still have 5 days of merv's left)
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  3. Shenya added a post in a topic BUG? Quest "Catching Seaweed"   

    Ok adding this just in case someone else has same issue. As mentioned above there is indeed a "Turn in Seaweed" option. I couldn't see this, I was seeing four options and hadn't noticed that there was in fact a little "1/2' on the left of it, and click the down button next to it revealed the elusive turn in button. Not sure how I didn't spot it at all, I guess due to using 1280x720 resolution it doesn't fit all the available options at one time (or maybe it does this always at any resolution and I have missed out extra options on a regular basis).
    Abelin was very happy with the 5762 seaweeds I got for him. *sigh*
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  4. Shenya added a post in a topic BUG? Quest "Catching Seaweed"   

    I still can't get this for Abelin. I had 2 seaweed and clicking on the quest and turn in seaweed, he says "No seaweed yet?". I caught a 3rd one and he still wasn't interested. I went to Crio and he suddenly had a quest for me for seaweed and promptly took them off me, but that little **** Abelin still shows the unfinished quest for catching seaweed. So, I went off and caught just a single seaweed. Took it straight to him FRESH.
    He still says "No seaweed yet?"

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  5. Shenya added a post in a topic I really wish we weren't forced to use awakening weapons to be competitive.   

    My main is Ranger (39), I have only really recently started investing some time in the game, and leveling slowly (enjoying how alive the game feels and doing some cooking which required me to do some farming and can while away many hours without gaining a level, especially now I have been having fun with Dark Knight) and I caught a video of Witch awakening. I thought "WOW that looks amazing, wonder what the Ranger is like".  I mean I chose it because it was an archer. I love putting arrows in things. Actually it's been the most fun archer I've played in any MMO. I love it.
    When I started playing DK a week ago, I didn't expect it to be so much fun. I initially thought "Does this game really need YET another sword user?". So when a couple of days ago I saw a video of "Awakened Ranger" I couldn't help thinking "WHAT THE ACTUAL <you know which expletive goes here>??". I don't understand why you would pick a class who's MAIN weapon is a bow, play through it to max level or whatever the awakening level is, only to have it become a sword wielding melee character? I don't get who even thought that was a good idea. I mean I don't understand why they didn't just make everyone have a sword at end game then. "Oh that character you loved playing? Ye dun matter cos everyone gonna be the same sword master at the end anyway." 
    I absolutely love the way my Ranger plays, but I wonder if I should continue or move to DK. At least it won't seem weird to go from a sword to an even bigger... no wait, it can't be, it would drag along the floor since the one she has is about as tall as she is already. So maybe it will get weird, maybe she'll get a tiny dagger or something (no I have no idea I am sure many of you know exactly how she will work, but I don't and I haven't checked. I wish I hadn't checked the Ranger). I also saw some other awakenings. If I was a Valk I'm not sure I'd be stoked about going from a sword to a gigantic lance, or if I was a Zerk, going from a pair of axes to having one of my arms sawn in half and a cannon sewed in the missing half's place. Is that what happens? Sure looked like it. 
    I'm all about adding an awakening with an interesting new weapon, but surely it should compliment the playstyle, or be something you switch between quickly for some kind of ultra skills or something. I could see a zerker slicing up stuff with a pair of axes then pulling out a giant blunderbus and knocking the opponents back in a hail of blood before jumping on them to dice them into little pieces with the axes, or the Ranger skipping through the air laying down a bunch of arrows then summoning a magical ballista and impaling her foe to a tree so she can sit back and aim arrows at their genitals for the kill. But she sure looked a lot like nothing she had been pre-awakening.
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  6. Shenya added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

    seems fixed already! Good job people.
    Logged in just fine and already the Velia 1 showed crowded and the Heidel marketplace is heaving.

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  7. Shenya added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

    Also chiming in.
    I have had none of the issues mentioned by the opening post, about 90 minutes ago I set up a pack on my back of my DK and proceeded to take a break letting her AFK "strength" train sending the game to the tray. While watching a show, suddenly I heard BDO music. I clicked the BDO tray icon to have a look and my character had stopped walking. I thought because some *** had parked their horse right on top of my autoloop, so opened the map to counter. Then, the game went to the loading screen, made an explosion noise, the little black spirit bounced back to the start and in it loaded. Very strange. Then I decided I would close the game down and get some sleep. Wouldn't shut down, had to end process.
    Tried reloading and got the long "processing" then a good wait at server selection then "couldn't connect". Tried again, same thing, came here. Clearly it's nothing to do with DNS as evidenced by other posts in this thread and that until it started messing around, had been connected probably 12 hours straight without issue. Something happened to make it start blasting it's music over my show, it's never done that before, nor has it ever gone to a loading screen without me changing character mid session, or for that matter ever failed to close down the game. The only issue until this that I had been experiencing over the last few days is some serious CPU heat caused by 2 of the BDO web agent processes using 16% CPU each. Annoying, but nothing that an exit and restart hasn't cured.
    I just tried again having changed to opendns from my usual IP provided ones and same issue. Also I notice, that all of the channels that aren't the EXP ones are all the same, ie. there isn't a pile of them showing overcrowded as per normal.
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  8. Shenya added a post in a topic Bidding is broken?   

    ^ This.
    I thought it was broken too. I am new to the game (I bought it long time ago but never really played it until recently). Anyway, I wanted a costume and I saw that you could get them on the marketplace. I had got lucky in a box I opened and sold off the item on the marketplace and had enough money to buy either a +15 weapon or a costume. I was level 31, and decided I would rather look pretty than have a powerful weapon (especially since, I already felt that gameplay wasn't particularly challenging and liked when stuff got out of hand as I bounced around, I wanted to save power for when I might need it later on).
    After waiting and waiting and hitting bid and seeing "counting" then hitting bid results etc etc I thought something wasn't right. Googling how to bid showed that I would have to enter an amount blah blah so I thought "WOW this stuff is going so quick I am not even getting a chance or something". It also said that items on the marketplace showed up some 10-15 minutes after they were announced.
    I switched the announcements back on and kept a watch on the marketplace. I don't know if it's the same for everything, but I can tell you that I discovered it was no 15 minutes, it was more like 2. Ok, so I knew I couldn't be out doing something else and get back in time, I'd just have to sit it out. This had taken me 2 days to discover (and maybe some 8 or 9 hours of sitting at the marketplace total and probably hitting that bid button 40 times).
    Day 3, I was sitting on it waiting for a party member to be ready (they took 3 hours and I failed plenty more times to get it) and just at the moment they were, another costume popped up. I asked them to wait a few minutes, it'd only take that long for me to not get the item. I especially felt like it was out of reach because I had found another thread that said luck items increased your chances and my Luck level was showing zero (and I start all MMOs with a -1,000,000 luck debuff anyway). Soon as it showed I hit that bid button just like every other time previously. I didn't really catch the rest, as I clicked on bidding results and was so used to just clicking through that I noticed that one of the messages looked different. I looked down at my balance and I was 24 million worse off.
    Stuff dies much more easily now, because I always play better when I feel sexy.
    The point is, if you want it bad enough, you will just have to keep trying. It never asked me to bid an amount at all, the amount it showed that it would be is exactly what it ended up being. I figure the "counting" phase is just where it goes through each bidders audio file it recorded secretly and works out how many times they said "PLEASE BE MINE". In case you are wondering I managed to say it about 35 times. Maybe it because I had stopped saying "I better ****ing get it this time".
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  9. Shenya added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

    Dark Knight and an Elf. I was thinking Dark Elf Shillien Knight as I created this.

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  10. Shenya added a post in a topic Kukus looking for Beach   

    No swamp nearby that I am aware of, the quest is from a node manager on the Thermian Cliff a short walk from Olvia. I did however, do as instructed, and just sat on a rock next to said node manager, and sure enough to my surprise, shortly after the first screenshot was taken (about 10-15 minutes after I sat at the rock) I saw the bird in question running by. I got my booty off that rock and chased it down and spammed R but it kept saying I was too far. Then it made a sharp right into the bush and POOF disappeared as if by magic.
    Much language that I cannot repeat here later and there it goes right by me in the opposite direction, and this time I grabbed a hold of a few tail feathers, ripped them out and reinserted them in a slightly different region. Best believe that bird came to a screeching halt and a quest success screen appeared shortly thereafter.
    Don't know if I was lucky, or if you actually have to be off of the road (having previously waited on the road at all 3 spots for a good deal of time) but I am finally done.

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  11. Shenya added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Kukus looking for Beach
    I have spent I don't know how long on I don't know how many occasions now trying to find this kuku. Certainly several times I have waited more than 30 minutes for it, I have tried standing at each of the 3 quest markers and also running backward and forward between the markers for a good 20 minutes and have yet to see even one Kuku looking for the beach, let alone multiple kukus.
    Is there something else I am supposed to do, are the quest markers in the wrong place or are kukus actually not real at all and the game has been trolling me for days?
    Any help much appreciated,
    P.S. Google search has not helped, searching this forum brought up a similar complaint on the German boards, one person posting that they had spent hours then one day after waiting 30 minutes finally saw it. I'm sorry, that doesn't sound right at all surely, I am expected just to stand in one spot for many hours or hope I get lucky and have to stand ONLY 30 minutes?
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  12. Shenya added a post in a topic BDO launcher has stopped working after recent windows 10 update   

    Have you recently updated to Windows 10 or it's not working since Windows 10 recently did an update?  By stopped working do you mean it crashes before you start the game, doesn't start at all, crashes when you start the game? You really haven't provided anything to go on here. What exactly is happening at what point, what errors are you seeing?
    If this were to happen to me, I wouldn't try compatibility mode, especially not with an OS the game wouldn't run on, but would try getting the launcher fixed (unless I had just updated a graphics driver and that's when it stopped, because I'd assume that this might be the cause and roll back).
    First I would try removing gameoption from Documents/Black Desert. I don't see anything in it that pertains to the launcher but often getting rid of configs gets things going.   After this I would use the Black Desert setup again, but I would first delete all the files (not folders) in the base directory, so that I can keep all the core data but make sure that everything launcher related gets a brand new shiny version.
    It's not easy to help if you don't fully explain what is going on. You offer nothing over what you wrote in the title, which offers no information about what happens when you open the launcher (be it nothing at all, an error, a this program stopped working message or this program is not responding) or whether you just updated to Windows 10 or if it was since a Windows 10 update and if the latter what the update even was.
    Oh, another thing that just occurred to me.... Are you running it in administrator mode? Check the box for run as administrator in the compatibility settings (at the bottom). I can't count how many times game launchers screwed up because they either had ability to run as administrator (shortcut had the shield on it) and somehow lost it, or didn't require it but now suddenly do. Another thing is to check your antivirus/online security settings and make sure that this isn't blocking or stopping it. The way some launchers work makes some programs think they are suspicious due to the modification of existing files. These are what I would play with before I tried fixing the launcher.
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  13. Shenya added a post in a topic Help with screen resolution, ruined my desktop display by starting up the game   

    I had a similar issue with my optimus laptop. Regardless of what I told the game to do, or what I set my desktop resolution at, the game would do it's own thing, even changing (as it sounds like it has done on yours) my desktop resolution to max (1920x1080 in my case) but keeping not only the game but the desktop in the 1280x720 I was asking the game to run in. Ridiculous!
    This only happened to me in Windows 10, under Windows 8 I could swap as I wished, although I was never able to get it to do proper fullscreen. I finally found a way of getting what I wanted by opening up the Intel graphics properties, selecting the 1280x720 I wanted to run at (under display) and checking both Scale Full Screen  and most importantly OVERRIDE APPLICATION SETTINGS. Without the override, Black Desert seems able to change your settings as it desires. Running the game in either full screen or full windowed (set this on the launcher btw) then finally filled my screen.
    Today however, something happened that I did not expect. I launched the game having forgotten to change up my desktop resolution first, and it actually still ran at 1280x720  full screen without me having to do anything. It worked properly and as expected for the first time since I have had the game. Thankyou Black Desert! Don't know if it's luck or whether a genuine fix has been attempted.
    Make sure you set your desktop resolution as you want and set it to scale full screen in your graphics card properties, and if it has an override application setting, check this at least for when you are going to play Black Desert. For some reason, I did not have to do this today, hopefully you won't either.
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  14. Shenya added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Full Screen at Alternative Res
    Holy cow. I just don't get how this is not yet fixed.
    I cannot use full screen (dedicated or full window borderless) at anything other than my screens native resolution of 1920x1080. On Windows 8 I could at least do 1280x720 full borderless and it would fill the screen. Now that I have Windows 10, it simply shows anything other than 1920x1080 as a box with black border. It somehow even manages to do this with borderless window full screen mode, making my whole dekstop 1280x720 but within a 1920x1080 environment.
    NOT ONE other game I have exhibits this behaviour, all of them not only can go true full screen without issue, but also window borderless at any resolution I choose. I can have high details in this game on my laptop (i7-4700 + GTX760m optimus system) and run at a reasonable framerate, but not at 1920x1080. It requires me to drop to low and use "upscaling" in order to acheive a similar framerate and looks like dog doo in comparison to 1280x720 with the details up.
    The Intel GFX is set to scale up all resolutions to fill the screen and works perfectly in the 30+ other games I have installed, yet somehow BDO manages to steadfastly do it's own thing no matter what I try.
    I don't even care if I can get dedicated full screen. I just want to be able to use a lower resolution and have it fill the screen. Making the desktop resolution 1280x720 first DOES NOT FIX IT, unbelievably it still will make the screen 1920x1080 and slap a 1280x720 picture right in the middle. How is that even possible? BECAUSE something is very wrong with how resolutions are handled in this game. Fix it PLEASE or tell me how to fix it.

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