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  1. Lemonz added a post in a topic Computer Specs?   

  2. Lemonz added a post in a topic PC Gamer finally giving Black Desert some well deserved attention!   

    Pretty sure I have all of Baka blocked for the simple reason I got tired of seeing their spam in general like 6 months ago lol.  
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  3. Lemonz added a post in a topic Anyone using Ryzen?   

    Yup once you fck up multiple times its hard to get trust back in a consumer.  And they are still saying the same things.  "its not optimized yet"  I live in the now.  Optimize it and then ill be interested.
    And just to be clear I'm not "upgrading" for fps from the CPU.  It's mainly for chipset features that come along with the new boards.  Multitasking on this system consists of.... game + Netflix.... and forums... lol. sooo ya.  Either way its not a downgrade.  It's pretty much a side-grade as the performance is the same.  FPS wise.  Unless you consider 4k gaming.... then its slightly ahead.
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  4. Lemonz added a post in a topic Anyone using Ryzen?   

    From what ive seen compared to the new cards the 980ti is nearly half their fps haha.  just manually unparked them the program I used clearly didn't do it.
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  5. Lemonz added a post in a topic Anyone using Ryzen?   

    Every time I have bought a GPU I had driver issues up the ass from them... this was like 7 years ago though.  I stopped buying them.  maybe 10 years ago.
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  6. Lemonz added a post in a topic Anyone using Ryzen?   

    Ya I'm unparked I'm not sure what's going on with that to be perfectly honest.
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  7. Lemonz added a post in a topic Anyone using Ryzen?   

    Literally what I just said in the post above (twice actually).  And here you are telling me what I do or don't understand.

    Oh and good job on dodging that accusation by the way.  I didn't avoid any of your points.
    But that's the problem with AMD... always has been.  Oh our GPU's don't perform no support, bad drivers..... this is why I say AMD is shit.  When I actually see developers supporting AMD and that not being the reason they are "behind".  Then yes I will hop on that band wagon.  But as of right now.... they got nothing.  The CPU is impressive yes.  But as I said in another post ive tried amd several times over the past 15 years and have always been disappointed.  It's always something.
    What I think is more impressive is a Quad core matching a 8 core lol.  If Ryzen was beating intel 8 cores I would be sold.  But its not.
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  8. Lemonz added a post in a topic Anyone using Ryzen?   

    Its using more cores at a lower speed and usage.  Vs using all cores at a higher clock speed.
    Regardless this is a stupid argument as Ryzen is slightly behind the 7700k.... and by slightly I mean a couple frames within 10%.  The gap is a lot bigger however compared to 8 core intels though.  But you are paying 1k+ for those, so not really the same price range.

    Hopefully AMD continues to claw its way back.  I still don't trust them I bought them many times in the past only to be disappointed and wasting money on them.
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  9. Lemonz added a post in a topic Anyone using Ryzen?   

    Right on a QUAD core.
    On both the Ryzen and my 5930k... they don't reach over 50%, even in that video.  Why?  Because they don't need to, is the likely answer.  The bottle neck is else where, be it bad optimization, GPU, SSD, Memory.
    Another reason I consider a 7700k an upgrade is due to that fact.  when you are not using that much CPU power the clocks stay lower.
    When you are pushing 90%+ you are getting more of that high over clock resulting in higher frames. My cpu uses all cores in bdo but normally between 15-50%, which is around 3.5 ghz give or take. 
    And since I have my systems built for me I do trade ups.
    So my 5930k, rampage extreme IV, 980ti and dom plat memory is being replace for a 7700k, ROG Maximus IX Extreme, 1080ti, and Gskill 32 gig 3200mhz for 1k.  instead of what 2.8K? 
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  10. Lemonz added a post in a topic Anyone using Ryzen?   

    Where did I say that?  Please show me.  I said nothing of the sort.  You put words into my mouth then replied to what you made up lol.
    Kind of like you cherry picking GTA to show the RYZEN advantage??  When BDO doesn't even utilize those cores/threads?  Okay.
    Show me one instance where BDO uses up 100% of current CPU power.  Like I said in all benchmarks 7700k and Ryzen are neck and neck intel still beating it out.  It is in no way a downgrade on my part.  Especially when BDO already under utilizes cores/threads.  It will be an overall boost due to the speed on the cores it does actually use.
      Also the CPU's are mostly equal despite it having Double the cores and Threads compared to the 7700k.  Ryzen will likely falter at higher refresh rates and games with beefier graphical settings.

    As for 4k gaming .... the bottle neck is going to be the GPU not the CPU's.
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  11. Lemonz added a post in a topic Anyone using Ryzen?   

    BDO uses more than that.  You don't know what you're talking about.  87 is the count I'm at.  How bout you get a clue, trying to act high and mighty by shitting on everyone elses posts.  When you don't even have the facts straight yourself.
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  12. Lemonz added a post in a topic Anyone using Ryzen?   

    I'm not comparing a 980ti to a 1080ti... I know it will be better about 80-90% better to be exact.  I am saying that all amd is shit.  Compared to their counter part intel/NVidia.  Ryzen is also 150 dollars more.
    I know exactly how priority works.  Doesn't change the fact that AMD CPU's have never managed to out perform Intel.  Ryzen is no exception.

    Intel > Ryzen.  Doesn't matter what is being utilized in that video, if the intel version is still outperforming right?  I could care less if Ryzen had 100 cores being used in BDO if the fps was still less than a 7700k. 

    Clearly I hit a nerve and you decided to just throw insults at me after every sentence to try and make your reasoning seem more concrete. 
    Also on my 5930k I'm hitting over 50% on each core whats your point?  That's on a 6 core.  The only place Ryzen edges out 7700k is on the min fps.  Theres is slightly higher in most benchmarks.
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  13. Lemonz added a post in a topic AP/attack, inconsistent translation or Hidden Tier Stats?   

    Pretty sure it was confirmed that it was just a translation error that in KR they say AP.
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  14. Lemonz added a post in a topic Anyone using Ryzen?   

    I would... It wont perform like all their CPU's dont perform lol
    Judging by these tests.... performance is sub par at best.  I can turn everything up to max including highend mode.  

    My fps in the same spot as this sorc.... 114.  Thats with a 5930k oc'd to 4.5 ghz.  and a 980ti.

    In combat im a steady 70-80 fps.

    World bosses and such I still maintain a 50-60 fps.  Towns generally are 45-55.
    I am upgrading to a 7700k at 5.2 ghz, with a 1080ti here in about a week (waiting on backordered stuff)...  How much do you want to bet the fps will be even better.

    This is why I dont buy AMD ever.  They just can't match intel and nvidia products.... They are the poor mans hardware.... even though the 7700 kaby lake is only 350 lol.
    Those frame drops in the video are likely from the HDD not being fast enough as it loads new objects.
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  15. Lemonz added a post in a topic Insane RNG   

    3rd in wealth ranking popping off Pen roulettes, then getting TET accessories the next day..... lol must be nice to be that fcking loaded lol.
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