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  1. MrFester added a post in a topic What I've learned from the forums so far.   

    Game forums are toxic/poisonous dumping ground that should be disabled.   
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  2. MrFester added a post in a topic RMT Spammers   

    Well from the looks of it,  Daum can't handle the RMT spammers in this Forum so I am going to say they are looking the other way and don't care.  
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  3. MrFester added a post in a topic Can Australians play on EU servers?   

    Hopefully a Aussie see's this for ya to help you out.    I know they are here.  
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  4. MrFester added a post in a topic RMT Spammers   

    Ahh so you think because they are buying coins from Daum,  they treating them like a annoying customer they have to put with?  Hence Daum is just looking the other way. 
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  5. MrFester added a post in a topic Can Australians play on EU servers?   

    Don't see why not,  have you jumped on a EU server and tested the ping from your location?     From Atlanta NA to EU its around 150ms on average.  During beta it was 100ms,  I don't know what changed after launch. 
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  6. MrFester added a topic in General   

    RMT Spammers
    So has anyone seen a update on what Daum is doing about the unbelievable amount of spam is going on?     My question is, why don't they have GM's simply sitting in game monitoring these goof balls?  UO, EQ back in the day had GM's sitting around watching for stuff like this.    They can ban pretty fast and the RMT sellers would need to buy a new account at least.   That alone would pay for the GM's to sit and watch.   
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  7. MrFester added a post in a topic Daum, Have you nerfed fishing?   

    I want to know why after getting my boat and going way out into the islands that every island I land on and check is at exhausted levels.  
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  8. MrFester added a topic in General   

    Wagon's and Ships
    So are ships and wagons a one shot creation?  Once they run out of durability they are done?
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  9. MrFester added a post in a topic Post Patch Issues   

    Yeah this looks bad to me.    Doing the electric slide in some cases. 
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  10. MrFester added a topic in General   

    Post Patch Issues
    Has anyone else experienced post patch issues?    Examples are talking to NPC's ( 15 -30 seconds waiting for a response ),  normal moving, just hitting esc to bring up the menu?
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  11. MrFester added a post in a topic [Updated] Patch Notes - March 11th   

    Something is wrong server side since the patch.    Really bad latency when talking to NPC's,  15 to 30 second delay,  system messages and chat coming in really late.
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  12. MrFester added a post in a topic Bought pearls, not in inventory why?   

    Well this is what I have been getting for the past two days trying to buy coins.    "INTERNAL SERVER ERROR."
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  13. MrFester added a post in a topic Can't Reclaim Items   

    Yeah here as well. 
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  14. MrFester added a post in a topic Servers up in 14 minutes... What're you gunna do?   

    The company offered a product along with services for a set price.  Customers bought that product with there hard earn money.  You don't think people have the right to the product and services they paid for and complain when the company does not provide said services?    
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  15. MrFester added a topic in General   

    3 servers enough?
    Just curious if everyone thinks that 3 servers for NA or EU are truly enough.  From just the looks of it, the servers are pretty damn busy right now and it's just the Conqueror’s Packs customers that are playing.  What in the world is going to happen when the rest come in?  
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