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  1. APE added a post in a topic In which weapon should I invest? Poll.   

    Where are you getting your numbers from? Especially the +12 accuracy of liverto over yuria. Source?
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  2. APE added a post in a topic Why am I actually still playing this game? And why are you playing? Serious question   

    Boredom. Nothing else "better" out.
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  3. APE added a post in a topic Worth rolling a witch? /pvp/   

    Between Lightning Chain and Lightning Storm as well.
    Put Storm/Explosion on bar to use.
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  4. APE added a post in a topic Aoe from walls/buildings   

    Is this with all skills at all times or specific situations?
    As I don't have this issue, it isn't 100% universal. I've attacked from walls, buildings, rocks, hills, etc without any issue.
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  5. APE added a post in a topic so i heard witch's damage doesn't scale well past +15   

    Source of any sort or just a random claim?
    No idea why it wouldn't and plenty of videos/streams of high end Wiz/Witch doing just fine from what I've seen.
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  6. APE added a post in a topic Why are Wizards so addicted to AP? Defensive AP Support Option.   

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  7. APE added a post in a topic Steel vs. Bronze Dagger   

    Seems to be many opinions that are just that and how much acc is needed varies. Would be interested in something that "proves" one way or another as the main data set currently shows ~36 or so is good place to be and that can be reached without boss gloves. Obviously if someone has them that is great, but for the majority that won't, would be nice to have other options.
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  8. APE added a post in a topic Steel vs. Bronze Dagger   

    How much does bhegs give?
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  9. APE added a post in a topic Steel vs. Bronze Dagger   

    For all those saying Bronze for PVP, how much total Accuracy do you have including Bronze vs not having it where you noticed a difference.
    25 vs 45, 30 vs 40, etc.
    Pretty easy to have ~30, curious how much more people are running.
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  10. APE added a post in a topic Aoe from walls/buildings   

    The arena is the inside, the walls aren't supposed to be active for PVP unless I'm mistaken. However, there are spots where you can attack and others you can't. Moving one step can turn it off and on.
    Like I said, I've attacked people from much higher than arena walls without issue with fireball/lightning/blizzard, etc so I assume it is an arena thing. I also have auto aim off most of the time as well so that might allow me to aim better. 
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  11. APE added a post in a topic Aoe from walls/buildings   

    Are you sure you are flagged while on particular walls in the arena? Just because you are in range doesn't mean you are actually active for PVP in that spot.
    While I haven't done a ton of fighting from walls, I've had no issue attacking people on the ground from the walls/top of Sarma. As the whole area is flagged for PVP, no issues.
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  12. APE added a post in a topic Wizard/Witch Awakening weapon   

    They've typically released semi informative details and videos once a month per class. We still have plum, ninja, kuno to come before us so don't expect anything soon.
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  13. APE added a post in a topic Boss armour or Grunil   

    If you had the pieces and silver to enchant, why wouldn't you switch?
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  14. APE added a post in a topic Is a tank Wizard possible?   

    Not sure if I'm reading the document correctly, but seems to be that DP only decreases the amount of damage you take and doesn't help your chance to dodge/evade, resists, etc.
    If accuracy scales the same as tested, maintaining 36+ Acc should have the same hit rate vs 175 or 200+ DP (90%+).
    It is possible to reach 35-40 Acc, 130-140 AP, 175-185 DP with some effort and without praying to the RNG gods too much.
    If AP is just damage and DP damage reduction, they should balance out if two people +/- the same and it's just style preference, but the issue from KR is AP scales much better and it isn't balanced. We'll see how NA/EU turn out.
    With my limited options, I'd rather maintain higher ACC and okay AP along with standard DP than try to tip the scale one way or another to hope it actually does something. I envy those with more toys to test with  Well one thing this game gets right is RNG in all its glory.
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  15. APE added a post in a topic Is a tank Wizard possible?   

    Maycs cenze...
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