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  1. OogaBooga added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 10th   

    Ey fellas why not channel all that rage into something constructive?

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  2. OogaBooga added a post in a topic List of suggestions   

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  3. OogaBooga added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 10th   

    You can't stop it because there will always be people who literally spend 100's on the cashshop dus the ploy is succesful and goes on and on.. onto the next game.
    There is a limit though someday they will reach it but still they shall continue to try and up to breach that limit forever.
    Not really trying to downplay the effort of those against p2w, i feel your feels.. i do! Its just that some things will never change.
    I myself have spent in total 40 in cashshop for 1 pet+appearance coupon and that fish costume. Except for maybe a weapon skin there isnt else i'd like.
    Only if they idk come out with some really awesome thing i might spend more. I have no regrets perhaps my only complaint is that the stuff in the cashshop is rather expensive for what it offers.

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  4. OogaBooga added a post in a topic List of suggestions   

    No need to quote the whole thing and i dont see how it requires explanation.
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  5. OogaBooga added a topic in Suggestions   

    List of suggestions

    Here i will keep a list of suggestions, i'll add to it occassionally.
    * Option to disable built-in double-tap movement key dodge
    * Option to disable vsync and set custom framelimit 30~60~120
    * add to 'Edit ui' function(Moving&Disabling); Minimap, Level*point, Location/time, Buff bar, Rage/Anger % thingy, high*rank item, knowledge gained/new story icons, Heilang HP bar
    * Graphical options; enable/disable shadows and hdr, Set min/max render range of objects/npc's/grass/trees/mobs/lod/mesh, Amount of lights rendered
    * When cursor-mode is enabled lmb and rmb should be restricted to normal functions only, currently when rebound instead of clicking on something it could execute a custom bind like an attack dus player would be unable to click anything
    * make it so that a person going offline whilst asleep in a bed retains energy regen buff
    * move middle*of*screen messages to the left/bottom/right/top, its obstructive right now
    * untie F1/F2 hotkey from npc interactions, implement seperate hotkeys instead
    * add a bald female hairstyle
    * option to enable/disable crosshair
    * automatically save last used angle of map camera
    * option to skip all kinds of confirmation popups
    * Map; Option to disable autoloop window
    * Ancient coins, Crystals, Seeds, # should stack
    * Allow alt to be bindable or allow it to also function as modifier key
    * Need a lantern toggle on/off hotkey, or even better: equipped lantern automagically turns on/off when its dark/bright
    * Option to enable cutscene dialogue whilst leaving combat dialogue disabled
    * Add to cashshop; Different effect colors for skills, Footprint, Aura, Glowing Eyes, Emote animations, Weapon+Sub skins~
    * Seperate top and bottom from cashshop costumes/uniforms that force player to wear both
    * option to set the sprint function as a hold not toggle
    * Add to merchant window; sell all junk (junk being stuff that has no other use but for selling)
    * Area/aoe looting
    * option to hide other player's parked mounts
    * player home anvil, allow to repair equipped items starting with most damaged
    * Option to disable pet sounds
    * Implement chat window fade after 10 seconds of no activity
    * Implement 'simple shadows' graphical option that enable whole*scene shadows and a shadow blob below characters feet whilst disabling all dynamic shadows
    * pet hunger bar shouldnt drain when player is resting in bed
    * add option to pet window; send to nearest town to sell player-chosen inventory items
    * Implement transparency meter(0*100% alpha) of background and border for UI windows
    * Linearize the random hp/wp/sp stats for pvp
    * Place auction house npcs in the small towns
    * Add warehouse icon to calpheon city map, also several marketplace director icons are missing
    * Add PvP flagging system, forced pvp is what kills any mmo with a high amount of PvE/slice-of-life content
    * Tamer; Equipping hunting item or instrument shouldnt unequip secondary weapon
    * Option to disable red battlefield and whale notificiations
    * Several alchemy crafting quests quote the wrong ingredients
    * Option to disable marketplace mail spamm
    * Remove stamina bar from Heilang hp bar as sprinting and attacks use the tamer's stamina, its redundant
    * Option to disable epileptic black-white flash whenever heilang attacks
    * earings/rings/necklaces/belt/gloves/helmets should be visible on characters
    Have a suggestion you'd like to see on this list? Post below, be brief and concise.
    Disagree with anything? Dont flame, post constructive criticism or leave. Thanks~
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