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  1. SanguineX added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Weird lag
    I am getting this lag, stutter effect after awhile from being logged in, it takes about 20-30 min then it starts. I get stuck and cannot do anything advanced, i can still talk to npc's, run around although my movement is limited to certain frames of animations but all but its basic animations are locked and do not appear(the people ive talked with saids it appears serverside, so it seems to be on my side thats its messing up), my skills drain no energy either only when im moving with f to the sides etc, but attacking is the major problem, running is also a bit of problem, ive tried uninstalling and installing but nothing helps, ive looked for answers but cant find any anywhere about this specific issue, its not some fps drop i know that much.

    And for some reason going to character select or just changing characters seem to fix it but the problem then returns after given 20-30 min.

    Edit: this makes the game unplayable, loot is not given even while im hitting server side, its like one piece of your "machinery" is not keeping up or is disconnected or something, idk for gods sake help anyone, ideaS?
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  2. SanguineX added a post in a topic BlackestLotus Recruiting   

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  3. SanguineX added a topic in European Guild   

    BlackestLotus Recruiting
    BlackestLotus is recruiting new members, we are only 3 players so far but we are looking for more to eventually compete with our guilds in node wars etc. Its a work in progress but for anyone who has time it can be alot of fun. No special requirements atleast not yet. Message SanguineX ingame for invite. or type here name and ill contact you.

    Since its now gone some time we are 5 players total and are awaiting guild quests, then we will rise pretty quick we are still adding new members rather new players since we cannot support any high levels yet, so all in all its a leveling guild for now, if you enjoy leveling then do it with us and it will be 10x more fun , all of the players we have now are really cool, anyone is invited to join for now, special requirements will come later.
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