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  1. Talshani added a post in a topic Killing AFK trainers is impossible   

    Well when you have a char with training already at a high lvl you don't want to start over or give up time you could have been gaining on that char. I don't think some ppl know what PvP is. You can't call it PvP when only 1 person is there to fight. That's straight up pking. I love it when the person isn't actually afk and surprises the pker and they get their butt kicked 🙂
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  2. Talshani added a post in a topic Killing AFK trainers is impossible   

    I don't understand these kids needs to ruin someone else's fun. This isn't PvP. This is a bully. 
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  3. Talshani added a topic in Guild Recruitment   

    <DarkHorses> NA (Horse, lifeskill, pve)
    dark horse
    ˈdärk ˈˌhôrs/
    a competitor such as a race horse that little is known about yet unexpectedly wins or succeeds.

     <DarkHorses> a guild built by horse people for horse people.
    New to racing, breeding, training? We are a guild that new and experienced people are welcome. We welcome all life skillers even if if you just dabble in horses. 
    Please don't ask to join just to ask for someone to sell you horses!! 
    No lvl requirements. 
    Whisper Amarenda (me), Shimnao, Achillies0321, Wolfseer, or Nepheisa or Tetsel
    Discord a must even if you don't stay logged in all the time. We don't normally voice chat but have it for the guild and horse community. Discord is for NA and EU horse ppl 😁
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  4. Talshani added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Bred t7 D and t7 D coursers..  got t6 G.. 
    Yup my luck sucks. Could have been a N or I so I could have possibly had a better race horse 😕
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  5. Talshani added a post in a topic Instant Accel & Sprint Nerf   

    A large percentage of my horses end up with sprint and ia missing. 1 in around 20 seem to get them all. But that's a rough estimate. I usually hold onto ones that do get them in case I find someone in need of a good horse. 
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  6. Talshani added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    very nice! Congrats your friend for me! Tell her welcome to the T8 club 😄
    OMG Shay... I send you good vibes that the rest of the lvls will give you many skills.
    My t8 is lvl 29 with still 12 skills. Hope is over for this one! Like 7 lvls with no gain.. not even FORECHOP!! Gah
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  7. Talshani added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    yup I'm American. Sorry didn't mean to come across like I was attacking you. I was just confused and wanted to ask questions. I don't mind admitting I dont know everything.. 🙂 Some posts i seriously have to read several times to figure out what some ppl are trying to say. I for some reason thought you were fighting over a pearl shop issue. Guess I'm tired lol. Next time I'll be sure to understand it before I ask. 😶 I've just seen many people describing paymentwall and saying exactly what you said.
    and drivers license here use to be peoples SSN. Glad they changed that about 25 years ago 😄
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  8. Talshani added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    But that's only asking for your ID. Not social security number or anything else. I don't mind giving my ID but I was worried about the social security number part. 
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  9. Talshani added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    I thought it was paymentwall that asks for ID, social security numbers, etc. When did BDO ask for that stuff?
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  10. Talshani added a post in a topic DEVS: PLEASE Remove 1 of the 2 Bottlenecks so more players have access to horses   

    Ok this will tell you my answer to this.
    you have 20 possible skills.
    my first t8 got 12 skills. No good ones and 8 left over to play the rng skill swap game.
    second t8 got 11 skills. 9 left over.. no good ones.
    And so on. Second and last both White t8s. 
    last one.. yes 12 skills and thats after buying 4 premium appearance coupons and swapping forechop while lvling. Only 1 skill with the 4 AC coupons.
    I've had 8 t8s so far. Only 1 got 15 being the most any of my horses got. Sprint, IA, drift, sideways, and 2 seater where the 5 he didn't get!  Sooo coupon swap. First one 2 seater which I didn't care to get. Swap, swap, last one took 9 to get!!! 
    I have 2 females I'm holding to breed and 1 male... No good skills! Ive exchanged the worst 2 I had. I sold 1. 
    this is why we keep trying. Some ppl get lucky with more than 15 skills. 
    So ppl will need 3 good t8s to awaken into t9s if they want all 3. And once it awakens and ends up learning very little amount of skills this time you may pour more money into it to swap skills or if you have more t9s and enough mats it may be cheaper to awaken another. Or ppl needing silver may want to sell potato t9s.
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  11. Talshani added a post in a topic DEVS: PLEASE Remove 1 of the 2 Bottlenecks so more players have access to horses   

    Someone understood what I was saying 😄
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  12. Talshani added a post in a topic DEVS: PLEASE Remove 1 of the 2 Bottlenecks so more players have access to horses   

    I'm talking about downgrading t7 and 8s. Who wants a t1? Yes I choose to do horse breeding. It's part of the game. I am fine with horse prices. Why? Cause I'm not going to sell a perfect horse. I'm never going to sell a t8 to ppl who act like you. If you want one go lvl 100s of horses and breed to get your own. If you want a perfect one you may get lucky after a few (without spending any money) but 99% of the time you'll get a crap horse. Least you'll have those t9s to breed and make you t6s 99% of the time to start all over. Then you can exchange the parents and hope for something better. Honestly ppl like you really should stay out of conversations that you aren't even part of. Oh yea you have t1s on your wagon so guess you think you're a serious breeder. 
    Check my internet? It's fine. If it was that then my guild mates wouldn't have loading screens exactly when I do. I don't whine and cry. I give an opinion on the horse subject. If I whined and cried I'd be using horrible language and calling bdo employees horrible things like other ppl do on the forums. I have high respect for the GMs and CMs. 
    I ask for breeding increases.. why? Cause honestly I think everyone should have a chance at a t8 without spending months and months breeding and sitting on a damn wagon. If I had enough t8s I'd be glad at that point to sell some during my guilds big horse sales we started doing. But like I said ppl like you makes it hard for me to want to sale anything. I think breeders should be thanked for supplying horses when they do. 
    And if you go look at the thread title. She asks that "so more players have access to horses"
    Other life skills? Oh I do those as well thank you very much. 
    Go ahead and stop spending money. I'm sure it won't bankrupt them. They'll still get their paychecks with much profit after 😄 You clearly think you are god of the game with that statement.
    I'm don't replying. You clearly don't know my situation to judge me. And from the posts I've seen you do you love to judge ppl. You normally post so much I don't see how you even play the game.
    Good bye 🙂
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  13. Talshani added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Urgent Maintenance April 27   

    Mine was on my horse. My hubby gifted it to me. But since he bought it he had gotten mail saying they know he had purchased it. So that's one way they know you have it. It really should be exactly where you left it. It prob wasn't deleted during maintenance it was just accidentally set invisible. 
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  14. Talshani added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Urgent Maintenance April 27   

    Thank you! Can't remember what horse I had it on. Hard to find something invisible 😕
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  15. Talshani added a post in a topic Just a Couple of Pics of Who all got Screwed at Mutant Ogres   

    Ah cool Thanks Leuphe 😄
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