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  1. cj711 added a post in a topic Killing AFK trainers is impossible   

    @ezzylupe did you really just waste a precious GM reply on that incoherent bullshit? stop that before you dry up the GM reply supply you colossal failure 
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  2. cj711 added a post in a topic I Created A Free Windows App That Helps You Enchant Gear/Failstack Efficiently- More Features Coming Soon!   

    ^yes! can you check to make sure the enhance rates havent changed since Wednesdays patch?  
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  3. cj711 added a post in a topic sp pay to win finally came, but its the players fault!   

    soooo what does this have to do with sp???? i dont get it
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  4. cj711 added a post in a topic How to farm skill points   

    i'm lvl 59. i only do manshas very occasionally for the skill point farm and chance at ogre ring. now that i have like 1100 sp i haven't done manshas in weeks. 
    i've thought of sausans too but i just -----ing hate that place; can't get anything done there what with all the impromptu pvp, trying to find a rotation, and such. otherwise i'd absolutely go there for the sp farm and the money farm, kill 2 (pretty big) birds with one stone.
    if harder to kill mobs give more exp, then cadry and centaurs would give a ton of sp....hmmm will have to test that tonight. thank you. will let you know how that turns out.
    agreed, you hit the nail right on the head also about the contested part.... finding a rotation at sausans is cancer. pirates isn't quite as bad in that sense but then you're stranded in the middle of the ocean and i get anxiety not having my usual freedoms
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  5. cj711 added a topic in PVE   

    How to farm skill points
    I find myself constantly outleveling my skill points since i always run with a ton of combat exp buffs. i've heard people say to grind manyshas for sp, and that has helped some, but there has gotta be a better place. somewhere with decent drops and exp. maybe soldiers grave?
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  6. cj711 added a post in a topic Another night of massive server lag (and no lag on Olvia, so its clearly not people's ISPs, DNS, or other excuses)   

    whats up with you holocaust denying turds? stop whiteknighting for kakaow. stop lying to yourselves. the lag epidemic is real. don't know what you seek to gain by denying it.... 
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  7. cj711 added a post in a topic Completing Black Desert online- EP1   

    great stuff dude. makes getting into the knowledge grind seem a lot less daunting. will keep my eyes on your channel.
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  8. cj711 added a post in a topic +3 Alchemist   

    You complaining about 4 failed +2 clothes attempts.....really? yes thats normal.
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  9. cj711 added a post in a topic Contribution Point Management Spreadsheet   

    whoa, nice. thanks dude. will nerd out on this at home
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  10. cj711 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 29th 2017   

    that logic again? ugh. okay have fun having NO ONE to play with because new players are tired of getting shit on with no hope to ever compete. incoming players are the life-blood of any mmo. if you don't give new players any hope to catch up, before long all your competitors have left or joined you and you have no more competitors any more. 
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  11. cj711 added a topic in Suggestions   

    Level capped battlegrounds
    The best part about WoWs pvp was by far the various battlegrounds and how easy it was to jump in a game for some fun and in a way meaningless pvp. and WoW wasn't even a pvp game. BDO is.... so why do we not have as many pvp functions as that vampire of a themepark mmo? imagine how fun it would be to have a lvl 49 pvp capped battlegrounds. everyone fighting with combos in non awakened weapons. also, to level the playing fields a bit, maybe have battleground-only pvp sets. that way, new players aren't steamrolled by people in full tet boss on their lvl 49 twinks. 
    would such a thing really be so hard to implement in BDO? i don't see why it would. they have the money. we have the playerbase (now lol). why does this PVP game content-lock its pvp for only the most hardcore no-lifers? that totally sucks.
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  12. cj711 added a post in a topic This game is DEAD [Sarcasm]   

    saw that one coming 
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  13. cj711 added a post in a topic Boost boss drops to account for higher player population   

    couldnt agree more. i did 2 kutums during the train last night, absolutely 0 drops both times. didnt have the strength to go on any more at that point, so hopped to my main and did some pirates. ----- competing with 120+ players for 10+ minutes X 36 channels for the chance at 1 drop. that's literally worse than 9/11.
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  14. cj711 added a post in a topic 12 Fails at TRI.....   

    yea thats brutal. tbh i'd have quit the game at least 6 tries ago if i were you. that is beyond ridiculous. i've said it before but i'll say it again, there absolutely MUST be safety nets put in place to prevent this kind of shit from happening. i've failed PRI (yes, +16) attempts 10 times in a row on TWO SEPARATE OCCASIONS with 15+ fail stacks on blue weapons!!! like what the actual -----, who designed this atrocity progression system??? 
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  15. cj711 added a post in a topic Breeding Rate   

    ^lol ignore this nut case. moving on.
    i hear you man, our breeding rates absolutely suck. i gave up trying to breed a t7 after at least 10 breeds of 2x lvl 30 t6's myself. i think we should wait til we get a breeding rate increase before burning more breeds cause honestly horse training is a massive waste of time in its current state. i'd literally rather upgrade accessories all day. at least then i'd have a tiny chance of making profit. horse training is a guaranteed way to waste money. 
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