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  1. Terrane added a topic in New Adventurers   

    32 bit starting while using 64bit
    The Black Desert is starting in 64 , but underneath it XIGN 32 bit is overwriting my 64 and is causing Black Desert to spike 0 frames is there any way to fix this problem?
    • 1 reply
  2. Terrane added a topic in New Adventurers   

    New Player Need help!
    Hi all
    I have tons of experience playing different games , and for some reason Black Desert hooked me again. Though I am coming into some problems with which class I should choose for my personality. I am a die hard alliance fan simple because of the Lion emblem , which brings me to wanting to play Valkyrie / Berserker / Musa / Warrior I like the Paladin feel of a class and that is why I am wanting to choose Valkyrie. If you guys have any better ideas on which class to choose that is the most Leoish/Paladin class please feel free to write a new topic below any suggestions are welcome!
    • 1 reply
  3. Terrane added a post in a topic Scar of Dusk   

    Thanks for the reply!
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  4. Terrane added a topic in Warrior   

    Scar of Dusk
    Hello , I am having a hard time casting Deadscar with the hot keys provided.
    Up arrow or RMB
    Slash x 5 - Up arrow or RMB , seeing as Slash goes to x 6.
    and it either makes me forward slash or Heavy Strike.
    Is the game dead or broken? should I reinstall?
    • 2 replies
  5. Terrane added a post in a topic Warrior Helm?   

    Costume!? no other class needs a costume for it!
    Let me be a Pot Head!!!

    Costume!? no other class needs a costume for it!
    Let me be a Pot Head!!!
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  6. Terrane added a topic in Warrior   

    Warrior Helm?
    So , how does everyone like the helmet models?
    because none of the helmet mods are working for me on my warrior.
    How do I get the helm to show?!
    It seems like ever other class has a helm model is there a command I need to figure out?
    I have T4 Talis , with a function on/off hide and show command.
    • 6 replies
  7. Terrane added a topic in Art & Media   

    30 minute painting
    Silly little painting .. I know it sucks but it was fun.

    • 1 reply
  8. Terrane added a post in a topic New Players   

    , Na or Eu?
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  9. Terrane added a post in a topic New to BDO   

    I would play on Uno the first server and start on Velia and work your way down , high population and alot of friendly guilds that are willing to help!
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  10. Terrane added a post in a topic Hey Folks!   

    Ok , with the new patch I have to reinstall the game.
    and was watching some pvp videos from 2 years to 1 month ago and , wizard seems really good full self heals, massive aoe spells devastating any opponent.
    Ranger seems to be a very nimble and, fast ranged  that's quite squishy with decent compared to most classes.
    Hopefully I can make a pvp video or post some screenshots in the future!
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  11. Terrane added a post in a topic New comer!   

    According the the stats , Wizard is currently has the lowest stats. and Ninja has the highest stats
    Wizard / Witch and Valk are your Healers...
    Valk and Warrior are your Sword and Board
    Zerker would be your fury barbarian
    the rest have real high agility.. You Pick!
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  12. Terrane added a post in a topic Hey Folks!   

    Now I have figured out that you can upgrade the weapons , using black stones (Weapon/Armor).
    But now how would I get a weapon/armor up past 7? Enchanced stones?
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  13. Terrane added a post in a topic Hey Folks!   

    I have not yet seen the PVP in this game yet but being able to heal the front line would be game winning imo.
    And warriors get a great sword from awakening don't they?
    god that has to be such a pain to switch between 1h+shield and gs.

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  14. Terrane added a post in a topic Hey Folks!   

    Oh sounds like alot of fun !
    Don't mind me just trying to find some friends to play with , solo adventuring becomes a grind after a while!
    I am debating on which class to choose on Edan! Warrior looks like alot of fun!
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  15. Terrane added a post in a topic Hey Folks!   

    A witch!? oh no.. "haha" just kidding that's cool! thanks for the advice , but isn't "Serendia" a Channel?
    Uno , Edan , Owen are the main three to choose from!
    If anyone else is wanting to level a character I am more than happy to start one up a party!
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