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  1. Boredom_Doubles_Online added a post in a topic Awakening durability bug ?   

    Nope. Using a tet green awakening, gets burned through in roughly 20 min. at bashims. Changed also skill usage a bit and as result now my offhand breaks first and shortly after the awakening - went from 20min. to 25min.. No prem. costume, no branding.
    Thx for that info. Dura loss is slower. Then again i don't think it's a good gameplay mechanic when u have to center ur skills around saving durability....it is broken
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  2. Boredom_Doubles_Online added a post in a topic [Ninja] Awakening Durability Bug (?)   

    Thank you Micariel for the info on the costume. I already assumed that even with premium outfit the dura loss will still be way too much - and yes i already heard it severals times now that the durability decrease on Kunoichi seems also to be very broken.
    Branding weapons also came to my mind but so far i haven't met a Ninja nor Kunoichi player who could give me any info on how much that actually helps.
    Ppl. with branding say it actually is very usefull but i only talked to players (Valks/Sorcs.) who could stay in a grindspot for 2 hours anyway with ease - before they even got the stone.
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  3. Boredom_Doubles_Online added a post in a topic Awakening durability bug ?   

    Well ok thx for the info, will try that. Then again i think that it shouldn't be that you have to choose what skill you are
    using just to prevent dura loss. If your main focus in pve is on how to use your combos to save as much durability so
    that you don't need to leave every 30 minutes for repairs then the core gameplay is broken.
    I'm not sure but i think ppl. should start makink tickets, because otherwise i have no hopes that this big issue will
    get adressed.
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  4. Boredom_Doubles_Online added a post in a topic Awakening durability bug ?   

    I really enjoy playing BDO again after awakening is now introduced esp. as Ninja but....
    ...i'm loosing durability on my awakening/offhand too fast. Beeing at lvl 56 atm i can grind
    Bashims for about 15 minutes at best before my gear is at zero durabiliy. I tried Desert Fogans and
    it's the same, which makes the grindspot obsolete since no repairstation is nearby. If i wouldn't have a
    horse with decend speed even Bashims would be too tedious. I can aquire close to 1% of xp at my lvl before
    i have to leave for repairs. In comparison: playing in a party with a guildmate who plays as sorc. he lost roughly 4%
    of durability when i was down to zero. I asked also ingame if anyone knows what i am doing wrong and ppl.
    suggested to get a premium costume to ease the durability loss. So if i am in the mood i might camp the mp for
    that, but i honestly think that some of the ninja skills might be bugged regarding durability consumption.
    If anybody has new information regarding the matter i would really apprechiate any advice since under the current
    circumstances it's getting hard to enjoy the game even tough i think that awakening is awesome.
    As of now at least my gameplay feels crippled.
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  5. Boredom_Doubles_Online added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    [Ninja] Awakening Durability Bug (?)
    As the title says i'm having issues with the durability loss on my awakening.
    On currently lvl 56 i go from full 100 dura to zero in roughly 15 - 30 minutes when grinding Bashims/ Desert Fogans.This basically means im able to make about close to 1%xp, or less, before i have to leave for repairs, which makes any grindspot without any repairstation nearby obsolete - esp. in the desert.
    Locations with a rep. station close by are getting more and more annoying the longer i play due to the very frequent repair runs.
    I have also been asking in chat and ppl. suggested getting a premium outfit. Now i know that theres a 10% bonus to awakening durability, but i think even with that the current degrading speed is still too steep which makes me think of two possibilities:
    Either one skill or more on the Ninja are bugged or im just simply doing something terrible wrong.
    Edit: Hit lvl 57. At this point i can grind at Bashims for exactly 25 minutes before my awakening AND offhand breaks. This means that i have to leave before my daily grind xp boost runs out if i choose the 200% buff. That's without branding and costume - with them ppl. can stay longer as mentioned in other forum posts - usually around one to one and a half hours.
    I also tested the durability loss with different stance as suggested in this thread - and it works. So as Ninja (and also Kuno player) you basically grind with one eye always on your durability and need to choose your skills accordingly.
    This bug, amongst others on the Ninja has not been fixed with Magoria update. I stopped lvl progression for now because its obviously pointless and will wait for the next maintenance to see if it gets repaired - so most likely i might reroll.
    Conclusion: If your a new player or thinking of playing Ninja/Kuno - don't since the very coregameplay is broken.
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  6. Boredom_Doubles_Online added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

      In a very excellent MMORPG known as Archeage (AA) there was this one really good item called thunderstruck tree. It was the most valuable item ingame and also the backbone of the player driven economy. Then TRION decided to make this item avaiable on the marketplace for rl cash and everything went downhill from there, esp. the playerbase. To be fair TRION never made a big secret about AA beeing a F2P and P2W game from the start......and everybody knew about that.
      AA started of with roughly 4 million (!) players at the release (NA+EU)...which melted down to about 70.000 six months after - which seems to me almost like if DAUM/ABYSS copy pasted this schematic from them....
      I am a bit surprised about the timing still. Is the BDO revenue really THAT bad ? Not enough green on the table, hm? I mean in AA the deconstruction had at least a relatively slow pace. First beforementioned item then another thing and so forth. What is currently happening in BDO on the other side is really unmatched: First the sub and almost directly after now this new "mechanic" which will obliterate the market aswell as the playerbase?!
      Theres one positive thing i can get from this tough: The Wealth Icon above the player head will now pinpoint creditcard players at a 100% success rate....and sucess is all what we want, right?
      Oh and that new change in game "mechanics" (aka milk-mechanic or pre-f2p-mechanic) gets alot of news coverage all over the web. Here is one example: 
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