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  1. Desibabez94 added a post in a topic Looking for Guild   

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  2. Desibabez94 added a post in a topic LF Top Tier Guild / Pro Wiz Uber Active   

    Hello, how are you today? My name's Desi, I'm lead recruitment and PvP / Node Wars Leader from <YourParents> -- we've been around since about launch, we're mostly pst / est, and we are currently recruiting all classes 56+ with a gs of 300-350+ for node wars, pvp, gvg and other fun stuff We absolutely LOVE to party grind, and we're not afraid to fight for our rotations. Our core members are comprised of mostly friends that are level 58+ with 180+ ap and between 350-400+ gs. We do awakened bosses, relic scrolls, arena fights and much more ^,^ We're currently working towards gearing up our lower members and recruiting more active pvper to help with node wars during the week. Sometimes we also hunt whales and sea monsters. We have a relaxed discord and currently offer 5 acc, 5 ap, 5 dmg reduc, 80 hp, 2 elephants, a guild boat and a galley! If interested in joining, please comment below, PM me here, or PM me ingame (Desibabez94). Thanks for your time and have a lovely day
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  3. Desibabez94 added a post in a topic Myracle Ninja Looking for aGuild   

    Hi, I'm Desi, Lead recruitment / PvP and Node wars Leader from<YourParents> -- we are an up and coming pvp guild that enjoy gvg, node wars, party grinding and more Currently we offer 5 acc, 5 ap, 5 dmg reduc, 80 hp, 2 elephants, a guild boat and a galley! We currently own taphtar plain and plan to win more nodes and organize our wars, and build up more guild points for "experienced cry" or "command to gather" --  PLUS we've a discord that's super relaxed and full of helpful links :3 We do node wars a couple times per week, we do gvg kinda whenever, we require 56+ with 300-350+ gs and are recruiting for all classes, being active is a must to help out with node wars ^.^ Discord also a must for node wars, otherwise completely optional! Our core members are 58+ with around 180+ ap (gs vary between 350-400+)
    If interested, please PM me here, reply to this in a comment or PM me ingame (Desibabez94). Have a lovely day :3
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  4. Desibabez94 added a post in a topic Returning players looking for Guild   

    Hi how are you today?:D I'm Desi, lead recruitment and PvP / Node Wars leader from <YourParents>
    We are an up and coming PvP guild with an organized discord, setting up for more node wars Currently, we own taphtar plains.
    We enjoy Pvp, gvg, node wars, party grinding and some whale hunting from time to time. Though we require awakening minimum and 300-350 gs, our core members are 58+ with 180+ ap, and we love to have fun and kill people stuff.

    Currently, we offer 5 acc, 5 ap, 5 dmg reduc and 80 hp plus 2 elephants,a  guild boat and a galley and a very relaxed discord mandatory for node wars but otherwise optional! Seemlike a guild you'd wanna join? PM me here or ingame, also Desibabez94   We hope to fight with you soon :3
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  5. Desibabez94 added a topic in Guild Recruitment   

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  6. Desibabez94 added a post in a topic Need help in leaving guild   

    Leaving guild is simple. You press g and you should see an icon that will say "leave guild" and it'll charge you a small fee to drop. As for finding a new guild I would suggest elaborating on whether you intend to look for PVP, PVX or PVE. I am primarily a pvper but I love gathering wood for forts. Guild shop by looking at each guilds intro page in game and see if any of them fit you.
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  7. Desibabez94 added a post in a topic [NA][53 DK] New player looking for guild   

    Hi! Are you still looking? Come join <GrandExpedition> -- they are pvx, require sea monster hunts once per week, and are working towards more node wars. They have class guides workshops, they're really friendly, have an active guild chat and have one node already. My hubby says they're nice, and they're really active. I'll be joining in the morning, PM MossMoxxi or look on their guild intro page 😊
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  8. Desibabez94 added a post in a topic 2 players Looking for a place to call Home   

    Hi  you should come join <GrandExpedition> with me! My hubby already joined, I will be joining tomorrow. They're extraordinarily active, require sea monster hunts once a week, and are progressing towards node wars more -- they currently own one node. They are PVX focused and very friendly and extremely helpful! They don't have any ridiculous gs requirements or anything they really just expect you to be active and help out ☺ PM MissMoxxi or go to their guild intro page for more officer names and info:3 hope to see y'all there 😄
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  9. Desibabez94 added a post in a topic New player looking for a Pvx guild   

    You should join ,<GrandExpedition> -- I'm a 58 witch looking for the same things as you are, and they do basically everything. They require sea monster hunts once a week, and soon hopefully mandatory node war attendance too, but there still setting everything up for that, though they have some high level players. They use team speak and their guild chat is really active, I've seen it on my hubbys account lol. Anyway, think about it. PM MissMoxxi, or go to their intro page for a list of other officers ☺
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  10. Desibabez94 added a post in a topic <NA> LVL 58 437 GS WARRIOR Looking for a new or experienced pvp or pvx guild (one that enjoys or is looking to get into guild/node wars   

    Join <GrandExpedition> -- I'm joining them tomorrow, and they are PVX focused and while they emphasize boating they have a lot of strong players for node wars as well, which is what they're currently working towards. They don't have any GS requirements but they require you to boat once a week, for monster hunts, and node wars they're still setting up more of but they do own a node. Their guild chat is really active and my hubby says they are helpful. Think about it. PM MissMoxxi or check out their guild intro page in game :3
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  11. Desibabez94 added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Daum, this is an awful idea. DO NOT implement this in this weeks patch. So many of us are constantly grinding your game trying our best to get good drops, and honestly if you take away the RNG from BDO, what do you have? I don't understand why you would do something so selfish. It's clear that no one here, or at the very least less than 10% of your players, would be on board with this decision. How are we middle class players supposed to compete with the rich who will pay to out-gear us all? Play to win is going to ruin Black Desert forever. Please reconsider this hasty decision. Thanks.
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