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  1. EpicStruggle added a post in a topic How to grind with ranger (post awakening)   

    i would love this answer too. Hope someone can provide some info. 
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  2. EpicStruggle added a post in a topic Relics super hotspot.... exploit or not?   

    I have no problem dying. Just want to make sure to ask for confirmation of exploit or not. I can take a good joke. Seeing no GM response, either it's not true or not an exploit.
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  3. EpicStruggle added a post in a topic New Rednose location   

    Surprised when i died last night in a noob are, i was there and hunting weasals/fox. Didnt realize he had moved. 
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  4. EpicStruggle added a topic in PVE   

    Relics super hotspot.... exploit or not?
    @GM_Axion @GM_Dew
    Read on Reddit there might be a super hotspot in a desert dungeon. They might have been joking to get newbies killed. I don't mind dying, so is that an exploit if true? Every cast (or nearly) give you a relic, exploit or not?
    I plan on hunting for it later today, hope to get a confirmation that it is not. Also, hopefully not getting my leg pulled.  
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  5. EpicStruggle added a post in a topic How to Silver Embroidered Fisher's Clothes +2?   

    Thanks for the info. I'll try that shortly. I have about 30-40 fishing outfits and another 3 that are at +1
    Just need to get me some FS and I'll try those values out.
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  6. EpicStruggle added a post in a topic Desert Shovel Exploit   

    I haven't, and many, many others haven't benefited from it. I sell what little shards I get to fund other gear/mats. With shard prices at lows like we seen, I get much less than with prices at their norms. So many of us lose!
    I and many others buy our equipment on MP, guess what? Prices go high on gear because these exploiters have cash to burn and buy all the good stuff at high prices so we can't compete with them. So many others lose!
    I and many others grind places where we are easily pushed out by well geared players, or do node wars with guilds that have exploited this bug to get insane gear scores. We no longer are on a level playing field if me/others/guild follow the rules. So even more people lose.
    We are negatively effect in many ways by people/guilds that exploited this. No excuses, ban the people that exploited this. They deserve it!
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  7. EpicStruggle added a topic in Technical Issues   

    TOS confirmation needed: Looking at pulling price data automatically
    I'm currently writting down prices for some items I buy/sell to track how their prices change and take advantage of buy low/sell high with MP. I'd like to automate the process and get a wider list of items to be tracked. (BTW this would be a good feature for the MP).
    Basically, I want to screen cap the screen and a program I write pull the data i want from that screen grab (OCR). This data is then used by me to populate charts that tell how prices fluctuate.
    I don't believe this violates the TOS, but I wanted to make sure. In now way are macros used, or any keystrokes pressed to get this data in the game. Simple screen shot and processing for the data, looking to automate a manual process.
    Bump (1 of 1).
    BTW, this is not for a MP bot. Like i said, only want to check price historical trends.
    Bump (1 of 1).
    BTW, this is not for a MP bot. Like i said, only want to check price historical trends
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  8. EpicStruggle added a post in a topic Marketplace Pre-Order   

    Any update on this topic? I'm perpetually confused why I can't seem to either get an item through pre-order, but also never see it pop up on MP when I get the notice pop up for it. 
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  9. EpicStruggle added a post in a topic AXIOM - PvX - Top 40 Guild   

    Newish player to BDO, and best decision was to join this guild. Had a blast with my fellow members killing Mudster! Join and be part of a great guild
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  10. EpicStruggle added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Looking for medium/advanced worker guide
    Hi, just started with workers late last night. Got 2 workers (blue and orange) and sent them out to mine iron and farm potatoes. Need more info to make the next jump to kick start my trade/building empire.  Would you be able to recommend more advanced guide to workers once you get the very basics out of the way?
    ps can I move my orange worker from Veil to a different city? 
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  11. EpicStruggle added a post in a topic When to move your home base to a different city?   

    Going to start moving to Heidel, most of my quests have been in that area any ways. Traveling to Velia only for market/warehouse/stable has been a pain. Thanks for the advice. 
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  12. EpicStruggle added a topic in New Adventurers   

    When to move your home base to a different city?
    Still new to the game, about 7-8 days playing it. lvl 27 Ranger. Lots of questions, but let me shoot a quick one here:
    When should I leave Velia to another city? Let me explain, I use Velia as my primary go to spot for fishing, warehouse storage (2 Storage houses, and 1 residence), cooking (very little, Beginning 4 or 5), and for the Auction House. I also invest my energy on Velia in the map/node mode. Most of my nodes are around Velia, and connected to Heidel.

    Should I set up my base in a different city from here? Whats the general opinion for someone of my level and newness. Thanks!
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  13. EpicStruggle added a topic in Suggestions   

    Add more sub-forum categories, specifically for life skills
    Hi, I'm new to the game and loving it so far! One complain, the forum where I usually go for help/tips seems to have very general categories and becomes very hard to get nuanced help or to find topics that I am interested in.
    Lets take the example of horses. There is a massive 850+ page thread on breeding/taming. Why not have a subcategory just for horses and the training skill?
    My suggestion is make each of the Life Skills a subcategory of General, very much like the Classes have.
    Simple improvement, with a big positive impact. Thanks
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  14. EpicStruggle added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Thanks for the advice. I'll try reading the last 100 pages, but you gave me a lot to try out.
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  15. EpicStruggle added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Hi. New to the the horse world, for that matter the game itself. Only a level 27 Ranger with Training at Apprentice lvl 4, captured 4 horses. 3x T3, and 1x T2. Sold the T2. Training the male and female T3s to 16 to breed them. 
    Can I get some tips and best practices you have learned over the hundreds of horses you captured and trained?
    Is lvl 16 a good level to breed them? I don't care about their apperance right now, I'm sure later on I will.
    Where is a good place to run the horses AFK? I'm just doing Heidel to Velia route, is there one that is more optimal?
    Are T4 horses out in the wild?
    I'm still using sugar to capture horses, I see some don't. What is your experience? I tried it once and failed two times.
    Thanks a million!
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