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  1. Skiouros added a post in a topic Red Nose Rigged Box   

    The same has happened in CROXUS EU, not one person got anything other than red nose armour, what a let down.
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  2. Skiouros added a post in a topic PVP punishment [Karma bombing and Griefing]   

    @Ahni First of all I would like to thank you for being one of the few people willing to be constructive on the forums. With what you've pointed out I can see why all of these "solutions" could cause problems, I totally understand and that's why I added a little disclaimer saying that I know they're not perfect ^.^ but you're right, with what you've outlined some or all of these solutions wouldn't solve the problem at all, yet I still do think the problem needs to be solved and the current system that has been implemented isn't good enough.
    Personally I didn't actually know you could report people for doing something like this in game, I'll have to look further into it however that being said I don't want this to turn into a game where I continuously have to report players because to be quite honest griefing and karma bombing happens far too often at least to me and other guild members.
    In regards to the % loss I personally don't think it's too bad of a system, people can kick and scream over losing 1% exp but the fact of the matter is that depending on your level losing 1% exp will be more or less costly, resulting in a more punishing system for players who know what they're doing and know how to stop it, and a much more forgiving system for anyone that is less than level 56 as 1% exp is a lot less to earn at those levels. With this being said I still don't favour it over some of the solutions mentioned and would much prefer a system that would create a balance between killing and dying.
    Within this game I feel like there needs to be a balance between things lost between players, currently killing another player will punish you with losing karma, with this comes the possibility of becoming negative and then losing enhancements, crystals and exp where the person being killed loses.. well nothing at all. A system that would make the person being killed lose something sometimes as a deterrent for going back, or simply stop the killer losing as much. 
    looking back to this post I do think making more grinding spots than only 2 between the levels of 53ish and 60 would be a real solution to this problem or at least seriously reduce how frequently it happens to people.
    @Pizzarolls I'm no longer going to reply to you as you're not helping at all, sorry but if you can't have a normal conversation without trying to be a keyboard warrior I have no interest in you. Thanks.
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  3. Skiouros added a post in a topic PVP punishment [Karma bombing and Griefing]   

    Because both PVP and PVE mix quite often in the game? I'm starting do doubt you even owning this game, the amount of PVP that happens at sausans is ridiculous. 
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  4. Skiouros added a post in a topic PVP punishment [Karma bombing and Griefing]   

    @Babbelfish I ignored your first comment because it was illegible and now your second one is anything but constructive to helping find a solution. If you don't want to help or contribute just leave, thanks.
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  5. Skiouros added a post in a topic PVP punishment [Karma bombing and Griefing]   

    You're right but when it does happen it makes the game feel like a complete waste of time, and for that to happen even 1% of the time in a game it really breaks the fun that you have in it...
    Yes, well done you're completely right. That doesnt solve the problem though so go away with your irrelevant replies 
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  6. Skiouros added a post in a topic PVP punishment [Karma bombing and Griefing]   

    Griefing; killing the mobs someone else is grinding without trying to kill them
    people can do that without me flagging you muppet.
    Karma bombing: After someone kills you, going back to the same place over and over until the person killing you goes negative karma and you lose nothing while doing it other than time.
    Karma bombing is something extremely unhealthy for the game, and it just upsets people and shouldn't be a means to pushing someone out of their spot. I can tell by the way you're going about this that you haven't really had it happen to you...
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  7. Skiouros added a post in a topic PVP punishment [Karma bombing and Griefing]   

    Although I agree chun-chuns feelings, I also agree, I feel like the comments of this have been swept into more of a keyboard warriors battle instead of what I had originally made the post for; to see if people agree and if anyone else has some useful contributions to it.. thanks for the comment anyways!
    I do understand where you're coming from, but I also don't think I should be forced into changing channels in the first place due to something like karma bombing. Please do try to remember in the scenario mentioned in the original post, I had a 200% buff on for another 20 mins or so, and the chances of someone else in a different channel either karma bombing me, or just killing me because theyre better and people saying no to partying because solo grinding usually is more efficient is quite a high possibility.
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  8. Skiouros added a post in a topic PVP punishment [Karma bombing and Griefing]   

    If someone is that much worse than me, then they shouldn't be grinding there and if you go back and read the original post this isnt to stop lower levels leveling? This is to stop lower levels being able to push higher levels out of their spot via toxic ways such as griefing and karma bombing. quite clearly haven't read the original post, go back and read it thanks.
    No. Because;
    Why should I have to give a shit player a spot because they can just be toxic and stay there, that's unhealthy game play for the game in generalWhen i change channels, that's if i did then quite possibly all other spots may be taken already and then i have to wait 15 more mins to switch baring in mind that I currently have a 200% buff on lasting for less than 30 mins that is being destroyed my a toxic lower level thats karma bombing me.Yes, I totally agree with what you're saying and a solution would have to be balanced. I've added in some more solutions coming from players at the bottom of the original post. And sorry to hear that you also went though the same thing, equally i'm glad someone here knows what its like to be karma bombed; it makes me feel like im being punished for being better geared almost, and it also just feels like gearing is now a complete waste of time if someone thats level 53 can just push me as a level 58 out of a level 56+ area... its just not fair. 
    Nope, you're level 56? Cool go grind at sausans?! If you're at level 56 you shouldn't be at pirates and also I don't just Pk people? I stop and let them know that the spot is taken and give them a chancel, In fact if you said you had a quest I would happily invite you to my party and help you with it. The problem is if you wanted to grind at pirates, which would be inefficient for you, you wouldn't be able to clear any spots fast enough for it to be efficient, and you'd just get in my way, but yet you can still do that because of the way the game works the punishment.
    You should be grinding sausans at level 56, but if you wanted to be a ----- to me, you could just come to pirates and grief as much as you want with no punishment what so ever, meanwhile I am sat here being griefed and not able to kill you more than 4 times, then i'm either forced to leave the channel or just try to grind along side you and lose exp, either one of these is a lose situation for me and its just not fair.
    and before anyone says that if he makes enough of a disruption of my grind then he also deserves the spot, even killing one group in a rotation can cause quite some exp loss and mess a rotation up. 
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  9. Skiouros added a post in a topic PVP punishment [Karma bombing and Griefing]   

    If you don't grind much you have no place in this post as you're quite inexperienced with griefing and karma bombing, thanks.
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  10. Skiouros added a post in a topic PVP punishment [Karma bombing and Griefing]   

    I'm sorry that you had to go through this too, that's why I made this post because I've noticed a lot more people than just me have the issue, and thanks for your input! I really didn't think of this solution I'll edit my original post and give you credit, thanks!
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  11. Skiouros added a post in a topic PVP punishment [Karma bombing and Griefing]   

    You're right it is the easiest solution, however it isn't the best. I'm sure with a little more effort and thought into the solution I think something could be put in place that either punishes someone that is griefing, or at least doesn't punish someone for defending their grinding spot. 
    It would be difficult to implement, but if it means changing the game for the better then I think it needs to be done; the game seems to be who can go the longest of losing exp until just giving up and either being forced out or going neg karma. Instead of what I think it should be; a healthy pvp game where people fight over spots, if someone takes a spot then maybe get your guild as back up? its how some of the best guild vs guild wars start, and to see this aspect of the game disappear upsets me.
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  12. Skiouros added a post in a topic PVP punishment [Karma bombing and Griefing]   

    but if i go neg they wont leave? they will  just keep coming back until they eventually catch me off guard then i lose exp?
    how is that a good system?
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  13. Skiouros added a post in a topic PVP punishment [Karma bombing and Griefing]   

    I like how simple you make this, however the game is meant for fighting over spots ^^ it's healthy game play and it can start some of the best GvG fights. However when it comes down to abusing the system, it takes this aspect out of the game, and it will just become who can out last the other without getting upset, which is terrible.
    Also, if someone is that much better than you then you shouldn't be grinding there, you should go somewhere for your own level and gear standard.
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  14. Skiouros added a post in a topic PVP punishment [Karma bombing and Griefing]   

    So, with your argument, levelling and getting better gear is now useless because you cant do anything with it? that's what this game is about, don't like it then play a different game. Getting better gear and progressing to better grinding spots, and defending it from other players is what this game is. 
    I seriously lack the ability to comprehend your idea of lower people should be entitled to the same things as higher players? news just in - they shouldn't.
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