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  1. Feyria added a post in a topic Winners: Awakening Event Series - Tamer   

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  2. Feyria added a topic in Tamer   

    Tamer polls!
    I've found a lot of tamers tend to be people's alt characters for whatever reason. I thought it'd be interesting to actually see how it is with some polls.
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  3. Feyria added a topic in General   

    Why do wild horses not follow you back to stable now?
    So now wild horses won't follow us after they're captured? Is this an intended change or just another bug? Used to a wild horse would gallop behind a player, or teleport to them after a player would get so far from them... now the horses just stay where they're caught and one has to ride them back to the stable, they wont move an inch otherwise. What's the deal with this? 
    I really hope its not an intended change, as that'd suck.
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  4. Feyria added a post in a topic Why are all these lower level spots packed with level 59s?   

    Oh right, they're just noobs. Whoops!
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  5. Feyria added a post in a topic Crafted Costumes   

    Crafted costumes are always gonna' take up gear slots since now there's a 1500 pearl item that makes them go into costume slots, I guess you didn't know about that cash shop update or are one of those "I dont wanna' spend money but I deserve a costume too!" kind of people.. hard to say. Just buy a pearl costume with silver if that's the case, btw.
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  6. Feyria added a post in a topic Is it ok to have player trading now?   

    Nah. Player trade will only really be a crutch for noobs. It's better for everyone to do things themselves and become better gamers thanks to that.
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  7. Feyria added a post in a topic Here a Seed, There a Seed...Or Not?   

    I think it'll be just like how Zinc was before the Mediah patch.. eventually we'll get these seeds and nodes to send workers too.
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  8. Feyria added a post in a topic Horse Problems   

    Sometimes horses just don't load up properly, this is fixed with a relog or restarting the game client. 
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  9. Feyria added a post in a topic Why are all these lower level spots packed with level 59s?   

    I farm in Valencia at lvl 56. Like no one past level 56/57 should still be at Sausans but plenty are since they're all afraid of the desert.

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  10. Feyria added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Black Desert constantly reloading
    This is really annoying.
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  11. Feyria added a post in a topic Ya'll ever gonna fix the servers?   

    You must be talking about this:
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  12. Feyria added a topic in General   

    Mob without name plate attack me?
    So i was grinding on Saunils.. and I noticed an extra monster attking me... but he didnt have a nameplate, and i couldn't attk him back.. was sooooo weird. Anyone else seen this guy? I know he looks like a Calph Priest, but there's no dual dagger wielding ones on database.  Right after I screenshotted it, for some reason windows firewall popped up to block some BDO stuff and my game crashed.. So weird, I found it by the beach area at the Saunil camp.
    uploading my own pic into it wasnt working so imgur to the rescue.
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  13. Feyria added a post in a topic Venia Riding Attire - vague description. What??!   

    JUST in case OP still hasn't read all the other screenshots of what the Venia Riding Attire obviously does.. I'll post my screenshot of mine here too.

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  14. Feyria added a post in a topic Pirate Fanart Contest Thread - is back and up for voting   

    So I visit that link, to see all the randomized entries.. Click one I wanna vote.. it tries to take me to forums @ http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/79929-pirate-fanart-contest-voting/  and I get a nice ole page that says 
    Sorry, there is a problem
    You do not have permission to view this content.Error code: 2F173/H
    Contact Us
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  15. Feyria added a post in a topic Monopoly on Horse Market   

    Well.. Selling horse to friends is a difficult task, first you must teach your friends of the click refresh method, since market refresh rate is slower than manually doing it (as in when a new horse appears ya know?).. Like you get the person in a party or somethin with you, and you get them to go wait at the stable market with the amount of money they need (check for them by setting up a listing, but dont list it).. say the 4mil odd silver, then after they're totally ready let them know they'll have to constantly close and reopen the stable horse market (not by using the esc key cuz it sends you all the way back.. but by closing it with the little X and then using the menu button at the bottom to reopen it quickly..) .. then its like after they're all check boxed to which money to buy with, you let them know you're goin into the menu to list the horse and tell em to be ready (you'll ofc have to give them details about the horse: example- Selling a t-6 male, the braided pattern look but black in white in color like cow prints t6L, full breeds and start accel as the move with level 1 costing 4,270,630 silver) .. then let them know you're going to list it.. and hope for the best! Oh, be sure to tell them instead of clicking YES to buy they hit enter key since its much faster..!
    I've only lost 1 horse to some random person doing this method, cuz it got snipped since it was an under 4mil fresh t-6 male.. Luckily it had a horrible name of GGwphfQq or something.. Better than that t-5 I was mad about getting that I named Buttplug at least! 
    I've been running out of horse names recently so I've been doing cliche anime names like Hikari, or Asuka. Horses to sell to friends I try to name stuff like Dache, or Hope.. or other not so crappy but still probably crappy names. There should be a random name generator button for horses. 
    BTW: easiest to sell a horse to someone you're in person with, like say have your friend get on their laptop and come to your house if possible.. if not possible then maybe skype-- but Ik how it is, i have some in game friends I only talk to in game so that's a thing.
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  16. Feyria added a topic in General   

    Do you HATE all those T R U M P guilds?
    This might help you like them all a bit more.
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  17. Feyria added a topic in US Guild   

    UNO - Laughing Demon guild

    I'm Feyria, co-GM of Laughing Demon together with Desvero! Our guild is on the UNO server, and we're a small guild that takes it easy and just looks to have fun. We've been a guild for about three years now across a variety of games including: Tera, FFXIV, Path of Exile, Guild Wars 2, and a few other games. Right now we're very focused on BDO and would like to expand our guild a bit. We have a guild rap on youtube if you'd like to watch:
    The footage is from a TERA guild event we ran, and the vocals are mine lols. 
    If you're interested in joining up with us please visit our guild website: http://laughingdemon.shivtr.com/  and submit an online application there prior to contacting us in game. Upon acceptance of the application (give us a few days) we'll leave a comment on the application with whom to contact in game for an invite.
    Thanks for checking out this thread and see you in game! 
    I don't check the forums a ton as I spend most of my time in game but if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask them here and I'll answer them to the best of my ability.
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  18. Feyria added a post in a topic Monopoly on Horse Market   

    It's UNO server that has about 5 pages of levels 25-30 horses that are mostly (Unable To Reset) with the breeds lol. A lot of the horses no one wants to buy since their skills aren't very desirable. I would have taken a screenshot if I thought it was worth, next time I'm in game I might since apparently other servers arent like this lol.
    Making a t-6 takes generally for me two lvl 25 t4 horses btw @ everyone.
    Yep exactly.
    Its true, t6 takes a lot of effort to get, many days of horse riding and only horse riding.. and lets face it guys, auto looping a horse to lvl 30 for breeding IS NOT FUN!
    Like I only sell level 1 fresh t6 horses to friends, and it's a very serious business cuz those horses only go for about 4mil on average price.. that is NOTHING compared to the amount of effort put into getting said horse.
    Example for those that don't know:
    -Craft Raw Sugar: 10 mineral water, 1 raw sugar (costs about 600 silver for water, and 200 for 1 sugar so 800 silver total)
    -Buy rope from stable keep: 2,000 silver
    In general it takes me average 2 ropes and 4 sugars (counting fails/my mistakes/rng and all) probably on horses.. so that's what like 5,600 silver-- okay that's nothing per horse so no biggie.. but then..
    1.) Get items to catch horse.
    2.) Catch wild horse it's a t-1 or t-2, if lucky t-3..
    3.) Level up horse. (Costs money to recover it with stable keep or carrots).
    4.) Go out catch another wild horse..
    5.) Level up next horse if it's the correct gender, if not repeat step 4 until you have a male + female combo..
    6.) Breed horses and hope you don't get a same tier horse or even lower tier horse (my friend got two lvl 30 t6 to breed.. it made a t5..)
    7.) Repeat processes 1-6 until you have a t-6..!
    Now having a t-6 is much easier with the release of t-3's into the wild.. and all a person really needs is two lvl 25 t4 for a t6.. but honestly, its a lot of effort put in!
    I didn't get my first t-6 until like, a freaking month of struggling I swear.
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  19. Feyria added a post in a topic Monopoly on Horse Market   

    Lol its not a monopoly its just because of the recent changes to how stables work..
    Now people can sell mount to NPC's and that doesn't take away market taxes either.. So, that is why you don't see any tier 1-3 on the market hardly, since they are not worth selling to other players because they are so easily available in the wild and there's no point in keeping a stable slot tied up for selling to another player because selling to NPC frees the slot instantly and it does not wait in que.
    I've been a ranked horse trainer for a while now, so trust me when I say its like this and not like how you think it is lol.

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  20. Feyria added a post in a topic CANT GET RID OF HORSE/DONKEY   

    Its not optimal for serious horse trainers to use that method, like I said before lol. Also, not complaining about it-- just pointing out that it was/is an issue though now thanks to some small efforts on my part, and CM Jouska taking the time to come by and look/comment hopefully this issue will be fixed as he called it as a bug. 
    Lol, also so what? I was informing him of some correct steps to take for a CM reply, instead of just letting it be insinuated that there was some sort of favoritism toward my thread over others because it's in the general section. No need to hate on Daum employees, they're all just trying to do their best at their day jobs imo.
    Also, you've not been very helpful in this thread at all lol.. Don't know why you're still even posting here. 
    Seems to me that the issue is getting looked into and hopefully will be taken care of soon, thanks for all the replies guys! Cheers and happy horse training.
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  21. Feyria added a post in a topic CANT GET RID OF HORSE/DONKEY   

    I took the time and effort to send CM Jouska a personal e-mail about this issue and link him to the forum topic, so I think that is why I was able to get a speedy response.
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  22. Feyria added a post in a topic CANT GET RID OF HORSE/DONKEY   

    Ok! You're welcome and thank you also for the speedy reply! I will certainly submit a Bug report now.
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  23. Feyria added a post in a topic CANT GET RID OF HORSE/DONKEY   

    Cuz all horses are useful to level up for training EXP, so its just not an ideal method for me. 
    I ultimately did have to do my exchange already today, exchanged a t3 with 1 breed left and a t2 level 18-- and I got a t3 brown braided horse male, that I could have easily foudn in the wild but paid 35k to get instead and now I have a 24 hour cool down until I can even use the exchange function again.
    So its just like, they need to readd the stupid mount release/delete button and it'd be fine or take off that level restriction for selling a mount to NPC (like why is there even a level restriction makes no sense..).
    I'm still stuck with that t1 level 19 horse tho named Rosetta. Kinda sucks to exchange horses to get more crappy horses is all lol, and for it to take 24hr to get rid of horses basically.
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  24. Feyria added a post in a topic CANT GET RID OF HORSE/DONKEY   

    Yup and when that horse is a t1 lvl 19 breeds used with Roar and some other high priced skills.. Well.. no one will buy it lol!
    The only other way around it I've found is by taking say 2 horses male/female you might not want (but lets face it, some of us don't always have 1 male and 1 female to do with as we please..) and then exchange them for 35k.. But then you're still going to only free up 1 horse stable spot since you get another horse in return.. So then it's like this endless process unless you decide to just player sell or merchant npc the horse right after its born or prior to level 10.. And man, this convoluted way to get rid of an unwanted mount is just ridiculous!
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  25. Feyria added a post in a topic CANT GET RID OF HORSE/DONKEY   

    Yup exactly!
    Its worth EXP to level up horses towards training, and I'm working on Artisan level. 
    It's not the silver weight, I have over 800 limit.. And yea not being able to vendor them after level 10 is an issue for sure, which is why we need the release/delete button back.
    Yea so I just used my exchange to get rid of two crappy horses, but now I still have one crappy horse that costed me 35k (the braided one you can catch in the wild, t3 male).. So good wish I could just have deleted the stupid mounts. Well, time to sell that crappy horse for.. just about nothing 8D!
    Seriously this is making leveling up horse training a B|TCH!
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