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  1. Lidocaine added a post in a topic Thank You Daum for Giving Us Working Players a Chance!   

    Having more chanes does not entail more successes. It's really that simple.
    For someone trying to come at me for "reading comprehension," maybe you should look into a rhetoric or writing skills workshop. But that's not even really the point, now is it?
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  2. Lidocaine added a post in a topic Thank You Daum for Giving Us Working Players a Chance!   

    @War - Okay I'm late to the game, but let's see what's going on here.
    His argument isn't moot. It's how it works. If you don't understand that an increase in a number of chances doesn't increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome, then you are a lost cause. Please, for you financial sake, don't ever go to a casino.
     What are you even talking about? [My] probability and [your] probability are independent of one another, as are our chances. You seem to be assuming that a 20% probability per chance equates to 20 successes for every failure. Again, that's not how it works. At all.
     This is true. People are mad because what would take tens of hours of grinding to attain (e.g. 100 million in silver) will have the potential to be gained via money for psuedo-instant gratification. Assuming, of course, the mp is always sold out of these cash shop items and that the items forever remain in high demand.  If, in fact, Daum/Kakao decides to go through with this (which I'm sure they will to, at the very least, test the waters), be sure not to purchase any pearl items with in-game silver if you do not support this model--and that goes for anyone up in arms right now, since most of you will probably continue to play regardless.
    This is a moot point; we essentially paid a box fee to unlock items and shit that are normally, in other versions, bound to the cash shop at the onset. If they refund the box fee, expect at least half of your character customization options to become reverted to default and locked behind a Character Appearance Change Coupon.
    If you're still confused, misinformed, or just too angry/annoyed to understand... there's nothing more I can do for you without sending an invoice for services rendered.
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  3. Lidocaine added a post in a topic I bet most people won't quit after next week   

    If you don't like the changes to the game... or you don't like where you assume the game might possibly be going in a few months/years... then stop playing?
    Gods forbid that it's just a video game.
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  4. Lidocaine added a post in a topic The NO-P2W Market   

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  5. Lidocaine added a post in a topic The NO-P2W Market   

    You should make the links actual links in your OP... or display them from Imgur where they'd be more than likely to display properly instead of trying to display them using a Dropbox link.
    Full Disclosure: I think the signage is fugly and I'm not participating in these protests or "the movement" or whatever, but the broken images in OP are just unacceptable.
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  6. Lidocaine added a post in a topic The NO-P2W Market   

    That's... not what I meant. But okay.
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  7. Lidocaine added a post in a topic The NO-P2W Market   

    -----ing office computers... I take it back and will trust you that they are actually displaying correctly.
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  8. Lidocaine added a post in a topic The NO-P2W Market   

    Can you at least fix the images you -----ed up?
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  9. Lidocaine added a post in a topic Botter   

    This isn't how you report botters... with your 1-post account.
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  10. Lidocaine added a post in a topic .   

    It only takes 1 memory fragment to change which skill you've added on to--not just to change which add-ons you've chosen for a skill.
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  11. Lidocaine added a post in a topic [Mathematics]Marketplace tax and value package benefit   

    117,940,845 x 0.65 = 76,661,555
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  12. Lidocaine added a post in a topic To the Community:   

    Terrible advice.
    Either that math teacher is gonna be shit or your lessons are gonna be shit for that paltry investment.
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  13. Lidocaine added a post in a topic Value pack points and refutations   

    How did you ----- up that formatting so badly?
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  14. Lidocaine added a post in a topic Value Pack Discussions   

    If you don't like it, don't buy it? The people who are going to "unfairly" benefit from its advantage(s) are the same people who are already owning the leaderboards.
    Don't get me wrong, people have every right to complain, but 90% of the complainers are just spouting the same half-baked ideas ad nauseum. If you're really against it, state your case, don't use your free pack, and don't buy any from the shop.
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  15. Lidocaine added a post in a topic Reality Check   

    Maybe now some people will read this... Tried to keep it simple. Large font. And bold. For the blind.
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