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  1. Heliosk added a post in a topic Sorc and Warrior awakenings have released with no problems   

    : (
    someday Musa...someday.
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  2. Heliosk added a post in a topic Musa - [Cantusa] Dye Advice   

    Thanks for the information! I'm going for a color scheme of Black/Dark Maroon, so if you have any ideas relating to how I could make that color scheme work, it'd be greatly appreciated!
    Looks really cool! And yeah I know right, but in the end it's definitely worth it considering how awesome it looks.
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  3. Heliosk added a topic in General   

    Musa - [Cantusa] Dye Advice
    Hello everyone! I was hoping I could get some feedback from the fashion experts of the BDO community on what dyes match well with the Cantusa costume. I've tried myself but, everything ends up looking to flashy/bright. Any advice would be awesome, thanks!
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  4. Heliosk added a post in a topic Game population   

    Yeah, I'd definitely support an Uno/Orwen merge. I'm a player on Uno, and personally, it's hard to come by an active channel. Even if you do find an active channel on Uno, the global chat is just filled with market requests, guild advertisements, and barely any player to player chatting. The world itself on Uno channels is bland when it comes to seeing other players. I only ever see other players on either the main road, cities, or hot-spot grinding areas. And then even at the grinding areas, most likely the player will just unfairly kill off anyone who tries to disrupt their grinding.
    All in all, an Uno/Orwen merge would be pretty interesting to see.
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  5. Heliosk added a post in a topic Value Pack Appearance Change and Dye   

    I believe that all changes made to your character cosmetically with the Value Pack is permanent.
    I changed around my character's physique, facial-features, etc. with the Value Pack's cosmetic benefits. This includes stand-by expressions, so I think it will definitely fix your issue!
    Hope this helped!
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  6. Heliosk added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 31st   

    By stating "you people", I was referring to the people in the community who are toxic and backlash at every single patch this game has, just like you are doing now. They'll find something, anything, to complain about. And also, the game isn't holding our hands? They wouldn't lower the HP Pot use cooldown unless they had a reason to. This is better for PvX. 
    PvE Players have a higher chance of surviving when grinding/questing/etc., due to being able to use HP Pots in a faster rate now.PvP Players are now challenged more, due to having the reduced cooldown time for using HP Pots. The whole toxic side of the PvP community just needs to make up their minds on whether or not they want to complain about HP Pots "making the game too hand-holding >:((" or "making PvP too hard! :("
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  7. Heliosk added a post in a topic how in your right mind did you decide to make pots from 5 to 3 sec cd without considering pvp balance is beyond me. What are you even doing?   

    No need to cry over spilled milk.
    But for people like you on the forums, it's a constant waterfall of tears if someone spills even a tiny droplet of milk.
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  8. Heliosk added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 31st   

    In your post you literally stated that "Loyalty" shop = P2W. That moment when you can't even pay for loyalty points.
    Smh...you kind of people will find anything to complain about even if it's blatantly wrong.
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  9. Heliosk added a post in a topic Give us BAMS or give us death!   


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  10. Heliosk added a post in a topic Updated: Awakening Announcement   

    Actually a Musa, so I'll probably go through 100 of those boxes until my class awakening. 
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  11. Heliosk added a post in a topic Updated: Awakening Announcement   

    just stopping by to pass these out
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  12. Heliosk added a post in a topic Business > Game   

    At least you can see the light in that statement.
    Most people on here think everyone and anyone affiliated with BDO looks something along the lines of this -

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  13. Heliosk added a topic in Roleplay   

    Looking for RP Guild in Uno
    Hey everyone! So I understand that Uno is definitely not the Server meant/designated for RP by the community, but when first purchasing the game I made the mistake of not doing enough research and choosing Uno as the server for my Main. I'm looking for a Guild/Group on Uno interested in RP'ing. Please feel free to PM me on the forums if you're interested!
    - Character Info -
    Family Name: Azelith
    User Name: Heliosk
    Class: Musa
    Level: 52
    Server: Uno
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  14. Heliosk added a post in a topic What should the next Pet be?   

    I think we all know what pet BDO really needs.

    +100 AP against young human enemies.
    10000% vulnerable to ranged weapons.
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