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  1. Skullcatron added a post in a topic One thing I never get tired of seeing in BDO. Is that there is high heels on just about everything   

    That feet. That eyes.
    Those face.
    It scares me at night.
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  2. Skullcatron added a post in a topic Broken pre-order?   

    Good to know almost half of the world have pre-orders on that item.
    Even starving children in Africa have it. :^) 
    There's bound to be pre-orders that lead tremedously high if it's something like Dandelion, Boss gears, and especially most needed materials like log, and stone.
    Sometimes you have to multiply the pre-order of original item's price by 10x, or even higher to get it by sheer luck!
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  3. Skullcatron added a post in a topic Will BDO succeed?   

    You mean beastality-fetishist.
    We'll probably get a furry class after Striker, and 'Chinese' with exposure of furry-races showing up in Kamasylve
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  4. Skullcatron added a post in a topic Will BDO succeed?   

    True. But we'll probably reach that point if they ever implemented dwarves class.
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  5. Skullcatron added a post in a topic Will BDO succeed?   

    Implying we hadn't already.
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  6. Skullcatron added a post in a topic 3 Days of Content for Alt - New Classes   

    Around year 2013-2014~. Black Desert Korea was released.
    Today. After three-four years of continued existence.
    The most highest-level player in Korea -
    Is a level 64. And you says it take 5 years, even though the game've been out for less than that, to get to 60. SMH.
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  7. Skullcatron added a post in a topic Will BDO succeed?   

    Let both go to Mcdonald then.  
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  8. Skullcatron added a post in a topic How would you guys feel about an animal striker class?   

    Then explains why giants, humans, dwarves, elves, and demibeast can reproduce with one another!
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  9. Skullcatron added a post in a topic Will BDO succeed?   

    Edited that a bit.
    Let compare this to real life scenario. 
    Mcdonald, Burger King, and White Castle.
    Let say Mcdonald was first built Fast food in the area. Everybody goes there, and it get filled out quick to the brim.
    A few years later. Burger King got built. Number of costumers deceased, but loyal customers to Mcdonald are still at large.
    Then a few years later again. White Castle got built, and decreased the numbers of customers from Burger king, and McDonald.
    All it takes, is 
    'How do you know a MMORPG is succeeding?" Ask yourself
    1. Is the server up, and running? [Exception from belows. Or there is the Shutdown Date. Good examples are Vanguard: The Saga, and Club Penguin.]
    2. Is development team active per monthly basis? [Streams, Q/A, Developers activites on any forums, or reddit such.If Developers' primary language not english. Are they active on their own region?]
    3. Is number of players decreased to less than <5,000~ players? 
    4. Are communities complaining? [If yes. The game is ironically healthy. The community is truly dead if something is broken, and no one complains about it at all. Also the forum activities is very reduced.] 
    Some of these sign can prove how MMORPG succeeds.Have fun.
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  10. Skullcatron added a post in a topic Fresh Start Server is coming   

    We'll need to end this meme rightly with a throw of a pommel.
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  11. Skullcatron added a post in a topic Anyone here have the template for this Ranger?   

    Doesn't exist.
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  12. Skullcatron added a post in a topic Turn off EXP loss to BOSSES   

    but what real class.
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  13. Skullcatron added a post in a topic Community is so toxic..   

    No. Normal game isn't full of polite people.
    A normal game must be full of hilarious insanity.
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  14. Skullcatron added a post in a topic Gorgath - Calpheon (shunned)   

    Do the Storyline. He is behind the storyline barrier.
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  15. Skullcatron added a post in a topic Increasing Health with Food   

    Balenos Meal.
    Make it Yellow.
    Orange, and Yellow makes almost no difference at all in term of leveling Health.
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