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  1. AnnyGrin added a post in a topic What song are you currently listening to?   

    Hoizer Mc - Take Me To Church
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  2. AnnyGrin added a post in a topic Happy New Year 2017   

    This year I celebrated Chinese New Year in China. It was unforgettable New Year's Eve! I found where to stay in Hong Kong at https://swap-house.com/host/china/hong-kong/ for free and I spent in this amazing city the whole week. I'm a big fan of chinese culture and I have been dreaming about this trip for years. Want to visit also Shanghai, Tibet and Xian in the near future. Happy New Year, guys!
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  3. AnnyGrin added a post in a topic What song are you currently listening to?   

    I'm preparing for the local fitness contest, it requires a lot of training, I also started post cycle therapy to increase strength. Music helps me a lot while I'm working out. Now my fav tracks are:
    Bright Light Bright Light & Elton John - “All in the Name”
    Fat Joe, Remy Ma, French Montana, Infrared, David Guetta & GLOWINTHEDARK - “All the Way Up (Remix)”
    Carlos Vives & Shakira - “La Bicicleta”
    Alan Walker - “Faded (Tungevaag & Raaban Remix)”
    Cash Cash, Digital Farm Animals & Nelly - “Millionaire”
    The Chainsmokers, Tritonal & Emily Warren - “Until You Were Gone”
    Flo Rida & Jason Derulo - “Hello Friday (Owen Norton Remix)”
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  4. AnnyGrin added a post in a topic Whats for breakfast?   

    I want to participate in the local fitness contest soon. For that purpose, I attend gym 3 times per week and eat healthy food. For breakfast I have only low calorie foods and buy steroids online at http://daddyroids.org/ to increase strength and to build up muscle mass. Today I had cereal and low-fat yogurt with fruits for dessert
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  5. AnnyGrin added a post in a topic Korean Language support in game   

    Last time when I needed to translate my website into Korean this agency helped me a lot. I think it would be great if the game is available in multiple languages. For example, in Spanish also. It's one of the most popular languages in the world.
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  6. AnnyGrin added a post in a topic What song are you currently listening to?   

    I'm listening to RHCP at TuneIn Radio app now. I found this app for free at freepps.top. The list of stations includes more than 100,000 various national channels. PS sounds great
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  7. AnnyGrin added a post in a topic Advice on hardware needed.   

    I agree with Friendlyfireon
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  8. AnnyGrin added a post in a topic Just found this song. I'm in love with it.   

    I like RHCP.
    all songs
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  9. AnnyGrin added a post in a topic I had a dream...   

    nice dream...)
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  10. AnnyGrin added a post in a topic Poll Which MMO Will you Be Playing?   

    Albion Online
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