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  1. Vincent Xyooj added a post in a topic Rate the character above you   

    lol, not sure why someone would skip your valk ._ . but I shall rate your Valk, I like the fact that you did that with her hair :), that is what I did with that style for my Sorc, they really lack hairstyles so I always gotta go back and forth with the styles and try my best to make something different :). I would rate her a 9/ 10, she isn't looking like other Valks, she has something different and more natural, her makeup isnt overdone, and I like the fact she doesn't have an overly large bust xD. 
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  2. Vincent Xyooj added a post in a topic Rate the character above you   

    There wasn't really a new post above, and someone else rated the DK above, but I will do the same and give my opinion, your dk looks decent, but nothing really special about her, she looks like one of the typical presets minus the thin brows, which I like that you did something different. Glad to see something other then blue eyeshadow, and pink lipstick with thin drawn in brows xD. I would say 8.5/ 10. She looks good, but reminds me of all the other DK's out there ._ . Anyways, i will post my Warrior :3. People keep asking me for my preset for my warrior, or ask me where I got him from xD, told them 100% hours of plastic surgery in the customize window :). =.=' Gotta love the BDO logo, hurts my soul... 

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  3. Vincent Xyooj added a post in a topic Young Wizard Neck Resetting to Default   

    They basically want you to spend precious pearls to get an appearance change when you have this bug... So you basically waste pearls because they are unable to fix this issue... I posted about this issue even before he came to NA/ EU version as a young Wizard... http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/116585-young-wizard-look-and-needed-changes/, sadly his whole model is destroyed... From the lazy customize options when his younger version was being made... Take a look at what I said, and they didn't even take the time to respond or care at all... They are all about fixing bugs that dont even matter... Like the one posted above... Blinking while fighting fix was really necessary ^^... Because you know, we look when we are fighting :3... Please give more love to the male classes and fix their bugs as well... 
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  4. Vincent Xyooj added a post in a topic ATTENTION! Identity Theft From PaymentWall!   

    Get over it then... This is what they do now, if you do not have enough money in your bank account or your paypal per say, they will mark it as fraud and send the money right back to your account... They should only be asking for a copy of your id, and a receipt of the transaction... Not sure why they want a copy of your card though if you are having proof you own the account. You need to realize no one cares how many hours or how long you have been playing the game, they do this because of gold sellers -----ing up the market by charge backs and using stolen credit cards, they now want to ensure every single purchase is from the owner of the card. So with that being said, have fun missing all of the new content/ limited content that will be coming out... AH bots are back, so hf getting items from the MP xD... 
    All jokes aside, I had to show my id, and the receipt. They unlocked my account, but now it has to go through that bs payment wall thing, where I have to sit and wait like 30sec to 1min before my damn purchase is done... How I miss the simple 30 second pearl purchases... 
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  5. Vincent Xyooj added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Falling Through Map in Game...
    So the title pretty much explains itself... As I entered my house in Heidel... I fell through the floor, deep underground and my character died... There have been times where I just fall under the house, and I am unable to exit, which I have to either use the escape option or restart the whole game to get out of the floor... I am sure someone has already reported this to you guys... But I will bring it up again, because I am sick and tired of it happening =.='... The game seems to get worse and worse with every maintenance...  I have also fallen through the map at Dim as well, it could just be the high number of players which caused me to fall through the map, but it goes to far if you are dying from how far you fall... Under the map is water :)... So you basically drown once you die, you lose crystals and exp... Also, sometimes you lose your trade items because the frickin coding is messed up in the game, pls fix it... 
    Witness the abyss that is under the map xD... Water :), deep water to destroy all our dreams... If exp wasn't so annoying and you didn't have to spend hours to make a certain % I wouldn't be writing this :). 

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  6. Vincent Xyooj added a post in a topic Wizard Long Neck Bug   

    Bump, but sadly I do not think they will fix this issue, considering its been so long... All we can do is keep our fingers crossed, they usually feel more entitled and better to fix the female issues over the male issues... Which is very sad if you ask me... 
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  7. Vincent Xyooj added a post in a topic Known Issue - Beauty Album *Update   

    People need to stop complaining about when the DK awakening will come out... Apart of her quest line for her awakening is in Kamasylvia... So to answer everyone's question... It will be released when they decide to bring Kamasylvia to us... Which will probably not be for another month or 2... Maybe even sooner, who knows :). But I am sure you wont die because its not released yet... 
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  8. Vincent Xyooj added a post in a topic Wizard Long Neck Bug   

    This is one reason why I have not made a Wizard yet, because his young preset has so many issues... I have written a large post about all of his bugs on the KR server which I hoped they would have fixed by the time he came to the NA/ EU server, but it seems like they did not even take the time to go and look... Its something that can be fixed, yet they refuse to stray away from the KR server, and wont fix it on ours if they don't fix it on theirs... The sad truth of the matter... 
    Here it is if your interested in checking it out :). 

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  9. Vincent Xyooj added a post in a topic Young Wizard Look and Needed Changes   

    They just need to get shit fixed on this class... Sick and tired of not being able to enjoy the class due to these in game bugs... Like legit KR version gave 0 -----s about the creation of him, but it could have been fixed on this server... But no, lets not fix it... Lets just leave it for everyone to hate...
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  10. Vincent Xyooj added a post in a topic Accumulated play time - 10000 hours   

    They really dont care if you are reaching that amount of time for the simple fact its not dedicated players playing the game... Its just afk players playing the game ^^... The amount of afk and actual players differs immensely. It would be nice if we didn't already have value packs :D... 
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  11. Vincent Xyooj added a post in a topic Wizards looong neck   

    Unfortunately that doesn't fix it/ I already tried reseting and puting the neck sizes to all 0 and it seems to still be bugged regardless if you save the appearance .
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  12. Vincent Xyooj added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 8th 2017   

    holy shit I didnt even have to ask , they fixed the eyebrows ^^ Im proud of you guys
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  13. Vincent Xyooj added a post in a topic Witch-Labreve Armor/Only Allows for One Hairstyle   

    Im sure many hate this fact, its just like the marine romance outfit hat... One hairstyle for all Female classes... And it happens to be one of the worst ones imo... Its one reason I refuse to wear the hat... Due to that one issue, one hair... When clearly it should support any style you set... 
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  14. Vincent Xyooj added a post in a topic Gifting Trade Deals   

    God I love how they finally cleared this up, because I was saying this exact same thing even before they brought it up... You have to be some kind of stupid to trust anyone in the BDO community, because they are all out for themselves... Sry to say, but telling someone you will give them a Dandelion/ Kzarka/ Nouver/ Kutum for a cash item... Thats a bunch of complete bullshit... Because we all know when you get the items you want, you will just block that person and move on with your newly bought cash items, and weapon... This is one of the main reasons why they removed gifting in the first place =.=', besides gold sellers... Stop F**king up the community people... 
    I am 100% certain they will soon remove the whole trade option just like in the KR version... You cant even ask for pots from a friend at bosses anymore :). You gotta either try not to die, or leave the boss and get your own pots :). 
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  15. Vincent Xyooj added a topic in Suggestions   

    AFK only Channels
    Not sure if anyone addressed this before, but I am sick and tired of logging in and having massive lag due to the amount of afk fishers around the warehouse... You have to go to the manager in order to turn your gold into bars, turn in quests to him for daily silver... So your house storage isn't enough... This has nothing to do with having a good pc... I have a good pc, higher then the required specs for playing the game. I would like to suggest that if someone has been afk from 30mins to an hour that they be automatically switched to an afk channel... This would improve the player experience greatly... Or at least after that time de-summon the persons mount which they can pick up at the stables...  I'm sick of having massive fps drop when I want to turn in stuff... I usually just leave my gold bars in my storage bank because my game loves to crash due to the massive amount of afk fishers and/ or processors just standing there by the warehouse guy... 
    I am only speaking about when you are in town, if your afk outside of town, then so be it, you wont be switched because your not killing anyone's ram by sitting there afk in a non safe zone... 
    Please do us all a favor and set up some afk only channels... 
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