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  1. Zubi added a post in a topic Help A Newbie Choose A Class?   

    If you enjoy PvP and think about doing Sieges/Node wars I'd pick Valkyrie because it is a rare class with a lot of utility in group fights. She has 2 heals, DP buffs, a very decent block (currently bugged), high damage burst, the ability to pull enemies together (it absorbs people into a circle) making it very easy for your raid to drop AoE on your pull and destroy entire enemy raids. Also her ultimate is quite strong. Her PvE clearing speed may not be top tier but most classes are easy to play in PvE.
    Tamer is the best 1v1 class in the game, very large combos, variety of skills with immunity/frontal blocks, these and Maehwas excel in 1v1 but Tamer has more damage and CC while Maehwa has high mobility and shorter combos. A tamer can be very aggresive constantly putting pressure on their enemies while Maehwa will dash around you poking you until they get a CC and then shot you down. It's also important to consider Tamer has a grab so once they get you CCed they can extend their combo with a grab easily. From these 2 Tamer has better PvE because her pet can aggro 7 mobs + 7 that you can aggro so you can damage 14 mobs at the same time while other classes can only hit 7. Also Maehwa's PvE is terrible, no WP sustain at all she has to sit behind her block to regenerate WP or chug potions, this + her small aoe skills makes it a bad choice for PvE.
    Dark Knight is like Witch and Maehwa had a child: very high mobility with AoE nukes, just like Tamers can pressure you at close range these little bastards do it from range, they have high damage, AoE and iframes/frontal blocks to constantly move around you throwing AoEs they excel at nuking down fast targets and are hard to catch. Any ranged class has high utility in large scale fights so this class is alright for it. Her PvE is obviously good, new players have a hard time with her MP sustain, you just have to learn how to use it.
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  2. Zubi added a post in a topic Got bored of Valk so   

    Once you put PvE into the equation you have to discard Maehwa. DK all the way: sustain, ranged AoE dmg and dashing through spots helps with sustain.
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  3. Zubi added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    No that is not true, a ninja from my guild with 210 AP can nearly oneshot me when I'm not running whwb (eva offhand), but when I wear it... Hilarious, I saw him knock me down, miss a skill, use a grab (with 100% acc) and miss 2 more hits then i stand up and leave .. And this happened like 2-3 times in the same duel he'd simply miss a lot. 
    Don't try this vs tamers though, their pet alone with deal 500-1000 dmg in 1-2 hits + Tamer's dmg and their combo of full frontal hits.. Just don't try to trade damage with them, they're like melee wizards. They're not so hard to catch in owPvP tho, but in duels you can't get CCed or you'll die. 
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  4. Zubi added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    Ninja fails as much as we do if they don't stack accuracy, the only way for me to survive a ninja 1v1 is using whwb but if they don't have acc offhand they miss a lot because their awakened grab doesn't have 100% acc and trust me they need the accuracy. Thing is they can dump down their AP to 180-190 and still deal much more damage than us.
    Tamer on the other hand.. holy -----, they don't even need RCE to destroy an evasion stacker 1v1.
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  5. Zubi added a post in a topic Chase stamina cost removed!!!   

    I think that was last KR patch.. And it wasn't meant for musa and neither is it a bug from what I've understood the problem is the fact that item descriptions do not match real stats.. Like there's a huge table with all the description fixes (not buffs) and aparently precision gems have +8 accuracy for example, not +2. I don't even understand this because when I got my RCE I noticed a dmg boost but when I switched my precision gems for RBF Power I also noted a dmg boost... How can +6 acc from a single earring be more noticeable than +16 accuracy? 
    I think new tests must be done perhaps all of the people despising precision gems after trying them both (I've had x2 precision for months and now RBF Power for 2 months). I am sick of all this crap anyway.
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  6. Zubi added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    Sometimes I meet other musas from high lvl guilds while running my evasion build and they kill me in one combo and I'm like.. what the ----- just happened? Last night I was running 291 DP with evasion and 190 AP was doing more than fine in a friendly GvG vs RainingHostias and suddenly Oldskool shows up with 20 people one of them a Musa that came first, I thought he was weaker so I attempted to trade dmg with him and got one shot  I seriously don't have a clue how he's got so much damage.. I don't know if he had awakened buff, khalk/perfume or something but for an evasion build I got melted by my own class. 
    Same thing happened to me 2-3 weeks ago against another musa from another guild, also wearing evasion offhand. Yet I clearly see how ninjas/sorceress/kunos/ranger miss their oneshot combo 2/3 times.. one of those was incredibly ridiculous, like standing CCed for 5 seconds with 30% hp and he missed every skill in that rotation. So how can I even think of going full AP when I see this? Maybe those musas I faced are just very high geared with more TETs and top tier accesories.
    So what's the -----ing trick? Thing that bothers me most is Musa discord is not entirely reliable because NA community differs from EU and many maehwas comment there as well, so where to ask? I don't have a clue.. 
    I also wanna try the AP build sometimes but getting x4 earrings is a pain in the ass since you spend double amount of money just to have "2 builds that are okay" with either duo tungrades or TRI witches that's already 800M - 1B plus at least 400 M to try out TET AP offhand or 500 for Nouver.. It's a lot of investment when my goal could simply be "go from tri MoS to try Crescents or go TET armor".. instead I have to play around billions of gear investment just to have "3 okay builds".
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  7. Zubi added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    TET enhancement increases acc as well.
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  8. Zubi added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    Your dmg is still higher than your first tests. She's also wearing centaur and even evasion buff. It's just not possible to counter a full evasion build with our current gems, maybe with +5 acc gems things will even out but our acc modifiers/hits are still the lowest in the game  So yea I'd say we could use an improvement there but doesn't seem bugged.
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  9. Zubi added a post in a topic Why did they nerf musa in the first place?   

    It does a lot of dmg  But if you can stiffness > stun into Crust crusher and then BtB maybe it's more dmg
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  10. Zubi added a post in a topic Musa PVP discussion   

    x2 RBF Power 
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  11. Zubi added a post in a topic Why did they nerf musa in the first place?   

    If you BTB crust crusher never misses, unless you're been debuffed with a slow, you just have to use them both together. I also use crust crusher after a stun (shift +Q) and it works too.
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  12. Zubi added a post in a topic Iframe   

    Run out of mana? What the ----- man? Who the hell runs out of mana in PvP? They'll just melt me like butter if I suicide but I don't know why I bother talking to someone who thinks mana sustain is an issue in PvP.
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  13. Zubi added a post in a topic Musa PVP discussion   

    That should be okay with Margoria food you get 4 crit and once you get those muskans you can swap one crystal. For PvE I use Arehaza and go with +3 crit  But well it's PvE so I can play around crosscut crit bonus and bind thrust if  I feel like it.
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  14. Zubi added a post in a topic TET Yellow Awak better than TET Dandelion?!   

    I've switched from TRI ult to TRI dandelion and the dmg increased, I highly doubt it has more damage.
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  15. Zubi added a post in a topic Chase stamina cost removed!!!   

    I've done my research and it is not true. Also you have to remember many people know KR players or have a KR client to try themselves and this was just a high dissapointment. We're not getting buffed, not for a few months.
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