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  1. DiaborMagics added a post in a topic Explorer Event Series   

    Is the witch from the Weenie in the Box Promo an available preset? She's adorable

    Please?? I wanna know
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  2. DiaborMagics added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 31st   

    No, for me they are not.
    Let me check again before I say something stupid...
    EDIT: apologies, I did say something stupid. I just looked at the list where it said available 1x. Clicking that revealed the codes I thought the 1x was from the old code, which I have give to someone and that person hasnt redeemed it yet. Anyway, thanks
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  3. DiaborMagics added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 31st   

    ---> All players will be sent three Guest Passes following this maintenance to share with their friends.
    Still haven't received a single one?
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  4. DiaborMagics added a topic in PVE   

    How to get Storm Horse Gear?
    Drops? Or maybe only from boxes? Crafting only gives me Steel Combat.
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  5. DiaborMagics added a post in a topic How to build larger failstacks than 4?   

    Wow many responses, thanks for all these tips!
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  6. DiaborMagics added a post in a topic Changing Character Name?   

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  7. DiaborMagics added a post in a topic How to build larger failstacks than 4?   

    tnx for the tip I managed +14 by trying my bronze dagger to +10.... wasnt my intention
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  8. DiaborMagics added a post in a topic Changing Character Name?   

    Okay, I'm blind. Saw it and now I'm wondering how I missed it ty!
    EDIT: Do you perhaps know if there are sometimes events that give out free name change coupons? Dropping 10 euros for a name to change is... a bit crazy
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  9. DiaborMagics added a post in a topic Pet appearance change coupon   

    I just read breeding will allow you to choose a 'keep parent appearance' option and this will let you keep your bought color from the pet shop, even if the tier goes above tier 2. Is that the case? Because I want to breed, but I absolutely don't want the colors to change - I bought my pets because I liked their looks after all
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  10. DiaborMagics added a post in a topic Changing Character Name?   

    Hmm thought so, but I was told the appearance change coupon did that. So thats a no then? I did not see a name change coupon aside from a family name change and thats not what im looking for
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  11. DiaborMagics added a post in a topic How to build larger failstacks than 4?   

    Ah okay thanks. My yuria bow is +11 atm, getting close
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  12. DiaborMagics added a post in a topic Charles Rene (Velencia patch, desert outfit) Cape toggle?   

    EDIT: something that would need a 'fix' as well that's weird that it doesnt work, is hairstyles for some characters we can't change. The vertices or whatever they are called are there, but changes can't be made. I believe an example is the witch hair with the ponytail and bangs, from the top of my head. There are quite some things like this in the game. Cavaro outfits have the same cape issue, though they're more like feather strings and this relates to my suggestion topic, too, sort of
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  13. DiaborMagics added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Changing Character Name?
    Hey guys,
    Sorry, another topic but I thought it better to separate them. How do I change the name of my character? I have a value pack appearance change coupon, but when I go into Beauty Salon, where someone in chat told me to go, I can't change the name?
    Thanks in advance again,
    • 6 replies
  14. DiaborMagics added a topic in New Adventurers   

    How to build larger failstacks than 4?
    Hey guys,
    Title says it all. I've recently started failstacking for my Silver Embroidered Training Outfit and I managed to get it to +2 with a failstack of 3, I'm probably lucky. But I haven't succeeded in getting a failstack higher than 4 with cheap jewelry - and cheap jewelry was recommended to me. I've spent about 2 mil on cheap rings and necklaces, only to waste most of it. How do you guys build a nice failstack?
    Thanks in advance,
    • 14 replies
  15. DiaborMagics added a post in a topic Throwback to loading screen   

    Well it now also happens when playing the game hands-on, but less often in total than it did before, as before it sometimes disconnected me or booted me to the loading screen 5 times in an hour and sometimes not at all for 8 hours straight. Especially the unpredictability is hazardous and makes me feel uneasy about trying to AFK time and time again. But the last 2 patches seem to have improved it a little for me.
    Like I said, I now get disconnected while playing, too, but AFK and hands-on combined, it's less often than before. Usually. Hopefully more patches will improve it more and more; staying connected is the most important thing to even play this game, after all!
    @FliP it happens just as often when not sent to tray as when sent to tray. I only started sending to tray about a week ago. I thought it would close the game, but make it faster to restart at first lol
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