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  1. Sex added a post in a topic What class do you want to see next. After Dark Knight?   

    So pretty much this dude Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald
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  2. Sex added a post in a topic "Change Character Location" broken?   

    I actually found a fix to this problem 
    Go to 
    \Documents\Black Desert\UserCache\420180My Documents where your Black Desert is
    There are two ways to go about this
    Delete everything in UserCache 
    But this will delete all your hotkeys and key positions and what not
    OR second way is
    Find the file userCache
    and delete that. 
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  3. Sex added a post in a topic Marketplace Tax Ninja Nerf   

    When me and a couple mates calculated it, We would always come up with 5-6% tax using different samples to cross reference. 
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  4. Sex added a post in a topic Marketplace Tax Ninja Nerf   

    I don't think you guys understand the point i am trying to put across
    The tax has always been 35%
    They changed the way it been calculated in the system.
    Making you loose more than before. 
    Before, if would be a difference of 5% only with value pack on, now its a difference of 15.5% because they now do 
    So before the next person replies with another NOPE.
    Did u ever actually taken the time to sit down and calculate your earnings to see how much % u were taxed in the past ? 
    Cuz quoting what they state in the "past" is all good and well, but then again, I don't have to dig very far to see how much of what they "say" is not what is really is in game. 
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  5. Sex added a post in a topic Marketplace Tax Ninja Nerf   

    It has not, it use to be 5% a few months back
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  6. Sex added a topic in General   

    Marketplace Tax Ninja Nerf
    So, has anyone else noticed, they ninja nerfed the market place tax from 5% to 15.5% now
    Maybe this is old, but 3 months ago, when i last checked it was still 5% but anyways
    They don't even bother to update their "Helpdesk" 
    Its contradicts itself
    So lets do some quick math
    Old Tax
    65% total amount of silvers without value pack 
    95% total amount of silvers with value pack
    New ninja nerf tax
    54.5% total amount of silver without value pack
    84.5% total amount of silvers with value pack
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  7. Sex added a post in a topic Make shield blocking cost stamina   

    So, screw over warriors and valks because you are warism and valkism 
    ok got it !
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  8. Sex added a post in a topic Totally screwed on the attendance penguin   

    Just to kick you while you are down
    I love my T4 penguin
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  9. Sex added a post in a topic Trying to play this game again, is it pay to win now? What changed?   

    ^ pretty much what he says 
    Also 100mil can take less than 10hrs if u work purely on making money over everything else
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  10. Sex added a post in a topic Enchanting   

    Start off with an Yuria wep (buy it +15 ultimate if possible)
    same with Grunils 
    that should honestly be enough for most of ur adventures all the way to 56 and even beyond.
    with those upgrades you should be able to make decent money (when grinding), start saving up, slowly transcend to boss gears (kzarka, dande, muskan,bheg etc) most perferly starting with kzarka and dande for damage boost. 
    Otherwise, without decent funding and failstacks, enchanting is just a nightmare & a disaster waiting to happen. 
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  11. Sex added a post in a topic Is this game really worth it?   

    Honestly, most people put negative feelings towards an review or anything because, they are insecure little kids & wants attention by commenting on anything popular. 
    The game is far from P2W compared to other named MMORPGs out there, there are P2W elements, and players who cash shop are always advantaged (which is in the case for pretty much every MMORPG game you play). 
    In the end, it's what you are looking for in an MMOs that really counts. 
    If you have any doubts, Message me, i have a few guest pass left, you are welcome to give it ago to confirm your suspicions. 
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  12. Sex added a post in a topic What can you do in this game?   

    Then aim for #1 (in any channel or the main channel) in certain/all life skills :')
    now that's a real challenge. 
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  13. Sex added a post in a topic Trying to play this game again, is it pay to win now? What changed?   

    However people classify "Pay2Win", i can assure you, it's not as bad as people make it seems to be.
    Yeah, the "csers" have an 100mil advantage a week by selling highest max paying fashion however, its still only 100mil a week.
    PA has limited how much pearl shop items u can sell a week. 
    Compared to a few other MMORPGS out there who does not "limit" anything, BDO itself is not considered P2W at all.
    We can take a few "current" MMOs as example.
    Look how BNS is turning out to be, treasure trove monthly. 
    As far as BDO goes, if u enjoy the game, i am sure you won't mind those cashers gaining that advantage weekly (if they succeed in cashing that much weekly), and now the servers are merge, with 36 channels total, there a good chance you will probably won't even see them out in the field, probably just in world chat only. 
    Further, we been given lots of events weekly/monthly for incentives to "catchup/Progress" further. 
    They mix it up quite a bit, others may disagree or QQ over it, but its not always the same, "log in, grab your freebies, log off"
    Taking the Lavientia event for example. You decide which ones you want to craft from the obtainable pieces you get from over a range of things. 
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  14. Sex added a post in a topic Shovel + Laventia event   

    You DO get hard/sharp from shovelling which is "afk gathering" 
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  15. Sex added a post in a topic Change Character Location still broken for other people?   

    any fix on this, problem for me also
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