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  1. CAKE added a post in a topic People should lose crystals when PKed   

    Pearl Abyss actually market the mmo as a "PvP survival" game in KR. That and the heavy p2w is the reason it's not as popular as some mmo's in KR.  So yeah don't be surprised if Pearl Abyss in the future actually reward people for killing other players of the same level and upwards out in the world.
    There should be stricter penalties from actually dieing IF your the same level or are higher level as the pker. AFK timers shouldn't count or killing lowbies (No griefing what so ever). It would definitely hone some of these cute PvE player's reaction's and combat skills if they knew they had to kill to survive. 
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  2. CAKE added a post in a topic Anyone hate the Valkyrie Awakening?   

    Bigger is ALWAYS better! *winks*
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  3. CAKE added a post in a topic Is everyone excited for +16 - +20?   

    RNGesus nightmare incoming!

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  4. CAKE added a post in a topic Musa & Maehwa Update Events!   

    Yep GM Dew is incredible and super fast! Always see's to my tickets within 2 days wait time. Daum support as of this week is getting even faster. Keep it up Daum <3
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  5. CAKE added a post in a topic Isn't Plum still buggy?   

    definitely need to upgrade your armor asap. That + range damage reduction is a top priority!
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  6. CAKE added a post in a topic Maehwa Awakening Video   

    Tbh I'm of a different view even though the animations are lackluster, I think Maehwa looks to be the "total" package more so than most classes. You have red moon etc for aoe/bombing and your awakening for frontal cone single strike lockdowns with fast forward and backward damage strikes that give you incredible mobility with a focus on better single target damage. Can't wait to jump on KR and see for myself soon, as if the frost attacks do really slow/stun it could may well be a fantastic addition to any group PvP bombing/backline slows for this very reason.
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  7. CAKE added a post in a topic Maehwa Awakening Video   

    If only it was a "ice/frost dragon" animation at 100%. We could all RP as Toshiro Hitsugaya.

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  8. CAKE added a post in a topic Anyone hate the Lance?   

    It handles better than it looks though. So fast so quick. Personally I love it!
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  9. CAKE added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

    Looking at the comments 90% of this thread is from players with a PvE mindset though. Real pvpers are in game leveling to be competitive not visiting forums as frequent. You should ask for a quick survey in game as if the PvEr's had their way they would have stricter karma penalties for when an active bounty is on someones head and from flagging.. pff.
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  10. CAKE added a post in a topic Increase drop rate of boss armors   

    Sounds like you would be better off going back to a themepark mmo that hands out gear for free.

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  11. CAKE added a post in a topic Grab desyncs not fixed, berzerker buff then?   

    Stick it out, and don't get discouraged.. Desync's are a small price to pay till you get the number one Awakening in game, Soon™.
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  12. CAKE added a post in a topic PK'ing is not griefing   

    +1 op  FINALLLLYYYYYYY someone with some intelligence to see the difference between the two.
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  13. CAKE added a post in a topic Awakening   

    I know when they do get patched in, I'm ready with my popcorn for the forum drama that will happen due to how OP berserker/rangers will become. With an extra bucket for all the tamer tears.
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  14. CAKE added a post in a topic Fox/Wolf/Goat Nerf   

    RIP my wagon building empire for the future. Luckily I stockpiled 8429482 hides. But yeah it sux... I guess Daum recognized making 30 million a day from wagon selling was too much.
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