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  1. RisaLin added a post in a topic Calling all artists!! <3   

    Also feel free to hijack my thread I want everyone to enjoy artwork!! ^_^<3 
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  2. RisaLin added a post in a topic Calling all artists!! <3   

    I feel like this picture is so glorious it should be used as a promotion picture for the game itself!!! It's a great profile shot and the action in it brings me great joy!! I also love you went into such detail that you put a little cut on her face! LOVE IT!! <3 <3 
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  3. RisaLin added a post in a topic Calling all artists!! <3   

    OMG!!!!! NADIN!! THIS IS AMAZING!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Your style of art is so unique and beautiful!! TYSM!!! Let me know if there's anything i can do to repay you!! ^_^<3  
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  4. RisaLin added a post in a topic Rate the character above you   

  5. RisaLin added a post in a topic Calling all artists!! <3   

    Thank you all for replying! This is actually my first time even trying out the forum, I was unaware at the activeness of our forums.....I was actually thinking I wouldn't get a response at all, so thank you all kindly!! ^_^<3 I have Pm'd you guys, you have beautiful artwork!!!! To die for!! <3 and to all other artist reading this please feel free to respond and let me know who's out there and available!! ^_^<33 Thank you so much <3
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  6. RisaLin added a topic in Art & Media   

    Calling all artists!! <3
    Hello everyone!! I don't' see many art shops at all on the BDO forums, so I was hoping to find a bunch of great artists to do a few commissions for my character!! <3 It can be anime, realistic, doodles, lineart, color.....anything in your best style will do!! I hope it's not to much trouble and I don't mean to annoy anyone by posting this, just looking for some artwork!! Thank you for your time everyone! ^_^<3 

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  7. RisaLin added a post in a topic Rate the character above you   

    Your love for badass characters really shows!! I'd love to have you on my team as a body guard! Super hardcore you get an 8/10 scale! <3 
    And I'll just drop mine here >//<;; 

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  8. RisaLin added a post in a topic Character Creation / Costumes / Customization!   

    agreed =) 
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  9. RisaLin added a topic in Suggestions   

    Character Creation / Costumes / Customization!
    Hello BDO players and BDO team! 
    Let's be honest everyone, we ALL love customization options, we ALL love creation and being able to make and mold our characters into our very own. It's like moving into a new shell of what is us, just in a virtual world. Obviously, we all know that BDO is known for it's massive character creation options, sliders, menus, the possibilities are large! But I feel like the character creation screen is lacking ALOT for what it really should be!! We only have a few select styles to work with and modify, which are all really great, but I can't be the only one who feels there should be so much more!! I am also aware that when an MMO is still new all the pretty ideas aren't out on the table, and there's so much more to focus on for the staff, but I can't help but crave and want for more pretty things! Anyone agree? ^_^;; Personally I'd LOVE to see extremely long hair, pigtails, more color pallet for hair, and we ALL know if we had more outfits in the pearl shop with lots of pretty pieces and things, people spend money on fashion, I do ;D LOL. 
    I was thinking of even drawing out and posting my ideas for outfits and hair on this thread. If anyone has anything they want to show and throw in for motivation in hopes the makers will see it, post it right here! I'd love to see it too!!  
    Thanks for your time!  
    -Risa <3
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  10. RisaLin added a post in a topic In House Item Armor Mannequin   

    I <3 this idea!  
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