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  1. Darkstride added a post in a topic The Prices Still Need To Be Fixed.   

    +1 for sure. The prices are a tad bit ridiculous....
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  2. Darkstride added a post in a topic Movement State Redux: Walking   

    +1 Fully support a walking toggle!
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  3. Darkstride added a post in a topic Requesting an RP Channel or Server   

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  4. Darkstride added a post in a topic Requesting an RP Channel or Server   

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  5. Darkstride added a post in a topic Younger Looking Wizards   

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  6. Darkstride added a topic in Suggestions   

    CBT1 - Plusses and Deltas
    First off, I just want to thank BDO staff for being so thoughtful with this game. I have had SO much fun in CBT1, and I am so excited for a fantastic game. I also appreciate the attention to feedback, and openness to community suggestions. Thank you! 
    I took notes during my time playing the beta, and wanted to share them. I've separated them into plusses and deltas, as I think every piece of critical feedback should also come with a piece of positive feedback! Thanks for reading!
    Deltas - Things to Change:
    ·         Text limit in chat box. It's just way too small. You can write about a sentence and a half before you're locked out from typing more. Please expand, as most other MMOs have a much larger text limit.
    ·         /emote channel - Other MMOs have a /emote channel. This is mainly for RPers, but can be fun for other folks as well. Not necessary, but a nice addition.
    ·         Bumping into people – while it’s cool that you bump into folks, the game is too crowded at the moment and it actually breaks immersion when I’m running through town and bump into 100 people trying to get from one side to the other. This is more a personal issues, as other folks don't seem to mind it as much.
    ·         For the “investigate quests” – there should be a completion bar when you are ‘investigating’ an item. It can be extremely frustrating – like in the investigate the statute at the center of town quest in Heidel – to be circling the statue with the camera, and not know what you’re missing. I spent a good 10 minutes trying to figure this one out....
    ·         The level recommendation of quests needs to be reconfigured. I’m currently doing quests marked for “Level 20” at level 15. And I find these quests actually at the right difficulty level. They are fun to do, but at times can be a little challenging and I have to watch my health consistently. That said – the gearing would have to be altered a bit as well. As though I’m 4-5 levels under the recommended quest level, the gear I have is better than the gear given to me by a level 20 quest giver while Im at level 15.

    ·         Sitting in chairs at tables--would be nice! But not a necessity.
    ·         If you’re in observe mode and type something that includes any of the letters that move the camera into chat, the camera will move as you type those letters.
    ·         Armor customization options. I love the dying system, but I really just need more armor options to customize my character with.

    Plusses - Things I Love!

    ·         Soundtrack is excellent – music to environment is amazing. What a score! Amazing job with the music.
    ·         Locations and environments are UNREAL. I love the variety and the beauty of cities and villages, of forests, and caverns. What a beautiful game!
    ·         Size of map is overwhelmingly great, which makes for a deep and enthralling adventure.
    ·         Camera system - I love taking photos in games, and yall make it so easy! Thank you for the camera system!
    ·         Day/night cycle. Yes. Yes. Yes. 
    ·         Weather events are realistic and beautiful.
    ·         Ladders. Something about climbing ladders is really enjoyable.
    ·         Housing system - Well thought out and incredibly interesting. I love the role that housing plays and how MANY housing options are available!
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  7. Darkstride added a post in a topic The Social System Needs Some TLC   

    Love these suggestions!
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  8. Darkstride added a post in a topic The Valkyrie Situation and Immersive Armors   

    Agreed to all of the above!
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