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  1. BDOMONSTER added a post in a topic #RewardsGate   

    Honestly I am not sure when utterly whiney kids took over this world but its really sad. These "reward" is free stuff that is pretty trivial I honestly couldn't give a crap if they deleted my 5000k free reward for simply being logged in. You kids seriously have no real concept of anything beyond entitlement anymore its disturbing....you are crying and losing your mind over trivial meaningless free stuff in a video game its really sad. You got a 5k reward they changed it it might be a bit better oh well get over it, alot of things improve as these games evolve. Move on with life and stop crying about trivial things.
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  2. BDOMONSTER added a post in a topic Pets are overall real cancer, specially T4s.   

    Its such a trivial difference not sure why you have insisted you must have t4 pets. Personally I dont think they should ever fail since they are a cash shop item, but i will still insist the improvement is so miniscule you are chosing to throw money away just because and not any real reason.
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  3. BDOMONSTER added a post in a topic Keep Pearl Gifting, Play Smarter   

    Pearl gifting is a cancer. It never fails that the same p2w crowd of cancerous players end up utterly destroying every single possible function of the game. This is why trading cant ever exist in these games, and well cash shop gifting. Now you literally have ZERO economy for high end items because now you must "gift" pearls to have a person list. Remove pearl shop gifting start using your own money to buy pearl items or purchase them off the market. Remove gifting and the cancer it has created.
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  4. BDOMONSTER added a post in a topic If you're not going to give us the weapon exchange coupons could you at least let us turn in more auras   

    Just would hear more never ending QQ by the free2play maggots crying OMG P2W!!! as they start to spam world chat "wtb weapon change voucher paying MAX PRICE!" which is utterly comical ironic and pathetic all together.
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  5. BDOMONSTER added a post in a topic Seriously though why is the reward vs punishment for PvP/PK so imbalanced?   

    Wait you are pretending that jumping some dude leveling who you know you got better gear than and higher level and all set up for pvp stats is real pvp???? CSome people are truly pathetic lol.
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  6. BDOMONSTER added a post in a topic Node level and knowledge rank test   

    Let me explain it all to you guys, the reality is it is working correctly like the developers said. The issue is it only works for rare drops not silver or trash loot, and this is the part most people do not understand. Its a multiplicative boost, meaning it is almost a useless increase on rare loot drops. I will give you an example. Lets just say you are hunting for an item that has a .01% chance to drop and you get a 20% boost (seems significant right?? WRONG) to the drop rate your new drop rate will be .012 meaning your 20% improvement amounted to a .002% improvement in the actual chance to drop.... in other words statistically insignificant. The developers will not provide you with this information directly that is why you get obscure answers like "its working" because once you understand the formula you will understand you should NEVER EVER EVER waste your money buying their cash shop item that boosts drop rates. Its the same kind of crap that cash shops that use RNG boxes get away with they rope you in with some big ticket item but will never tell you the chances to get the item from said box is 1 in 100k, then they tag the rewards from the box with a system message so you will see said items being received from time to time but you dont see the hundred thousand boxes open that got the garbage loot Its very deceptive and hopefully some day soon they will be forced by law to provide these numbers when it involves cash shop purchases.
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  7. BDOMONSTER added a post in a topic [VIDEO] Our "New World" is SO FUN!   

    What exactly was fun??? Lets review you ran around over geared over leveled killing players that dont even fight back? The sausans put up a better fight than the people you killed. so what was fun about it? Are you jerking off to yourself because you think that makes you a good player?? because it doesnt, it didnt look fun either a stationary dps dummy would be more interesting to beat on then some noob players low level players fighting monsters...
    I mean you are so bad that you even have a scrublord "noob pvp" hotbar. How was that even fun? No one cared you killed them, no one even tried to fight back or run they just stood there and typed go ahead kill me? and you did pressing 3 buttons...you are the prime example of the sad state of gaming and why pvp mmo are for total scrubs who suck at games lol.
    uhm no one even attempted to fight back  just another no life scrub going to beat on some players he knows have no chance to beat him and thumping his chest pretending he can play a game pressing 3 buttons to kill lowbies. MMO pvp is for clowns who are bad at video games takes no skill never has never will, people who want pvp games of skill play actual games that take skill and force you to fight against players you have to outplay to beat not "out gear , out level or have more friends".
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  8. BDOMONSTER added a post in a topic why not just remove pvp in this game?   

    Move along just another cry baby whiner that wants to pretend griefing is "pvp". apparently unless you can make people suffer while you yourself will never be at any risk in making others suffer its "bad pvp". Herr Durr I cant run around killing trade wagons and making people lose xp and money while i get to role play the killer and everyone else gets to role play victims for me to jerk off to. One day fruitcakes like this will understand what actual PVP is, pro tip its not killing some dude who is helpless while riding a wagon.
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  9. BDOMONSTER added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    Do the math on those items it doesnt add up to 455m something seems fishy it is a pretty healthy amount but on edan that would only need you for selling on the AH 280m? Its a good chunk of money for sure but in the grand scope of this game its not really that big of a deal it is a pretty nice chunk though not going to argue, but hardly game breaking considering that is maybe 2 weeks worth of selling pearl items and many people claim they cn easily make 200 million a week playing, so that is maybe 10-14 days of play time worth.
    Me my other server characters did many of the log in reward but I am no where near 450 mill like what his bank says and i have many of the same things.
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  10. BDOMONSTER added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    actually it is the exact opposite. What you would find if you thought and did some research is that on all the other regions the marketplace is loaded with boss armor to buy, its only rare to us because the servers are all fairly new. So all this does is help ensure everyone gets its even sooner, these boss armors are not meant to be some ultra rare hardcore raider item, a level 1 can get a boss armor many ways and even use it at level one. The problem is your mindset that OMG boss armor I am so special and uber only i gots boss armor! while in the other region every player has full sets and the market is full so new players can get boss armor asap as they got the money to purchse off the market.
    TLDR get over it boss armor is nothing special stop acting like it is.
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  11. BDOMONSTER added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    bye lol.
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  12. BDOMONSTER added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    was hard for you to log in also?? Its like you for got all you did was log in to get your reward as well right??
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  13. BDOMONSTER added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    actually you dont have a clue nor can you read, if i have 200 contribution on edn and 100 on oren I wont get 300 points after the merge they will use the exp from getting 100 points add it to your edan score and you might have 225 afterwards and it is all you deserve because you earned all that contribution exp by playing.
    for the events its not a big deal you people need to get it out of your head that boss gear was meant to be some uber elite raid boss loot like in WOW, on the older versions of the game the market place is filled with boss gear there is soo much, we were meant to all have it and its not some lame epeen measuring stick like other games.
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  14. BDOMONSTER added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    eh? says who?? if you weren't meant to log in and received those rewards on each server it wouldn't have worked that way it would be one per account period not per server. your logic is broken there. Shovel was an exploit as you were never intended to be able to shovel without using energy, and you had to exploit a code glitch to enable it, these are very different things and any critical thinking can see the difference.
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  15. BDOMONSTER added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    why wouldnt they? in all cases the player performed the exact same function but on another server to earn said reward. to get my loyalty points i had to take the time to log onto each server which is the requirement for the reward, had to participate in each even even if it was just logging in, or if halloween i had to play and farm for candy on each server, leveling rewards? I earned those as well leveling myself up to earn the rewards (no different than if i just made an alt on the same server), contribution exp? Yup had to play the game to earn that as well no different than if i am on an alt....I don;t know why you act like this is something unfair you had to earn everything and all could be done  and works the same as if you played an alt character with the exception of the boss armor log in event (not sure if you havent realized it but this game isnt designed to be some raid boss gear progression farming they want us all to get the boss armor at some point hence why they gift it away in so many events and lower boss timers etc..)
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