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  1. Cubby added a post in a topic Characktererstellung männlich/weiblich?   

    Du meinst den Wizard?(Magier)
    Ja es wird möglich sein einen weiblichen Wizard(Witch) zu spielen. Also mach dir da keine Sorgen! =)
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  2. Cubby added a post in a topic Klassenforen   

    Wie wir ja alle wissen, hat der Bogenschütze einen Dagger/Dolch. Im späteren Spielverlauf kommt die Option Awakening dazu.
    Jede Klasse bekommt seine eigene Awakening Waffe. Bei dem Bogenschützen ist es eine Klinge/Sword.(Siehe Bild)
    Longbow, dagger and sword.
    Daher finde ich die Bezeichnung Waldläufer ganz angebracht und sie sollte so beibehalten werden.

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  3. Cubby added a post in a topic andere spiele   

    Seit die EU/NA Server down sind. Spiele ich BDO KR. Dazu manchmal noch Tera Online und paar browser Games.
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  4. Cubby added a post in a topic Burgen und PVP   

    Es gibt die Kämpfe um die großen Städte (Gebiete) sowie um die Nodes in Black Desert.
    Calpheon, Balenos, Serendia, Media, Velencia.(Siehe Anhang) Besser gesagt werden Kämpfe abgehalten um die Gebiete. Später kommen dann die Kämpfe um die jeweiligen Nodes*.
    *Nodes sind wie Ressourcenquellen zu sehen. (Siehe Anhang) Hier zu sehen ist eine Node , zu der man seine Worker/Arbeiter schicken kann. Die sammeln dann für einen Chicken,Kartoffeln. In dieser Node stehen einen also nur Kartoffeln und Chicken zur verfügung. Jenach Node sind diese Quellen unterschiedlich.
    Jede Node hat Ihre eigenen Materialen die man abfarmen lassen kann. Sollte man die Node für sich erkämpft haben gehen die ganzen Steuer, Einnahmen,die wärend des Zyklus zusammengekommen sind der Gilde zur Gute.

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  5. Cubby added a post in a topic Beta im Westen   

    Ich habe mal etwas aus dem Internet rausgefischt =)
    Hier zu lesen das Interview mit dem Community Manager Oli. Ich habe den Teil bezüglich Beta etwas hervorgehoben.
    Nicht viel aber immerhin etwas !
    We are more than happy to finally give you the first available information about the European and North American Version of Black Desert Online. We just had an interesting Interview with the Western Community Manager of Black Desert, Oli. We hope that you enjoy the Interview!
    What are your plans in the following month?
    As you published on the website last week, we recently opened our EU office so we are still in a phase of installing everything so we are not at a point where we can go into too many details. However, I’m glad to tell you that we just received the future EU server! Right now, our absolute priority is to work on the game localization and the upcoming official teaser website for BDO.
    [ Can we expect an Alphatest and a Beta this year? ]
    You will be able to play the English version of Black Desert Online for the first time from this year. Note that prior to the Alpha, there will be an early test version of the game but I need to ask players to be a bit more patient about the specifics of when the Alpha or Beta will start this year.
    Will the EU and NA Version be released at the same time?
    There might be a slight delay, but our aim is to have very close release days from one version to the other. We are aware that a lot of people have been waiting for a long time to play the game and it would be rather unfair to have only US or EU players to play the game first for an extended amount of time. Our goal is to have both EU & NA players to be able to start playing Black Desert Online almost at the same time.
    Will the EU and NA Version be different?
    The difference will be only about the language. We are now working on the English version of Black Desert Online, but we’d like to see other languages for the European players. Everything related to game mechanics will be identical.
    When will you open the North American Office?
    We are still studying our options regarding this topic, it’s still too early for us as we just opened the EU office.
    We know that the English Version is currently being developed and translated in Korea. Could you tell us how far the development and translating process is?
    Despite the fact we just opened our European office, the work on the English version began prior to that milestone. We now reached the point where we have a rough internal playable build. Texts are missing and it will still take us some time to polish everything considering the huge amount of text that is available in-game. By the time we will start the early test version, we hope to have the completed English version of the game and we’ll be looking forward to the community contributing to any potential mistakes left. The localization of the game is a critical point for us. We want to avoid at all cost the bad impression left by other Korean game companies that bring their games to the west with quality standards that don’t match the expectations of US/EU players.
    Can we expect major changes compared to the Korean Version?
    All I can say for now is that we are giving a particular attention to the feedback from the US/EU players who played the Korean version so we constantly keep their expectations in mind regarding every BDO US/EU topics. Furthermore, we are building here a solid team with people having many years of experience. As we progress towards the Alpha, we’ll be able to go into more specifics. It goes without saying that the early test version and alpha feedback from the community will be invaluable to us.
    Do you know anything about DirectX12 and the process of the promised Virtual Reality support?
    We are aware that a lot of players out there are looking at the potential optimization provided by DirectX12 and the new possibilities offered by the upcoming Virtual Reality. What I can say for now is that we are looking very seriously at both for BDO but we’ll speak further regarding these topics once we have something concrete to show.
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  6. Cubby added a post in a topic Willkommensgrüße   

    Auch von mir einen netten Gruß an alle!
    Ich wünsche euch allen eine wundervolle Zeit in Black Desert Online EU!
    Genießt dieses perfekte Meisterwerk der MMOPRG´s!
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