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  1. Zozi added a post in a topic tri or duo?   

    @CM_Yukimura @CM_Aethon care to enlighten me what's the correct answer here? I've heard that KR got a patch that updated the duo ogre reward to a tri ogre reward... I'm still not sure and it seems like the playerbase are pretty set on duo ogre/tungrad even tho some claim otherwise.
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  2. Zozi added a post in a topic tri or duo?   

    Definitly not, but there are some confusion out there about it being duo or tri being given out. Personaly I won't be getting it, rather enjoy the dank tier 8 horse but that's just me tho ^_< 
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  3. Zozi added a topic in General   

    tri or duo?
    Patch notes says something different from the ingame seal it self, while the ingame seal is listed as a "tri ogre & tri tungrad" the patch notes says.
    You can trade the seals for the following items:
    30 Seals - Kzarka’s Sealed Weapon Box or Nouver’s Sealed Sub-Weapon Box
    50 Seals - Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor, Muskan’s Shoes, Ship Registration: Epheria Sailboat, or PRI: Ogre Ring
    70 Seals - Dandelion Weapon Box, Tungrad Necklace, Tier 8 Horse with skills Sprint and Instant Accel
    100 Seals - DUO: Ogre Ring, DUO: Tungrad Earring
    150 Seals - Awakening Weapon Exchange Coupon (7 Days)

     what is the correct reward??  

    P.S Tundra earring isn't a thing? 

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  4. Zozi added a post in a topic Glowing box???   

     I had two in my inventory, but I could not interact with the box at all. Made a guild member try aswell, didn't work for him either. 
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  5. Zozi added a post in a topic Glowing box???   

    Nah It's not.

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  6. Zozi added a topic in General   

    Glowing box???
    Okey so I found this glowing box and I thought I found one of those golden boxs, If you watch the image below it certainly isn't a silver key one. Am I missing something or what is this ??

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  7. Zozi added a post in a topic +3 Alchemist   

    meh normal in my opinion, those costumes are a ----- to enchant.
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  8. Zozi added a post in a topic Patch time   

    Thank you, this post wasn't meant to banter anyone. I just didn't know how patches normaly worked out and was curious
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  9. Zozi added a topic in General   

    Patch time
    I don't really have that much knowledge about how patching works etc, correct me if I'm wrong but I'll try to state how I think it is below.

    So currently the patch is ready to download(1.7GB) as of 12:30 AM, doesn't that mean that the changes have been implemented already?? I do get that they need to test
    that everything went well with the patches, but do they need 4 hours for that? or is there a step I've missed and don't know anything about?
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  10. Zozi added a post in a topic Can we please have a fix for Guild Journal and Guestbook comments?   

    I asked @GM_Salome about this a couple of weeks back(ingame, not on the forums) he did reply that they were aware of the bug and working on it. So far I haven't seen any feedback towards a fix tho...
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  11. Zozi added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 29th 2017   

    at least you managed to dissapoint again, well done.

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  12. Zozi added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 29th   

    It's getting kind of old withholding information and straight up lying over and over(Kamasylvia was suppose to come in march remember??) We're not even getting information about it? I might be shooting the bullet prematurely as more information might come WITH the patch. But then again, wouldn't be the first time ya'll said something that you didn't go through with.

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  13. Zozi added a post in a topic Share your DK creations!   

    Ye I figured it out, thanks a lot man. You're really talented
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  14. Zozi added a post in a topic Share your DK creations!   

    Not really sure what that file is suppose to be, is it possible to ask you to upload it to EU beauty album?
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  15. Zozi added a post in a topic Share your DK creations!   

    Is this NA? I really hope it's was EU
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