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  1. Samsun added a post in a topic Sailing / Ocean Hunting   

    I feel this is  kind of a bad thread to post this in, but hopefully it gets noticed either way.
    I wish to address the whole of waterbased activities.
    Swimming is  decent now, diving brings a bunch of challenges when it comes to gathering, I assume it might be hard to adjust the boxes for various objects all over the ocean, but they are quite off  and very hard to reach many times, its also very easy to get stuck and hard to get loose again..
    When we come to sailing the Epheria sailboat is horrible to manouver, at least until you get high degrees of turn% and accelleration, no idea if that helps.
    Starting/stopping the boat is a guess-game, i found the easiest is to just Ram close to your location and then get off.
    You should also drop the shallow water speed debuff when you hit margorian oceans.. It is not shallow....
    When it comes to ocean combat ,its a nightmare of bugs. The margorian pirate vessels(ghost ships) leaves the revenant boarding your ship invunerable half the time, if he is close to the exterior of your boat. This means he can damage your boat and you, without you being able to damage him.
    Looting him is also often impossible, even with pets.
    Hunting seamonsters is an annoying affair, please add a  swivel function to the cannon so we can hit a broader area. If you go seamonster hunting in groups its not a problem as much, but solo its a nightmare.
    Cannonballs often miss even though they are right on target, and often the hits, even though it registers does no damage to the seamonster.
    I often get the bloodsplash and even then it doesn't do damage.
    And WHY can we not let the cannon go even though its overheated? there is no reason for this.. I assume the cannon cooldown is somehow tied to character presence, please change it.
    I would like the directional buttons W and S to mean stop when pressed oposite directions. Meaning, if you go forward, holding W down, and then press S you will stop the boat, without the need to hold S down for a random period of time as it is today.
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  2. Samsun added a post in a topic New Amd Ryzen Processors   

    Thanks for the video @Swiper Just what I was looking for.
    I had a bluescreen on my 5year old computer the other(probably just a weird glitch) but could be a indication that i need to upgrade my system that has been running non-stop since i turned it on, even more after i started BDO with its annoying disconnection bugs.
    Things are pointing more towards Ryzen 7 1700x now, it really looks much smoother.
    I have a 970gtx card as well, so good to see what I can expect if i upgrade.
    At the moment im sitting on an i5-3570k @ 3,4ghz and its not that smooth...
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  3. Samsun added a post in a topic What's the most relics you've fished up before scrolls/selling?   

    I had stored about 1000 relic fragments before i made them scrolls and tri'd my stuff..
    It was a nightmare to handle.
    I had farmer wagons all over the place, 10 characters with full inventories, transport full..
    It was a long time of afk-fishing to get that bunch.. 
    I usually dont get many relics per night though.. 2-3 on average, i guess i should switch location. Gladly accepting advice
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  4. Samsun added a post in a topic Value Pack   

    My last pack came from markedplace, I believe I tried to purchase about 500+ of them before i got one.
    I got a maid on last black friday sale, so I could try to buy whenever they popped.
    I estimate my 500 number is quite a bit lower than what i actually bid on, I started shopping for it in november/december, got one 20 days ago, none since.
    So yeah, it's Hard... before bid came in, it was actually easier..
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  5. Samsun added a post in a topic Totem Results - Post Your Results Here   

    I just got a Hard totem of the sea. White edition, after probably 100+ attempts at upgrading it.
    various levels of exp, the succeeding one had 150% exp..
    6% speed, thats it. 
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  6. Samsun added a post in a topic Critical Screen Effect - Headache city. Halp!   

    Needs to be fixed.
    Should be fairly easy... 
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  7. Samsun added a post in a topic Best area for fruits of x?   

    Thanks for the replies.
    I already know which seeds in farming gives me these, but I don't need and neither does others.. Thousands of these items..
    So I would have preferred to find these off fruit trees or it seems cotton plants.
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  8. Samsun added a topic in General   

    Best area for fruits of x?
    Perhaps the wrong forum section, if so. Sorry.
    Anyone got any pointers on where to go to find the various fruits? 
    I assume you get most from fruit-trees and its random which one you get.
    I do farming, but it's too slow.. I figured I would try the magic hoe and get to work with it
    Heard they pop out fairly often with alchemy stone and fig pie on.
    Is that correct? or is it way better to stick to farming certain crops?
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  9. Samsun added a post in a topic What the actual F*ck?! Where are my life skill levels?!   

    Lifeskills, markedplace, storages,are wrong.
    At least for those with valuepacks.
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  10. Samsun added a post in a topic Can't decide main class, for PVE   

    Thanks for your feedback guys  
    My Musa is 56 now, so it's at least ready for awakening, in forever
    I'm still kind of clueless to which Main I will choose.
    I have no real preference in class or playstyle, my opinions as mentioned earlier revolve around efficiency and low hassle-factor.
    Ranger has a hasslefactor on the mp-strain, I haven't gotten myself any extraction gems yet, so I haven't been able to test it with that.
    Both Ranger and Musa have a PRI liverto weapon
    It is tempting to take berserker from 54-56 to test awakening,but he's only got a +10 liverto axe and getting it up the last levels would be expensive.
    Sorc is also without a good weapon.
    The warrior has a problematic grind from 50-56 I guess, though might be worth doing them all to 56 just to try it, not like it takes a lot of time to get to 56 anymore.
    The daily 100/200% makes it quite effective.
    @Akesuke My tamer will stay 50 I think, It seems to be a fairly gear dependant class as it is so squishy.. I might consider it later on as to me, it seems all the work starts at 56, before that it's just hours or days of work to get it ready.. Except for gear of course.
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  11. Samsun added a post in a topic Musa & Hard hitting, high HP mobs: How?   

    Thanks for tips
    I doubt ill need that much skillpoints for awakening considering ill only be about 56 when it comes out, 57 at highest.
    Ill try out your combo suggestions on some dummies and high hp mobs and see.
    But I'm mainly PVE, so I don't need the ultimate combo for pvp  
    Just a way to play pve smoother.
    Atm I use rising storm, whirl, gale and blooming on the tougher mobs, dragon bite when its 100%
    It  is working better at least, helped figuring out gale.
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  12. Samsun added a post in a topic Musa & Hard hitting, high HP mobs: How?   

    It's a given fact that an increase in AP would greatly help.
    if you had 500 ap you would oneshot anything with the normal lmb attack.
    I wanted to learn some nice tips for playing musa more effectivly.
    I learned how to use gale properly now atleast, and feel i have a better grasp om the class after doing some hours of exp grinding.
    Currently level 54.
    Thanks for your exambple @Markinho, it looks fairly complex:D but I will look up the skills and try it out.
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  13. Samsun added a topic in Musa   

    Musa & Hard hitting, high HP mobs: How?
    Hi people!
    My musa currently have 124 sheet AP, 177DP and is level 53.
    Grunil/taritas mix. 290WP
    I have no problem chasing around and spamming rising storm, then using nemesis to regain some HP, but when i hit the higher hp mobs, like Elite manes for instance or ogres the fights take way too long, and my hp hurts too much.
    Anyone got any good ideas on how to improve on these fights?
    I assume its mostly my AP that is too low for the current Musa state, but im certain there is tips i can use.
    I'm not canceling much skills, i know the blooming cancel : shift+w +left and right mouse button.
    Gale and me isn't quite compatible yet, most of the times i just dash backwards.
    Thanks for your time and advice.
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  14. Samsun added a post in a topic Can't decide main class, for PVE   

    Thanks for your replies people
    I got my ranger to 139AP and level 51 now..
    But I don't think it will be ranger for me. The playstyle is a bit awkward and clumsy.
    All the skill cancelling etc.
    All would be better with some practice, but combined with the extra durability drain and the pot-dependancies I'm not sure.
    Haven't added extraction gems to my weapon though, can try that first I guess.

    I have absolutely no doubt that ranger is very effective when you reach 200ap+ though.
    Anyone have any experience with musa, awakened or not?
    To test warrior or sorceres i would need to hit 56 to try effectively, might do it.. but not sure.
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  15. Samsun added a post in a topic Can't decide main class, for PVE   

    Thank you @anne_rose for your reply, that has swayed me somewhat more to ranger.
    Also I didnt think the accessories were that effective, will look into it.
    I must say I enjoy leveling ranger so far though, but i haven't learned anything.. at level 35 the only move i used so far, except for the black spirit combo quests is the basic attack.
    From horseback.
    Having over 110 AP really helps with clearspeed, and its been pets holding me back so far.. 3 of them just cant keep up. until i reached orcs, everything died in one shot.
    I'm guessing when i hit harder mobs now, I will learn to play ranger haha.. 
    Thing is though, I'm mostly biased towards Musa, and just got a kzarka blade from nightvendor for 98m.
    This will be a tough one..
    I will hit 50, check basic pve rotations on ranger and add some resource recovering gems in my liverto.. And go from there I guess.
    If anyone have a nice combo i can steal for doing PVE with Ranger i'll be happy:) Else im sure i can find one by trial ingame, or google one.
    Thanks for your input so far.
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