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  1. Kyrsthen added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 19th - *Extended   

    Well I hope it fixes some issues, the problem is more what will it add for new issues and will we have sooner or later servers that are a little bit more stabble ?
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  2. Kyrsthen added a post in a topic [Important] New Forums are coming   

    Sooo, you already have a good functionning forum, that also looks good and is handy.
    Why on earth do you want to change to something that is obviously not working and looks like crap ?
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  3. Kyrsthen added a post in a topic Bonbons de l'event   

    Alors cher GM Veehna, pas de npuvelle ni d'avis sur le sujet svp ?
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  4. Kyrsthen added a post in a topic March 09, west US   

    Hi Stellamarie,
    I suggest respecfully that you post your question on the english forum, here it's the french one and many poeple may not even understand you.
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  5. Kyrsthen added a topic in Report de bug   

    Bonbons de l'event
    En utilisant un bonbon ce matin j'ai noté une anomalie. Le cooldown annoncé est de 30 minutes avant de pouvoir en reprendre un et l'effet dure 30 minutes, mais dans les faits, le cooldown est d'une heure. Pourriez vous nous dire quel est en réalité le cooldown qui devrait réellement être appliqué (30 minutes ou une heure).. Merci par avance
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  6. Kyrsthen added a post in a topic Nouveaux horaires des Guerres de Siège   

    Très chère GM_Vheena,, tout d'abord mes meilleurs voeux pour la bonne année.
    Bien que largement d'accord avec Zilmur sur l'étrange répartition de certaines grosses guildes, qui en dit également long sur leur réelle notion du "challenge", pour nous le problème est tout simplement beaucoup plus profond : la moitié de nos troupes sont encore à rentrer du travail ou à pouponner à 20H.
    Ne pas faire démarrer les NW à 21H est juste ridicule vu la quantité de gens qui se trouvent disqualifiés par défaut. Bien sûr on m'objectera que 21H sera encore trop tôt ou déjà trop tard pour certains, mais là je crois que les proportions sont juste plus conséquentes.
    Merci s'il vous plaît de faire remonter encore et encore cette demande d'un changement d'horaire.
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  7. Kyrsthen added a post in a topic Dear Dev's Let us register more items on MarketPlace   

    When we began the game, having 30 slots for sale in the AH was indeed quite enough. But now it's really a bit too short while we are, most of us, fishers, farmers, cooks, alchemists and mobs / bosses plunderer.
    Without getting too far, I think that 50 items in the AH would be more reasonable due to the increasing activities we are involved in after a few monthes and a few leveled characters.
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  8. Kyrsthen added a post in a topic Dedicated PVE Channel   

    Let's say that the idea of this post is just ridiculous because the game was sold as an open full PvP game.
    Then I suggest some modification to stick to the definitions our super pro PvP fan boys couldn't agree with :
    - Absolutely NO safe zone anywhere, even in towns, in front of merchants and AH too !
    - When PvP tag activated to do an aggression against another player that is not already tagged, you can't untag before at least 30 minutes. Yeah guys, you are saying it's challeging and the spirit of the game to be targeted anytime, let's see if you still find this so cool when you will become a free from karma loss target ^^
    - As we should earn less money on on a PvE channel and have no access to bosses, let's make it a real challenge to be a complete a-hole... sorry I meant PK, and triple the time and efforts needed to regain karma.
    - Double the guards in towns and their strength, so when a "real" PK wants to come in he too will have the pleasure to be handle just like a miserable piece of meat.
    But of course, this would then be too difficult for our glorious PK players, they would have to face then real consequences to their trash behaviour and dispicable mentality ^^
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  9. Kyrsthen added a topic in Suggestions   

    Outfit and Costume
    Hi there,
    I'd like to know if it would be possible to have the Halloween Outfits and Costume for a short period of time again at Christmas. Some of us didn't get the chance to buy them during the event for various reasons (time, money, aso...) and would really appreciate the gesture.
    Of course I don't ask the bundles, it wouldn't be fair in a way for those who made the effort during Halloween, nor did I ask for the pets, but it seems to me that giving again the oportunity to gain acces to these outfits would be nice without harming anyone.
    Thanks for reading and good day and game to all
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  10. Kyrsthen added a post in a topic Desert Shovel Exploit   

    To Claed : Sorry to have higher moral standards than a rat. I would have not done this, and I don't give a s*it if you believe me or not. Just please avoid to use your lack of morality as a universal status for all of us.
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  11. Kyrsthen added a post in a topic "Farewell to you all"   

    I guess he wanted the heads of the showell gang... and they got his ^^
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  12. Kyrsthen added a post in a topic Desert Shovel Exploit   

    First I also thought that permban would be the only solution but...
    Just wipe their account clean from all their characters except their main, and let the main character level 1 and beginner with no stuff and money and upgrade and nice outfits . that would be a really funny solution ^^
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  13. Kyrsthen added a post in a topic 12-Oct Patch: Known issues *Fixed*   

    It's because your items are in the value pack slots that does no longer "exist" on this perfect patch. Put them first in a regular inventory slot (up) and they will work.
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  14. Kyrsthen added a post in a topic 12-Oct Patch: Known issues *Fixed*   

    Congratulation guys, you succeeded in doing this old saying true again and in a very big manner : Patch Day No Play.
    By the way, ever heard of testing process ?  Let me guess... you didn't.
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  15. Kyrsthen added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 31st   

    That's not a very smart comment... had a bad day ?
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