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  1. iGcGi added a topic in PVP   

    How To Balance
    So as we all know. 
    Top tier classes are running this game right now.
    For warrior and wiz/witch i have a solution! other classes idk D=
    But hear me out.
    As a wizard/witch they are fine as a glass cannon. Their damage is their and their utility is terrific! Leave it what it is.
    I think the way to "Balance" these classes is to take Super Armor away from them.
    In any game or anything involving spell casters it is common sense that their most vulnerable spot is when they are casting.
    Tut that is not the case here! 
    They have very short windows to gain leverage while pvping
    Due to when they summon certain spells super armor is there protecting them.
    Their one vulnerable spot protected by Daum/Pearl Abyss
    Let them keep their crazy AoE Damage, 10 Second AoE CC, and their full HP/MP heal.
    But protecting them during the casting of these spells is what makes them broken. Their is no window of opportunity thus simplifying these classes to a brain dead proportion.
    As for warrior what makes him over powered is how he can animation cancel most moves directly into his block.
    The warriors block is what makes him op
    So how about adding some time before his block is up so that way he cant spin into the air doing a front flip with a Great sword and suddenly be blocking as soon as he lands.
    Make him not be able to block instantaneously after a big move.
    These makes these Over Powered characters more balanced and actually add some strategy to their gameplay. 
    Instead of just standing there and waiting for the opponent to attack before they use a spell with super armor for a CC chain starter or being blocked 90% of the time by warrior.
    what do you think?
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  2. iGcGi added a post in a topic Kzarka vs Liverto (hidden stats?)   

    Most of the guys here are ignorant. Without hidden stats or base dmg... Kzarka Blade will get Set Upgrade with Boss Offhand.... so Kzarka forever better
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  3. iGcGi added a post in a topic Can you please either move node wars back to channel 2 and or just fix the channel 2   

    I never have an issue with 2nd Channels.. Maybe you have poor internet or low specs?
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  4. iGcGi added a post in a topic Horse traning :make new zone for afk horse autoloop   

    This is definitely not going to be a priority as you can auto loop in a safe zone away from harm.
    As i'm sure you were possibly damaged while riding? or a horse death?
    Just loop in a large city like up and down the main alley in Heidel or across the bridge in Calpheon.
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  5. iGcGi added a post in a topic Servers. Servers. Servers.   

    Judging from all your past comments... You are a disease in this community please leave the forums. Ask me again about why I use big Font.
    Seriously though. Work on your english you dang forum troll =D
    i see where you are getting ZygxiC but... The Pearl to Marketplace Transactions was planned to be implemented on release.
    Now the currency increase within the company.
    If realized and talked about.
    Partially should be able to be introduced in some nice hefty features like stable servers and bug fixes.
    The Pearl to Marketplace Transactions is over with and the company still wants players to enjoy the game.
    But if they see comments like yours more frequently, from more people, then they feel like the time from players like you, is coming to an end. Then they will begin "milk as much money as they can" in fear of most of these players leaving.
    But if the forums would lighten up and say positive things for once and get over minuscule things like 30$ outfits for 16 million, which was still possible before the introduction may i add, and move on.
    Us as players need to back the developers or they begin to go into disarray and feel no need to improve a game their own players trash talk and threaten to leave.
    Just food for thought.
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  6. iGcGi added a topic in Suggestions   

    Servers. Servers. Servers.
    Ok so I am pretty sure that the amount of money that Daum Games, Kakao, or WHATEVER made is pretty high after this Pearl to Marketplace feature was introduced to the game... I mean think about all the outfits and pets that we've seen posted day in and day out... note that each outfit is roughly 30$ a piece and pets around 8$ or 9$.
    Now multiply that by three for each NA server...
    Where is the money going??
    cause certainly it is not being put into creating a better, smoother, epitome of a MMORPG game.
    These servers are insanely unstable and it is absolutely absurd... 
    We have already dealt with the "p2w" addition to our game and its like they are just using the money to live large without putting our money to get some programmers or update servers...
    Can we have that at least?
    Is it so hard to ask for some of the money after this Pearl To Marketplace introduction be put into some stable server upgrades. 
    I mean you have the money to do it and pay some actual DEVELOPERS AND PROGRAMMERS to be able to balance correctly, make the game more stable, and SERVER UPGRADES. 
    We Deserve this my fellow Black Desert Players. If you agree.. make this post seen. 
    Thank You 
    GG, iGcGi
    Thanks For Reading =D
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