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  1. Phamtastic added a post in a topic xcoronahost.xem, CPU usage after 5/3 maintenance.   

    Thought my CPU was seeing the end of it's days there, glad its a bug though.
    I did a launcher repair earlier and it was running amazing for a bit with xcorona at 64 bit... But then it suddenly changed back to 32 and started locking up.
    Can't be a good thing to be loading up a single core at 100%, I'd say this is a serious problem. I'm sure people don't want to be bricking their CPU's over a game glitch.
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  2. Phamtastic added a post in a topic Fan Made: Trailer Contest   

  3. Phamtastic added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Disenchanted Item
    Anyone else ever had an item go negative in enchants after putting it into storage?
    Had my fishing rod go backwards from 7 to 6 o_o;;
    Tried asking support about this issue, been almost a month now with no response.

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  4. Phamtastic added a topic in Suggestions   

    Training XP for Leveling Up Horse Skills
    Surprised that leveling up horse skills manually doesn't fall under "Training" ? Technically, you got us training the horses ... Falling off it for hours, how would this not be considered training EXP?
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  5. Phamtastic added a post in a topic Nodes   

    Always heard different things from different people from when I started the game about this.
    I have a few level 10 nodes at this point and I can tell you, I don't see any significant difference from level 1 & 10. Considering how much time it takes to even get a level 10 node, it's not something worth thinking about while playing this game.
    You might be better off putting your energy towards deleting knowledge to get "S-rank" on whatever it is you like to kill.
    I hope they choose to remove that 'Node Investment Benefit' icon, because I almost want to say it's a sham at this point. Guildies even say it's confirmed by GM's that it does nothing - which by definition, could make this a valid claim under 'False Advertising' towards their players -_-+
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  6. Phamtastic added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Lynch Ranch Node
    Lynch Ranch node definitely has some kind of geographical problem.
    It changes into Alejandro Farm node in various spots directly inside the ranch.

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  7. Phamtastic added a post in a topic Need a Good MMO   

    I'll chime in here, bear with me.
    This is THE MMO of all time, I'll explain why. It's one of the smarter games out there, it looks great, and offers a very nice personal experience, meaning that you don't need to depend on others for your own enjoyment here. People who bash the PVP are the ones who can't see the bigger picture, and most likely upset that the black spirit owns them daily.
    The combat system in this game is state of the art which is why when you watch the official trailers, they don't even feel the need to show you anything else about the game. Every MMO developer will be staring at this game for the next while. The character balance is currently offset which is the real problem here, due to the game being quite young BUT when you fight someone equal to you, it's probably the most intense experience you'll have. Unfortunately, this is the most difficult part, finding others on your level. It's a survival of the fittest kind of environment, so chances are, you'll experience getting slaughtered here and there - it's just a part of the open sandbox.
    All that aside, I'd say it depends on what YOU are looking for, everyone is going to have their own opinion here. People will cry all day about this game yet, they still chose to stick around - figure that one out.
    Strongest points for myself is flexibility and longevity. It's a game that you can put down and come back to whenever you feel it like and not feel like you fell behind. The architecture is future proof - these kids will be crying about this game until the end of time.
    Join the party.
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  8. Phamtastic added a post in a topic Avoiding PVP after level 45   

    Your best bet if you just want to play peacefully is to remain guildless and as well as what this guy ^ said, just mind your own business. There's always an element of risk, which you'll find keeps the game more interesting as time goes by.
    The PK'ers get punished pretty badly from what I can see so the trash of the game can't really ruin your gameplay too much. From what I can see so far, all the trash usually ends up in the larger guilds (birds of a feather flock together.)
    Also, I don't think you actually lose anything (XP or Magic Crystals) if you do get PK'd so I wouldn't sweat it.
    The worst thing I've yet to encounter is when you get spawn killed over and over - And this was only due to being in a larger guild.
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  9. Phamtastic added a post in a topic Ninja Damage Tests   

    Alright, so it wasn't just my imagination that my Ninja hit's like sissy.
    I'll have to say, the damage doesn't really make up for the squishiness either. We're talking 260dp here, still get rhomped on in 3 hits by these warriors.
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  10. Phamtastic added a post in a topic How much does Harassment, or even being killed/attacked unexpectedly actually happen?   

    Most of my personal attacks are guild related via the war declaration system - but have also ran into kids with obvious signs of bi-polar disorder on the field. Can't forget the pencil neck rage either - that black spirit get's the best of some of these people.
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  11. Phamtastic added a topic in PVP   

    Red Battlefield (Limited)
    Just wondering if anyone even runs this?
    Fairly new to the game so no way I'm jumping into that unlimited ring but was thinking about gearing for the limited.
    Do any of you guys run twinks?
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  12. Phamtastic added a post in a topic Patch Notes - October 12th   

    Is that gathering increase still in effect?
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  13. Phamtastic added a post in a topic Types of Species within game?   

    I'm aware of the ecology knowledge and the little logo by the mob's HP - just wondering if there was more.
    If that's what it's called, then yes, damage types.
    Judging by how the Manos accessories describes it, sounds like it's there's only 2 total - damage either falls under human (demi or regular) damage and beast damage.
    "All species" damage can just be known as "beasts" aka the green logo.
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  14. Phamtastic added a post in a topic <BlackRose> Uno Server (Open Recruitment)   

    Awesome guild, cool people.
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  15. Phamtastic added a topic in PVE   

    Types of Species within game?
    Haven't managed to find a list of species anywhere.
    Just wondering if there is a list of them somewhere?
    Also, do humans fall under species?
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