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  1. Thrive added a post in a topic I like how everyone stays quiet about Heilang damage :)   

    What are you even talking about.
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  2. Thrive added a post in a topic I like how everyone stays quiet about Heilang damage :)   

    SA / frontal guard chain doesn't mean shit if your block gets 1shot and you die during SA cuz you take 30% more damage from half the classes in the game though.
    Warriors may not be able to chain SA + frontal guard as long as us but they're WAY safer during it and can easily disengage to 360° super armor block that is a LOT stronger than ours.
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  3. Thrive added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    You need rank 3 to cancel it.
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  4. Thrive added a post in a topic I like how everyone stays quiet about Heilang damage :)   

    The only nerf afaik was moonlight strike(not even sure if the pvp damage got lowered), other than that we got damage buffs, along with pet apparently scaling with AP now.
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  5. Thrive added a post in a topic I like how everyone stays quiet about Heilang damage :)   

    Be quiet, we cannot let the other classes know.
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  6. Thrive added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    It's in PvP aswel but your pet has to hit your enemies.
    Pet damage scales with AP as of last patch. The damage is actually ridiculous.
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  7. Thrive added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    No reason to spec out of it, just because the cd actually works now doesn't mean it's useless. Most of the time you wouldn't even use it so often that you'd feel crippled now that the cd works.
    People that say the nerf/fix hit us super hard seem to be stuck in the pre-awakening era.
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  8. Thrive added a post in a topic Newbie tamer lf advice   

    * 27
    * middle of the pack afaik, not bad, not amongst the fastest.
    * Bolt/Jolt imo
    Yeah, tamer's 1v1 kit is really good, yet not easy to pull off well against stronger opponents (due to a lot of micro managing of skills). 
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  9. Thrive added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    Those accuracy values were simply bugged tooltips, I don't notice any change in damage on vermillion for example, nor do I notice any more missed hits on allround / echo.

    On the topic of ultimate echo, looks like the damage is pretty much the same / slightly higher (if both hits hit) but at the same time it's an actual reliable SA now.
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  10. Thrive added a post in a topic Huge tamer grab issue (We need to make sure this gets fixed soon)   

    It is, don't think it was ever fully gone but it's a lot worse again.
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  11. Thrive added a post in a topic [PvP] Very weak at 56?   

    The level meta for pvp is moving towards 60 atm (can argue it already is there), so you shouldn't even expect do be decent in pvp if you're only 56, you're just missing way too much of everything.
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  12. Thrive added a post in a topic What accessories should I get for my Tamer?   

    Imo, you'd at least want a kutum, the stats it gives just fit a tamer perfectly.
    ignore resist, a small bit of accuracy, some DP and some AP, all of which are required.
    I personally would build something like,
    2x RCE
    Tree spirit belt / Basi
    2x Crescent /maybe 1 tet RCR, 1 crescent
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  13. Thrive added a post in a topic Magic Crystals.   

    Helm: 2x 5 evasion
    Chest: 2x 10% special attack evasion
    Gloves: 1x BMViper, 1x BMValor
    Boots: 2x RBF KD resist (cuz witch and wiz)
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  14. Thrive added a post in a topic Do you guys think the soft level cap will change in the future?   

    Gear and level are a big factor, up to a certain point, once you reach that point (which is easy to reach) it's mainly skill based.
    I could kill a lv 61, 500+ combined ranger on my 460 kuno the first day I got it to 59 a couple months ago.
    Was that person a good player? Probably not. Am I a good kuno? Probably not. But I did kill someone 2 levels above (59-61 is significant), and with 40+ combined more than me.
    Just an example, a 1v1 example, but I'm trying to point out here that gear and level aren't everything.
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  15. Thrive added a post in a topic Tamer Clear Speed   

    yeah, nothing more, but seeing as some people say we don't have any mobility I'm guessing they don't know about it? /shrug
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