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  1. ekz added a post in a topic Best weapon PvE ?   

    Since you're a ninja you have passive accuracy buffs from your skill tree iirc. That combined with the fact that you're still new and most likely a bit too broke for Kzarka, I'd say go with Liverto for now and go all the way with it. Attend Kzarka as often as you can and if you get the weapon upgrade it slowly until it matches your liverto and then sell your liverto. Armor for ninja I'm not sure, usually full Grunil is a good choice for the full set bonus but some classes benefit well from other combinations so you would have to do your own research on that. GL  
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  2. ekz added a post in a topic AP stuck...   

    The number you see under your gear tab (AP/AWAP/DP) is referred to as "Sheet AP/DP" and is what people usually ask about. Crystals, set bonus, food buffs, etc are hidden and not mentioned.
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  3. ekz added a post in a topic Official Nouver statement   

    In KR Nouver came before Khutum iirc.
    No statements made.
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  4. ekz added a post in a topic Boss Aura   

    I think they should make a universal Aura from bosses so you can pick whatever boss weapon you want from some vendor or something. Maybe even a similar thing for boss defensive gear? This sounds really good in my head while I'm sleepy af so don't judge  
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  5. ekz added a post in a topic Berserker VS Warrior   

    This  I'm also using sprint (F) with Sword & Shield and Ground Roar* if mob density is low or if they're spread too far apart. For PvP you can use Piercing Spear and Deep Thrust as gap closers, too. But yeah, you'll be using Greatsword 95% of the time, which imo is awesome  
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  6. ekz added a post in a topic (opinions) advantages of being level 60 in pvp   

    I think you get 1 accuracy and 1 evasion hidden bonus per level up, don't quote me on this though
    What I do know though is you get higher skill damage and more skill accuracy bonus on non CC skills (not sure if any CC skills for any class give bonus accuracy), i.e. lv58 skill might give 15% extra accuracy and at lv60 it might give 25% which is pretty huge.
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  7. ekz added a post in a topic Difference between leveling time 57-58 and 58-59   

    Makes sense, definitely  Looks like most people agree on 2x or lower. That's a positive news, definitely gonna try going for 59, maybe split it up to 5% per day during weekdays and then 10-15% on weekends to make it even more manageable.
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  8. ekz added a post in a topic Difference between leveling time 57-58 and 58-59   

    Well more accuracy (on skills too), warrior's get a pretty hard hitting skill at 59 and it's just another step closer to 60, which is pretty sweet  Might even motivate me to push 60 since 59 is such an ugly number for another self-proclaimed sufferer of OCD.
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  9. ekz added a post in a topic Difference between leveling time 57-58 and 58-59   

    On weekends without the daily grind buff (using milk tea, 10% xp elixir, costume bonus and 10% villa buff (138% total)) I manage roughly 3.3-3.5% an hour doing Fogans as a 188 AP warrior. I know they're not the most efficient way but it's less stress with people around and I did manage to drop a Serap's necklace halfway through my 57-58 grind, and it's always fun knowing there's potential for a rare drop at any moment.
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  10. ekz added a post in a topic Difference between leveling time 57-58 and 58-59   

    Interesting  I have a feeling you and Sabra are right then, at least I hope so  Guess I'll push 59 before the next 2 pair awakenings are released. Thanks for the input guys <3 
    Edit: thanks BloodStaker too. Upvoted all  
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  11. ekz added a post in a topic Difference between leveling time 57-58 and 58-59   

    Well some dude in-game told me 1.5 and on reddit I read it's always 3x from previous level  I guess no one knows for the sake of their mental health, so I'll have to test it myself  
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  12. ekz added a post in a topic Difference between leveling time 57-58 and 58-59   

    The thing is I'm kinda rushing 57-58 and it's not too bad, I'm still motivated to play, although less so during weekdays without the 100% bonus. If 58-59 is twice as hard or less I wouldn't mind pushing for that too, but x3 as long would be a bit of an overkill.
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  13. ekz added a topic in General   

    Difference between leveling time 57-58 and 58-59
    As the title says, how much longer is 58-59 compared to 57-58? I'm about to hit 58 and was contemplating whether I should continue pushing to 59 before the exp weekends end or pace myself. Some say x1.5 longer others say x3, so if someone who has tested the xp/h rate at each level could let me know that'd be great  
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  14. ekz added a post in a topic Thinking of coming back   

    If people keep killing you they'll go into negative karma and have a worse time than you. With that being said, no, there are no suggestions/solutions or ways to sugarcoat it There will always be assholes who think they're almighty, but it's not as many as you expect. With the aforementioned server merge there will also be 36 channels, compared to the 12 each of the 3 servers has now, so it won't be as packed again. And since you're new it'll take a while until you get to the grind spots where most of these e-heroes play.
    Other than that embrace the game for what it is because it won't change. You don't have to PvP, a lot of people choose to do life skills all day and are content with that.  
    And just a reminder, if you're new it'll take a damn while worth of grinding to be competitive enough for sieges, etc. 
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  15. ekz added a post in a topic Could we possibly get an abandoned character name wipe with the server merge?   

    You need to send a copy of some ID to a GM that proves that your name is indeed Mr. Sixty Nine, Obliterator of Fannies.
    I think that's a good idea though, especially lower case on the first letter would be nice, some names are just aesthetically more appealing that way  
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