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  1. There's a "ghost" horse in the EU marketplace as well. Been there for at least a day:


    Thank you very much for letting me know! If there are any other "ghost" horses just give me a holler! :3

    Have a good day guys! 

  2. Greetings Adventurers!

    I just wanted to let you know we are aware of the issue with not being able to purchase the T7 level 28 female horse that is currently listed on the Horse Market.


    We have received multiple reports on this and we look forward to removing the listing during next week's maintenance. I apologize for the inconvenience. 

    Have a wonderful Easter! (Weekend for those who don't celebrate Easter ;) ) 

    xoxo :x


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    I know exactly what I have to do


    Dead. This is the best picture I have ever seen xD 

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  4. 9_99_99_9You know what you have to do to end this.9_99_99_9


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  5. I would just like to thank GM Dresden for their quick response for my Fishing boat being stuck out in the waters off Arita Island.


    I will make sure that GM_Dresden sees your topic! Thank you for your kind comments and travel safe Adventurer! :) 

  6. Your team has definitely shown improvements, especially since you(Caramel)'ve gotten more active(you were gone for while because of some reason if I remember right), and I know not everyone on your team is responsible for this. Most likely your team leader or someone even higher in the ranks makes you look bad, for now I can only assume.
    However, I do have to wonder why is it you specifically that is here to calm the community? Is it because you are the kind and loving person you are, or is it because someone on your team told you to do so because you are the best at doing it?

    Your team leader should take responsibility and come forth, be sincere and professional about it and communicate with us, whether it's about something black, white or grey, it is communication that matters and how big decisions like this are taken.

    Hello Code! 

    Thank you for your comments as they are truly appreciated and our team does work hard to make improvements (thanks to your feedback). 

    Whether you believe it or not I am here because I chose to be. Yes, I am a kind and loving person but so is everyone else here at KakaoGames. Each CM and GM has their own way of interacting with the community.

    However, I am very glad that you (and maybe some more of the community) feel that my presence can alleviate you throughout the frustration. To me, that is an accomplishment and motivates me to work even harder. :x 

    Before I start to get "Off Topic"... As previously stated we will keep you updated once we have any new information. :) 


  7. @GM_Caramel pls talk some sense to these guys or did you join the dark side also ?

    Hello Araney and Community! :x

    I completely understand your frustration and it crushes me to see you all upset. You have shown nothing but support and love for BDO since the beginning and I want you to know that we do see this. Every day. I also want you to know that we do value each and every single one of you and to never forget that. 

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to having more information as soon as possible. As always we thank you for being patient while we wait for an update.



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  8. :o I just saw this!! Yayyy! Velia where? :3

    You will find me! Just make sure to go to the Velia_1 channel

    Had a ton of fun tonight, thanks a bunch for taking us on a great adventure Caramel! Can't wait for next sunday. =)


    I had fun as well! See you soon! 

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  9. I've literally had a support ticket up for 3 weeks with no answer. I'm just wondering if the support staff was replaced with a bunch of monkeys or what.

    Greetings Adventurer,

    Sadly we have been hit with a profusion of tickets over the last few weeks. We will try to get to your ticket as soon as possible. May I have your ticket number please?

  10. Try creating another ticket with a different topic. If none work GM caramel log in every Sunday in Velia1. Oh yea you should've tagged every GMs for this thread.


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  11. Compensation! Hang out with us on Teamspeak/Discord/Raidcall/Skype/.../ next sunday :P 

    Hahah I totally would if I could! 

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  12. youthank you so much GM_Caramel for your hard work!and thank you for share the song :D Im listening right now

    the song reminds me two of my favorite songs


    maybe you like it



    Just got word. Confirmed localization error, it will be updated next maintenance. 60 minute cooldown is working as intended. :) I do love DJ Sona ;) 

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  13. Hi guys! :)

     Yes, I have stated in another thread that this is most likely a localization error and unfortunately I don't have any more information on it at this time. 

    I do have it noted to have the team look into it once they are in office on Monday. 

     @GM_Caramel gonna address this? these candies are painful

    Just got word. Confirmed localization error, it will be updated next maintenance. 60 minute cooldown is working as intended. :) 

  14. UPDATE:

    EU guys I am so sorry but there appears to be an issue with my account and I will not be able to hang out like I wanted until I get it fixed.

    Next Sunday I will be able to be in game with you guys.

    As for NA, I will be there at the time I have given you. 

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  15. my proves


    Im gonna send a ticket anyway :( 
    I hope they listen to me(or read me :P ) 

    I read you. ;) It is most likely a Localization mistake. I will make sure to let my team know but it is the weekend so there will probably not be any updates until Monday. :)

    In the meantime, you should listen to this awesome song while I work on more tickets :x




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  16. When you say "You can find me in Velia on the first channel (excluding Olvia servers) of each region at the times I have given you below."


    Does that mean you'll be in Velia on the first channel of each *set of channels*?

    So like the channels that the node wars occur on?


    or is it just the Velia channel?

    Just the Velia_1 channel :) 

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