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  1. I've written to support about 11 days ago, all i have received is that - we've got your ticket, like 9 days ago. So are you gonna solve my problem or you just wanna skip it?



    I apologize for the inconvenience. Can you please give me your ticket number?

  2. Brace yourself, un-answerable questions onslaught is coming.

    (+ extra bonus for players asking for a screenshot with you)

    I am armed and ready.

    2nd and greetings from baguette land

    Greetings from Sin City ;) 

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  3. Greetings Adventurers! :)

    Every Sunday of March I will be in game for a few hours to hang out and talk with you guys! Unfortunately I will not be giving out free items, and no this is not an event haha... maybe for National Caramel Day we can think of something.;)

    You can find me in Velia on the first channel (excluding Olvia servers) of each region at the times I have given you below. 

    I will announce in Channel Chat when I have arrived.


    EU: 8 AM UTC (basically around 8-9 AM)

    NA: 12 AM UTC (basically around 2-4 PM)

    Credit to your very own fellow player @Asterotis for taking this photo! B|


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  4. Ayy Caramel, i did not know you were about metal dat lyfe!


    one of also my.. "I'm about to grind at work" goto jam


    I do enjoy a variety of music. 



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  5. Here is my caramel boy, these colors definitely suit him x3
    He learned "sprint" n I really hope he will learn something more so its not another of my Drift/Sprint horses :'D

    I heard Caramel and came running

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  6.  @GM_Caramel ticket no 265151 lost my boat and a cm put it into kuit islands wharf , trouble is this wharf manager no longer exists and got renamed to kuit strait, could you please put my boat so i can access it at kuit strait please, ive been without my boat for 48 hrs and considering how much effort i went to, to build it, this kinda hurts

    Looking into it now. :)

    • Players may encounter an issue in certain areas of the ocean when sailing a boat, we do not currently have an estimate on when this will be resolved.

    Ok. Can t leave Kuit Island. I m full of Bandana. My horse is alive underwater far away when i stacked with my boat first time. Near stable is at 1000000000 km.

    GM Caramel said (in game bug section) to avoid ocean for 1 week and wait next week patch



    *tires screech* ERRR! Let me stop you there! To clarify, I previously stated, "As far as I am personally aware it may be taken care of during next week's maintenance. Best thing to do is to avoid the ocean for now." :) Our team is working as fast as possible to address this. 

    Also, you will need to submit a ticket to our support team so we can get you off of Kuit Island and into a safe area. 

  7. Any fast fix Caramel? Before a new fix patch???

    Can t play!!!

    As far as I am personally aware it may be taken care of during next week's maintenance. Best thing to do is to avoid the ocean for now. 


  8. Welcome to Black Desert Online! :) If you want I can teleport you to Velia, consider this your welcome gift from me! Just tell me your character name and server (EU or NA) and I'll pick you up. 

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  9. Hi! Welcome to Black Desert Online Oldar! :) While the others have suggested awesome things that you can buy you also need to keep in mind that when you purchase items from the Pearl Shop make sure to do it on a character you know you will be playing for a long time. I say this because for example, pets.... you can buy as many as you like but you can only keep 4 out at a time. (Don't buy a Scarlet Macaw and a Hawk to mate them it will not work because they are different species and then you are stuck with an extra bird because the Support Team is not able to refund any pets that have had their emblem registered because we literally cannot remove these from your account it's impossible!). Pets are family bound which means you can have these pets on any character you want. However, items like weight increases or costumes are character bound. This means you will not be able to give those items to another character. I hope this will save you from any frustration as most new players aren't aware of this. 

    Let me know if you have any more questions or concerns :) 

  10. dear players,


    im having some problems with the minimize to tray option. I run with my horses in velia in a low populated server. but getting cpu usages of 30-55% with an i5 6600k. that is not normal right?


    i5 6600k


    windows 10

    8gb ddr4 


    anyone else here having the same problem?



    Hello, as of recently running the client does take up major CPU usage. We are currently aware of this affecting other player's experience and we aim to have this addressed as soon as possible. 

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  11. Hi Wikkid, we can escalate your ticket to a higher up. Please send an email to csreview@kakaogames-eu.com for a second review.

    Please note, you will need to create a new email for this issue and be sure to include the ticket ID you wish to be reviewed.

  12. @GM_Caramel I've been struggling with this, too. Lots and lots of FPS issues despite using an R9290x and only lately. Come to find out the game was utilizing a giant portion of my memory like above. I'll try to grab pics next time but there seems to be some kind of leak or something.

    I've also been finding like 5 CoherentUI processes in some cases, taking giant chunks of my CPU's power even though I'm not accessing Black SPirit Adventure or the marketplace, etc. Closing them GREATLY benefits how smooth the game runs. Not sure if related.

    My graphics have also corrupted like 5x in the last week...leading me to have to reinstall the game. Gets better then corrupts again. Not sure if related.

    Hello Aphrael! Thank you for your share, I'll collect this information and share it with our tech team.

  13. @GM_Caramel

    It may be a little premature, but I've been on 7 for a few hours with plenty of clicking on other programs, and the freezing and crashing has stopped on Win 7.  So it does, for the moment, appear to be a Windows 10 related issue.

    I will update again should it come back, but with the amount of clicking on other programs that I've done, and considering 1-2 clicks previously would freeze it, I'd say this fixed it.

    Awesome! I will mention it to my team to keep in mind while investigating similar problems. ^_^ 

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